It is hot today!  Right from the get go.  I went to the Y to do a swim/bike brick today.  I swam 500 yards, then was going to change quick and bike, but the jetted hot tub was calling my name.  My muscles are a little sore from yesterday’s NROLW workout.  So, I sat in that for 15 minutes.  Then did 1/2 hour on the stationary bike covering 7 miles.  Not too strenuous of a workout.

Came back to chocolate/nana oats with almond butter.  Yum.

oats4I actually had to wait until the oats were lukewarm since I wasn’t feeling the hot bowl of oats (should have thought of that before I started cooking them).

Lunch was a green smoothie with peaches.

smoothie3Plus the last fig newton!


Kashi bar snack.


These are pretty good, although a little melty in the heat.  Kind of like Pixie  (She knows how to let it all hang out).


Leftover pizza for dinner.  Last night John made another wheat crust pizza, this time as a barbeque chicken pizza!  Yay!  Could I have put more broccoli on this plate???


Struggling a little bit with eating the last couple of days.  Too many snacks and I am not sure what’s up with that.

This weekend is my first open water swim, and I am looking forward to it!  My sis and I are going to swim while the rest of the family picnics.  And I got notice that my trisuit (Triscuit??) shipped today!  I should have it by Monday  :happy dance:

Question:  What’s your favorite hot weather breakfast?

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8 thoughts on “Hot!

  1. junghwa

    I love Green Monster in hot mornings. Love getting in veggies at the same time!

    Hmm, I was just wondering, your eats don’t seem to include that many snacks though. Are one bar and one fig newton considered too much?

  2. Lori Post author

    Actually – I do eat more snacks than make it onto the blog. I have a latte pretty much every afternoon with those snacks, so we are talking 200-300 calories in the afternoon and then an evening snack.

    I love snacks!

  3. debby

    Lori, I love those breakfast cookies–got the link from you, and it basically has the same ingredients as your oatmeal, just mixed together and refrigerated overnight. I think I will be eating more of those this summer. A little pricey in calories, but I think they keep me from eating too much later in the day.

    I eat veggies just like that too.

    And I like snacks too much too….I’m really considering cutting out all the energy/fiber bars. I think they may lead to me wanting ‘more.’ I have at least cut way back on them.

  4. Jennifier

    Ha! I have a kitty that does the same thing. She looks just like yours when she’s all sprawled out.

  5. Miz.

    I laugh that so many people here say OOOOH IT IS TOO HOT TO EAT!
    for me the TOO HOT makes me stay INSIDE MORE and its not too hot for TV AND SNACKING up in herre.

  6. Diane, fit to the finish

    Snacking is good for me, because I get to eat little bits of things and still maintain my weight. When I used to be obese, a “snack” would be an entire batch of those breakfast cookie things! When it’s hot outside (and it is here) I like to eat chilled watermelon, cold yogurt and iced green tea. Okay, I know you don’t eat green tea, but you get the idea! Enjoy your open water swim!

  7. Susan

    Ohman, I do not miss how sore those NROL workouts used to make me! I don’t blame you for hitting up the hot tub!

    My fav summer breakfast is microwave oats topped with yogurt and berries. The toppings cool it down a little and I get to eat huge amounts of the fresh local berries 🙂

  8. Roxie

    Thanks for the kitty pic! My favorite hot weather breakfast – if I can get them – fresh picked berries with yogurt. I’m going to a blackberry farm this weekend and I’m excited!

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