Biking morning!

Funny how it feels like a holiday, and yet Friday is my normal day off!  I don’t get a 3-day weekend as I work Sundays.  Got up and went to the Y for my final lifting workout before the triathlon next weekend.   No formal workout plan as I finished the NROLW stage 2, so I picked some of my favorites to do today:

  • Barbell squats:  1 x 10  45 pounds, 1 x 10 65 pounds, 2 x 8  85 pounds.
  • Seated rows:  2 x 10  60 pounds
  • 1 point dumbbell rows:  2 x 10  25 pounds
  • Stationary lunges:  2 x 10  25# plate
  • Pushups:  2 x 10
  • Planks:  2 x 60 second holds
  • Cable woodchop:  2 x 50 pounds
  • Step ups:  2 x 10  60 pounds

Hasta la vista weights, I’ll miss you!  Got back home and had some banana oats with some of those cinnamon chips and pb.  Yum!


The sun actually was out; the forecast was not calling for a nice day – apparently they were misinformed, the sun actually showed up today.  So, John and I hopped on the bikes and took a long ride to areas we hadn’t been to before.  We stopped at the beginning of the feeder canal, where they used to do logging from in Glens Falls:


Me in the Triscuit!!  I can’t tell you how comfy this thing is to wear.  Yesterday it was great for the bike and run, too!  Yay!

John wanted to be in the picture, too (gotta love the self-timer option!)

us1Found a nice park on the path that has open water swimming, so I might try that this week if the weather is warm enough.  Almost went today, but things were a bit murky with all the rain, plus I didn’t have a towel with me.

We were hungry by this point, so bike close to home (in case of rain) and stopped at Arthurs for lunch.  I love this place.  Everything is made fresh and it is inexpensive.

arthurs I got a mini calzone with feta cheese – awwww… it’s cute!


And fabulous, too!  Yum!  Across the street is what might be my new gym.  I only go to the Y because of the pool, which I needed to train for the triathlon.  I won’t need the pool after that (swimming just isn’t my thing), so instead of paying $42 a month with a 15 minute drive each way to work out, I can pay $25 a month and be only a couple miles from home.  They are remodeling this gym and putting in a juice bar (a juice bar in Hudson Falls, who knew??).  Plus – they have nice clean free weights and a squat cage!  I’m all set.  I can bike there, too – or even jog!

So, a very satisfying day so far, I must say.

Question:  Do you have a 3-day weekend?

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10 thoughts on “Biking morning!

  1. MB

    Glad the forecast was wrong and you got some sunshine. I love that Triscuit on you.

    Luckily, my office was closed today for the 4th so I have a 3-day weekend. Even better, I’m on vacation next week so I hope the sun decides to stick around for a while.

    Have a great 4th!

  2. Roxie

    Your new gym sounds very cool. Hope it works out for you. Looks like you had a great time on your bike ride today. Looks super fun!

    I’m on a three day weekend. And so far, I’m enjoying it.

  3. Shelley B

    Three day weekend here – spent today running errands and grocery shopping so now Sat and Sun are FREE – woot!

    Can I just say that you look like quite the athlete in that first picture?!? And you are too cute in the Triscuit!

  4. Erin

    I do have a 3 day weekend, which is always so supa.

    Love the look of your mini calzone! Perfect portion size. 🙂

  5. debby

    Lori, You gotta know that you look fantastic in that Triscuit! I hope you believe that about yourself.

    I don’t have a 3 day weekend–worked today and will work tomorrow. But then I am on vacation. Does that count?

  6. Susan

    Seriously Lori, you are rockin that trisuit. You look fabulous!!!

    That’s awesome about the new gym!! I love places with spiffy weights and equipment. I’m debating whether or not to join the YMCA when I officially can’t use the campus facilities in September. I love to swim, but I’m not sure if I’ll be motivated without the triathlon!

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