Jazz and brick!

So last night we hit the jazz club:


I forewent the beer and had ice tea, although I  did have 3 sips of John’s Guiness. Yum


Stealth shot of the Tony Jenkins Jazz Trip taken from the table top between our drinks:


So, a bit of late night, but since I didn’t drink, I was up early and ready for a brick!

I fueled with the last bagel that Susan sent (taken out of deep chill).  Had 1/2 of this maple bagel toasted with almond butter. Fantabulous!


Then, happy me went out into the quiet morning.  I love Saturday morning exercise because nobody else in their right mind is up early. I couldn’t convince John to join me 😀  me

Isn’t this beautiful?  A deer ran across the path about 50 yards in front of me.  I couldn’t get the camera out fast enough to take his picture, though.


So, I did a 10 mile ride and then to the high school, where I ran 3.5 miles around the track.  The first 1/2 mile was tough, but I just said to myself “You know this is going to feel awful at first, but it does go away”.  I kept saying that and it did.  I got into my groove at about 3/4 mile and then just pace ran.  I was going to do 3 miles, but ended up doing 3.5 because I was in the groove and I wanted to hear one last song.  Total time was 1 hour and 23 minutes for bike and run – burned 657 calories!

Have a picnic today and I made some healthy chocolate yummies I’ll share later.

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4 thoughts on “Jazz and brick!

  1. roxie

    I, too, love early Saturday morning exercise. Wished we were closer, I’d be your early morning exercise buddy. Sounds like a nice time at the jazz club.

    Bick gave me the best advice when I first started running, he said to just keep going. It won’t hurt any worse than it does in the first few minutes and chances are that it will get better soon. For a man who ran three miles in 1987, I think his advice was spot on. Seems like that’s been your experience, too.

    Great calorie burn! Lots of room for chocolate yummies!

  2. Susan

    Great job on the brick!! Ahh, I need to do a bike/run brick. I know it’s going to kill me, I think that’s why I’m avoiding it! 😛

    Iced tea and jazz sounds like a wonderful time. I don’t drink much anymore either because I prefer to be in good shape to work out the next day! 😛

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