Canadian Eats

I did a package exchange with a fellow new triathlete Susan.  We sent each other things that we can’t get locally.

Here was my box:


Hmmmm…. seems someone reads my blog and knows how much I love bagels!  So of course, the first thing I did:


Toasted with some fig/almond spread (no cream cheese at home).  Yum!  This was a blueberry bagel.

Something that I am a little scared to try:


I think it a seaweed like product.  It says “sea vegetable snack.” It is harvested from the shoreline of Grand Manan Island.    Think this might end up on the GVE page!

And I squealed over this:


My 2 favorite foods:  coffee and bagels!  Yay!

Thanks Susan – make sure you go cheer her on for her triathlon, which is a week before mine!

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3 thoughts on “Canadian Eats

  1. Susan

    Ohmy, that fig almond spread looks delicious!! Happy you liked the package!! I’ve been gobbling up all the goodies you sent me over here 🙂 The dulse is definitely interesting!! Most people toast it and eat it crispy, but I bet it could add a nice “sea” flavour to cooked dishes.

  2. SeaShore

    Dulse was one of my favourite snacks as a kid. I always ate it straight from the bag. Yeah, it’s seaweed 🙂

    Love Just Us! coffee. Even their decaf is yummy.

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