Hot tub relaxation!

Still working on *not* exercising LOL!  I wanted to do a little swimming, so I went to the Y and did 300 yards of easy laps.  I would have said slow laps, but my laps are already pretty slow LOL!

Then I got out and sat in the hot therapy tub with the jets on.  That was nice.  Wish I had me one of those at home!  I will miss that part of the Y when I move my membership.

I’m starting to get a little nervous about the triathlon this weekend.  I don’t know why.  It reminds me of in college when I had a concert or recital coming up and how I felt in the few days prior to that.  It’s not a comfortable feeling.

On the food front, it’s actually been a lot easier keeping my calories in line without all that training!  Good thing, because I don’t need to pack on  pounds this week 😀

Breakfast was protein pancakes and cafe au lait.


Made a wonderful fruit salad to have with lunch –  just chopped nectarines, blueberries, and a kiwi.  The nectarine was perfect!


I finally ate the last little can of tuna  (I was getting really tired of tuna).  Popping the can did make me look around out of habit, as our old kitty used to hear that and be right there, even when she was totally blind.  I really miss her….

I had the tuna with some Tribe 40 Spices Hummus – that stuff is delicious!


We also tried our hand at falafel for dinner.  Used the Fantastic Foods brand mix.  It was good, although we tried broiling it.  I think the falafel really needs to be pan fried (or deep fried!!!).  Spread the pita with some hummus and it was tasty.


Took a walk this evening, just a stroll – which is really difficult for me.  I always walk very fast now, so it is almost as if I have to practice to slow down.  I also had on a light jacket.  Hellooooo…. it’s July!  The lake is not going to be warm this weekend!

Last stop tonight was a cappucino and a chit chat with my mom!


We sure know how to live it up!

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12 thoughts on “Hot tub relaxation!

  1. Shelley B

    Can you believe what a hard time you are having not exercising? Shows how ingrained it is in you – which is a good thing!

    Re the tri this weekend – you’ll do great…after all, you will be rockin’ the Triscuit!

  2. Fat[free]Me

    LOL at the struggle to NOT exercise – it feels really weird now, eh? Can you remember the days when you struggled to get off your butt and get some exercise in?

    You will ace that tri – go girl!

  3. Miz.

    Id be really excited as well!

    I read a study recently all about how our bodies “interpret” nervous and anxious feelings and EXCITEMENT in almost the same way.
    since then I just try to force 🙂 myself to interpret as excited and ride that way to success—whatever the endeavor.

  4. Susan

    Being nervous is a good thing!! Getting butterflies before a race is one of the many fun parts 🙂

    Sounds like a perfect rest day to me – some light swimming, hot tub, a walk, and ended with a cappuccino!

  5. debby

    Lori, In case I am not near a computer after today, I want to tell you good luck on your tri, and congratulations on completing it! I am so excited for you.

    That was interesting what Miz said about excitement vs. anxious. I will have to keep that in mind. I used to get that uncomfortable feeling right before I showed my dogs.

    And I like your days just fine. That is how we are supposed to live our lives–satisfied with the simple pleasures of life.

  6. Roxie

    If I’m this excited about your tri this weekend, I can’t imagine how you feel! You will be so glad you’ve ramped down your exercise as you will be feeling strong for the big event.

    Your days sound plenty exciting and satisfying to me.

  7. Diane Fit to the Finish

    Just think – years ago if someone had told you it would bother you not to exercise you would have laughed at them! Look at you now! I know how you feel though, I hurt my knee recently and had to take 10 days off. It was really hard not to hit the pavement, but instead hobble along!

  8. Kelly

    It’s really impressive how far you’ve come. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. You’ve lost so much weight but more than that you have treansformed your eating and exercise habits so that now it’s hard for you NOT to exercise.

    Is there a recipe for those protein pancakes and blueberry syrup? It looks so good.

  9. Karyn

    Hi Lori, I have a question about your triathlon. I really have no idea about them so I was wondering, how far (or laps I guess) you need to swim, how far you need to bike and how far you need to run? Triathlons never used to interest me but started too when some of the bloggers I admire were participating in them. Good luck and I know you will do great. What day is it on?

    1. Lori Post author

      There are different versions of triathlons you can do. There is the sprint distance, which is roughly 1/2 mile swim, 12-15 mile bike ride and 3 mile run.
      Then there is the olympic distance which is 1.5 mile swim 25+ mile bike ride and 6 mile run.

      Of course, you do have the iron man after that, which ends with a marathon!

      I am doing a sprint distance one.
      It’s this Sunday! You can find different triathlons in your area at – give one a try, they are challenging, but not so far out that you couldn’t do it 😀

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