NROLW Stage 2

So, today I got back to lifting.  Yay!  I also need to get back in line with food.  Today was a good eating day.

New preworkout fuel was A Stonyfield yogurt smoothie!   I drank half of it, and think this is definitely about at the top of the list.  This may be what I take with me on the tri.  I’ll have to experiment with a brick to see how it works.

Today’s strength workout:
New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage 2A

Barbell squat/push press:
1 x 10 –  15 pounds (hit myself in the chin, too ooppppppppps.gif )
1 x 10  –  22 pounds
1 x 10  –  45 pounds

Step ups
2 x 10 with 30 pound dumbbells

Dumbbell 1 point rows:
2 x 10 with 20 pound dumbbells

Static lunge with rear foot elevated:
2 x 10 25 pound dumbbells

Pushups (man -style!)
2 x 10

2 x 60 second holds

Cable woodchop:
1 x 10 40 pounds
1 x 10 45 pounds.

Good workout.   Still finding my way on the exact weight amount to lift, but getting close.  The planks were easy at 60 seconds – I never knew my core was that strong still.

I was embarrassed to hit my chin with the bar, but at least it was with the test bar and not the Oly!

At the LARAC show on Saturday, I bought a piece of pottery from a local artist and I love it!


So I had my oats in it this morning.  I tried some canned squash instead of pumpkin (the store was out of small cans of pumpkin).  It was almost like pumpkin but not quite as pumpkiny – so not sure I would buy canned squash again.  It also was more liquidy.


You all saw my lunch earlier with the spinach smoothie.  I have to say that this did not fill me up for very long.  2 hours later and my tummy was rumbling, so I had a Zone bar with my latte.

Dinner was so tasty and quick.  I had cooked chicken breast on hand (love having extra of this stuff around).  I sauteed my broccoli in coconut oil, then tossed in the chopped chicken and some Indian simmer sauce.  Quick and delicious.


I will tell you, I have had a lot of servings of veggies and fruits today!  It’s exciting! LOL  (okay, does that mean I do not have a life??)

I think I need to get some lifting straps or something.  I am struggling to hold on to the 30# dumbells.  I just don’t have the grip strength.  My arms are okay, but the hands have trouble.  Do any of you use the straps?

Thinking I’ll have a random musings  post tomorrow on something I have been mulling around in my head for a couple weeks.

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8 thoughts on “NROLW Stage 2

  1. Susan

    Awesome workout!! You make me miss it! I maxed out at 30lb dumbbells because my hands couldn’t take it. You can always put a barball across your back and do step-ups that way (I suggest putting the steps under the squat rack).

    Love the bowl, my enjoyment of food always increases when it’s eaten out of something pretty 🙂

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  3. Jo

    One year when my son refused to try canned squash (I forget how I prepared it) I decided to make two pies for Thanksgiving, one pumpkin and one squash. None of us could tell the difference, only I knew which pie plate was which. I think that’s a little different than adding it to oatmeal, though.

    BTW, I bought the Beck book on your recommendation. I’m not finished, but I am loving it. I’m so glad you blogged about it.

  4. Fat[free]Me

    Love the bowl and seeing how you manage to incorporate so much lovely veggie stuff into your diet. Great ideas there.

    And WOW on the lifting!

  5. South Beach Steve

    I thought I was the only person who might hit myself with a dumbell while working out. 🙂 It sounds like a great workout — just continue the good eating days.

  6. Jinx!

    You so inspire me to get more veggies in. I do great on the fruit cause it helps to curb my sweet tooth but i don’t eat near enough veggies. Thanks for the ideas , keep them coming.Jinx!

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