Read to Run 5K

Got up this morning expecting rain, but it had passed through during the night – yay!  I didn’t really want to race in the rain (that is not so fun).

Fueled up with my standard prerace meal – a 1 minute muffin (although 1 time I did oatbran):


1/4 cup ground flax meal

1 egg

1 tsp brown sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp baking powder

Mix together and put in a silicon muffin cup and microwave for 45 seconds or so.  I normally do this with pumpkin, but I didn’t want to open a can to take out 1 tablespoon, so I just left it out.   It made it a little dry, but I spread it with fig almond jam and it was tasty.

We did the Read Run 5K to benefit literacy, always a good cause.  My sister met us there, but my neice decided against the race, since she did 2 last weekend.

John kept up with me for the first 2 miles, then I did an assessment on how I felt and decided to push faster (sorry John!).  My goal was to finish in under 3o minutes – which I did (barely!).  My time was 29:52, or approximately a 9:37 mile.  I was pretty happy with that, although not quite as good as my last race time.   Both my sister and John had new PRs for themselves, so it was a good day over all.

Here is Colleen and I enjoyed some well-deserved java after the race, although I didn’t get my bagel because they only had onion or everything ones – ick!!


Then I had to come home and work 8 hours after the race!  Oh well, gotta earn the $$, right?

Tomorrow starts NROLW stage 2 – I’m glad to get back to lifting!

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9 thoughts on “Read to Run 5K

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  2. Susan

    Congrats!!! Under 30min is awesome!! Love how you just casually run 5k’s before your work day 🙂 Congrats to John and your sister too – you guys are so cute!!

  3. Jinx!

    Love the pic! You did it! Thats my goal i hope to hit during a 5k in the fall. Under 30 min. Seems like so many runners i follow have been doing 5ks lately. I’ve had to work every single Saturday lately and when i am off a Saturday ….no runs…..bummer. Even then you would not believe how hot it is here. Saturday we hit 108! Yesterday 104. Its just nuts. Thurs and Fri was 107. I work outside in a garden center. I do a lot of watering the plants and its like a losing battle. Ofcourse this has been a bad summer for heat so far and its just June. We could use a little rain but everything keeps going around us.
    Been tied to the treadmill after work. Not much i can do about it. I’ll bet its gonna kill me to get back out on the road when i do. I’m off Wednesday and i’d love to get up early before the sun and run on the road. I don’t get that opportunity when i work cause i have to be at work by 5am. We’ll see, usually the need for sleep overrides my plans. LOL! Jinx!

  4. Miz.


    **cue confetti shaped like dumbbells**

    and congrats on the race as well.

    Some day for me. Some day.

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