NROLW and pizza!

Did Stage 2 workout B of NROLW this morning.

Barbell deadlifts:   1 x 10 75 pounds,  1 x 10 80 pounds

Bulgarian split squat:  2 x 10 with 25 pound plate

Underhand lat pulldown:  1 x 10 50 pounds, 1 x 10 55 pounds

Reverse lunge with forward reach:  2 x 10 with 10# dumbbells (coordination is hard on this one LOL)

Prone cuban snatch:  2 x 10 with 10# dumbbells

Swiss ball crunch:  2 x 10

Reverse crunch:  2 x 10

Lateral flexion:  2 x 10

Prone cobra:  2 x 60 second holds

25 minute walk
15 minute HIIT on the stationary bike

Nice workout today!

I tried another green smoothie for lunch.  I amped it up with protien Lori-style!


Into this mix:

3 cups spinach leaves (30 cal)

1 serving of frozen tropical fruit mix (pineapple, mango, papaya 100 cal)

30 grams vanilla whey protein powder (100 cal)

1/2 cup 1% milk (55 cal)

1/2 cup water

Without the strawberries – I got that wonderful bright green color!


I actually got almost 2 full glasses out of that, which I sipped on for quite a while while working.  I liked this one much better than the one with the banana.

John was going to make pizza for dinner, and I remembered an easy wheat pizza crust recipe from Steph Chows for a 30 minute crust.  I forwarded it on to him and he made the most delicious pizza out of it!  With fresh mozzarella and basil off the back porch.  This was not really a lot of cheese, but the fresh mozz melts more completely than the fresh stuff.


Half the pizza had some locally made andouille sausage on it.  Here is my 300 calorie slice (mostly cheese with one small sliver of sausage):


It was phenomenal!   Nom, nom!!  It was all I could do to not eat more!  Definitely have leftovers LOL.  What an easy crust recipe, too.

Big milestone post coming tomorrow………..

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3 thoughts on “NROLW and pizza!

  1. Susan

    Ohmy, that pizza looks amazing! Homemedae crust, backyard basil, fresh mozzarella. Umm… can I come over for dinner? 😛

    Awesome lifting workout! What’s the big milestone? The anticipation!! 😛

  2. Ashley

    Hi Lori – how do you like NROL4W? I started stage 1 a while ago but kinda dropped off with exams and all… and have plans to do the program properly when I return from my travels. In any event, the work out you did today looks really great!

    What an amazing looking pizza! And your own crust? So cool!

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