Run, smoothies and Starbies

So, I did my 4 mile run today.   We ate breakfast first:

wafflesSomething different!  Nutrigrain waffles with blueberries.  Very good.  They were decent fuel for the run, but thinking back I probably should have had more protein.

Anyway, the run went well.  John decided to do 3 miles, and he started faster than I did around the track.  He got about 1/2 a lap ahead of me and then never pulled any faster.  He said he was starting to lose steam.  I am a pretty consistent runner once I hit my comfort pace.  I did the 4 miles in about 43 minutes – which I am quite pleased about!

Lunch was a green smoothie:


  • several handfulls of spinach
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin
  • 1 tablespoon of Barleans Omega Swirl
  • cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1.5 scoops of vanilla protein powder
  • ice and 1 cup of water

I was still a little hungry, so John and I split a Special K Chocolatey Chip protein bar:


It was good, but really too sweet.  The texture was nice, and I loved the little chips on top.  Although – it is a soy bar, and those are being phased out of my diet (eventually…..).

The mall was open today, so we went looking at a recumbent bike along with shopping for new bike shorts for John.  His are getting worn out from all our riding!  No luck though, but we ended up going to Starbucks for a siesta:

latte1Tall skim latte and a petite vanilla scone:

pvsThe scones are one of the few things that you can count on being fresh at this Starbies because they are popular.  Other baked goods are really hit or miss.

Spent time weeding the garden bed.  Have neglected it and all the rain has sent the weeds into a tizzy!  Need to buy mulch tomorrow.

Someone else was pretty lazy today:


Since it is the 4th, tradition says you must barbeque!  So, we did some pork on skewers with maple bbq sauce.

Snacked on these while waiting for the pork to cook.


Dinner served with my 2 standbys!


Today was my last hard workout before the triathlon.  This week is rest and light workouts.  I’ll be able to sleep in more, hopefully!

Stop on over and wish Susan good luck with her triathlon on Sunday!

Did any of you barbeque?

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9 thoughts on “Run, smoothies and Starbies

  1. Susan

    Thanks for the shout-out Lori! Just trying to settle down now, hopefully I’ll be able to sleep tonight! 😛

    I went to a bbq yesterday, so somwhere in-between Canada Day and 4th of July 😛 I love all the berries in this post. The local strawberries here aren’t that great yet…I’m hoping we get a good season!!

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  3. Detje Bea

    We were going to but it rained all day. It never stopped. I just made some hamburgers and french fries. My hubby and daughter were happy. I sure hope the rain stops by tomorrow so we can enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  4. Lynn Haraldson-Bering

    I had a grilled veggie burger, does that count?

    One of these days I’ll take the plunge and make one of your green smoothies. I’m usually not timid with food, particularly something like this, but I don’t do protein powder so maybe that’s what has me so tripped up? Can I make one without? Any suggestions for substitutes?

    Me, me, me…sorry about that. I really am very excited about your triathlon! Go, Triscuit, Go!

  5. debby

    Lori, I am curious. On a day where you exercise this much, and you only eat what you are showing (I am presuming this,) are you hungry a lot?

    1. Lori Post author

      Debby – It depends on the day. I tend to be more ravenous on days where I don’t work out than days I do, figure that one out.

      You might be surprised at how many calories are actually in what is shown. The breakfast with my cafe au lait is 350 calories – the smoothie plus the protein bar is around 400, the Starbucks snack was 240. Dinner was around 350 (pork not so lean). I also will eat an evening snack, which does not always make it on the blog because I have posted before I ate it. So that can be around 200 calories. Last night I had M&Ms, which was several 100 calories (ooops…)

      On heavy workout days, I can easily eat 1800 – 2000 calories. Sometimes more when I get super hungry, but that’s not always a good thing. Not concentrating on weight loss right now, so I am eating more. I do have days where I just eat too much food and not all of it makes it on the blog, or I went for a second serving of the same thing (but didn’t show 2 pictures.) Weekends are hard 😀

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