It’s here, it’s here!!

Okay, first is the workout and breakfast – then my suit arrived!

Woke up early again (on my day off grrr……).  The Y was pretty empty today, probably because the pool was closed for repairs, or because it was Friday!

Anyway,  jogged for 30 minutes, then NROLW:

  • Barbell deadlifts:  1 x 10 75 pounds, 1 x 10 85 pounds
  • Bulgarian split squat:  2 x 10 with 25 pound plate
  • Underhand lat pulldown:  1 x 10 55 pounds, 1 x 10 60 pounds
  • Reverse lunge with forward reach:  2 x 10 with 10# dumbbells
  • Prone cuban snatch:  2 x 10 with 10# dumbbells
  • Swiss ball crunch:  2 x 10
  • Reverse crunch:   2 x 10
  • Lateral flexion:    2 x 10
  • Prone cobra:    2 x 60 second holds

Then some stretching (very important, and I don’t always remember).  I actually showered at the Y because I was meeting my mom for breakfast and thought I would be presentable.  We went to a little local place called Boston Candy Kitchen.  It’s very old, and they have just inexpensive home cooking.  It also is an old fashioned ice cream soda fountain!


Got a cheese omelet with wheat toast.  Not pictured are some home fries that were ordered by my mom, which I proceeded to eat 1/2 of!

omletIt was a very flat omelet, but very, very good.  Especially after a workout!

Anyway, I got home and John said “You got a package.”   I danced around because I knew it was my trisuit!  I ripped open the package, shed clothes and put it on right then and there (hello neighbors!).  I love it!!!

John said “Oh my god, I married an athlete”  – then he went and got the camera LOL!


It definitely accentuates the curves, I have to say.  It is so comfy, though.   I was expecting it to feel like a wetsuit, but it doesn’t at all.  Has good compression (which I need), but not too much.  The legs come down far enough and have a gripper band that is not too tight, but stayed in place while I tested it out.   I think the top is supportive enough, I was a little concerned about that getting a larger size, because my top was really a medium.  Seemed to be okay.  I jogged in place and it was quite comfortable.  Will have to see how it does after getting wet.  I wanted to run outside and take my bike for a spin, but it is pouring rain right now.  I am a little self conscious – there is no hiding anything in this suit.   So, must get used to that.

I get to test it out in water tomorrow!

And it is officially named:  Triscuit!

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12 thoughts on “It’s here, it’s here!!

  1. Susan

    Love it!!! You really do look like an athlete!!(a stylish one at that 😉 ) Can’t wait to hear how it works out in the water!

    A goat cheese omelet sounds goooood 🙂

  2. Pam

    Its looks great on you! I agree – you most definitely do look like an athlete, which you are! I am also glad that its comfy and you like it!

  3. Shelley B

    Wow – you look fantastic in your new triscuit…er, trisuit! Would you have believed 100 pounds ago that you would be wearing something like that today?!? Amazing how far you’ve come!!!

  4. Lynn Haraldson-Bering

    Ooooowww!! You rock that “Triscuit,” babe! How cute are you??

    I’m heading out for a bike ride today, but I’ll be wearing a baggy t-shirt and cotton leggings 🙁 Perhaps if you came alone, you’d help me look all sparkly and cool, too 🙂

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