NROLW and bagels!

What a dreary rainy day.  The morning actually was a little sunny, but it’s been rain ever since!   It sure doesn’t feel like July.  Today was the last official workout for stage 2 of NROLW:

* Barbell deadlifts: 1 x 10 80 pounds, 1 x 10 85 pounds
* Bulgarian split squat: 2 x 10 with 25 pound plate
* Underhand lat pulldown: 2 x 10 60 pounds
* Reverse lunge with forward reach: 2 x 10 with 12# dumbbells
* Prone cuban snatch: 2 x 10 with 10# dumbbells
* Swiss ball crunch: 2 x 10
* Reverse crunch: 2 x 10
* Lateral flexion: 2 x 10
* Prone cobra: 2 x 60 second holds

I tried the cuban snatch with 12# weights, but couldn’t quite do it.  That is one tough exercise!  I am actually going to do one more strength workout on Friday just to finish off the complete week (I am AR that way).

Wednesday is a bagel day for us, so I called John and he biked to meet me.  Multigrain with plain cream cheese today!


Yum.  I could eat bagels and cream cheese all day long and be perfectly happy.  😀

Did have something strange happen with my phone. While we were eating, John’s phone rang with the ringtone that is assigned to me.  He thought I was playing around, but my phone was in the car!  It rang him 2 more times, so I went out to see if something weird was happening to either the car or my phone.  Nope – my phone was just dialing him.  Isn’t that bizzare?  We called Verizon and they installed something on the phone which seemed to help until about 20 minutes ago when it did it again.  Spooky.  It only seems to be happening to John, though and not everyone else in my contact list (thank goodness).

Green smoothie for lunch, guess you don’t need to see another picture of that.  I think that will be the last one of those for a few days – the weather is turning cooler (it is July, right??), so not in the mood for those.

Snack with my latte:

chipsCinnamon chips!  I got these to put on oatmeal, but I haven’t done that yet,  just nibbled out of the bag.

Dinner was an old standby of omelet with broccoli and strawberries.


We were supposed to go to an outdoor concert tonight, but it has been raining and pouring, so we didn’t go.  Went to Panera Bread instead and I only had coffee there:

coffeeSaw this as we got out of the car:

rainbowNot sure how well the rainbow comes out in the picture, but it was pretty. Didn’t last long!

Managed to stay away from all the luscious baked goods at Panera, which was a little hard, although I had a bite of John’s chocolate pastry 🙂   That’s me trying to be moderate.  Since I had a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast, there was no room in the bank account balance (so to speak) for a carby treat at night.

Think tomorrow is brick day depending on the weather.  No rain = bike/run brick!

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4 thoughts on “NROLW and bagels!

  1. Miz.

    cinnamon WHATWHAT?!
    Ive never seen those.

    I must try those.

    Loving the rainbow pic. as I get older things like that—pure occurrences of nature—amaze me all the more.

  2. Susan

    Whoa, that is weird about your phone! It was possessed! 😛

    I’ve never seen cinnamon chips before, they sound amazing! I must keep my eyes peeled for them…

  3. South Beach Steve

    Rainbow pics are tough to take. For some reason the rainbows never show up as well as they do in real life.

    Good job staying away from the pastries at Panera. While I love that place, it is full of too much temptation.

  4. Kelly Happy Texan

    LOL You are speaking a different language with all of those workout names. But they sound tough! 🙂

    Cinnamon chips, bagels, cream cheese. You’re killing me.

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