Tour de France and blueberries

Watching a bit of the Tour de France on TV.  Those athletes are freaking amazing!  Did you know that the average age of a tour rider is 40???  I am not sure I heard that right.  The average age of the winners is about 30.

The riders were just entering the feed zone ( a term which I find quite hilarious for some reason).  They were all taking bags full of food (not stopping of course).  The commentators were talking about how the riders need to make sure they get the bag in the feed zone or they are at the risk of using more calories than they can take in and will bonk on the ride.  Here I worry about that with my 30 mile rides!  Makes me feel like a wimp 😀

Don’t have many food pics today, as it was one of those weird days where I forgot photos because I got off schedule.

I was out looking at some houses as possible flip candidates today.  Not sure how I will fit that into my schedule (just to do the work), but you can always find a solution, right?

Munched on the last of these today:


Regarding the recipe on the pancakes – had a couple questions on those again.

Here it is!

Protein pancakes:

1/3 cup of cottage cheese (1%)
1/3 cup of rolled oats
1/3 cup of egg substitute, or 1 egg + one white
dash of vanilla
dash of cinnamon

1/4 tsp baking powder

(I do not use sweeteners, but most people probably would want to add some splenda or something to this.)

Blend in a blender and cook like regular pancakes.  I love my Magic Bullet for this! You must blend this, otherwise the oats will be too chunky. The batter should be nice and smooth. Makes 3 big pancakes!
Lots of protein and fiber!

Blueberry Sauce

1 cup (40 grams) frozen blueberries (My favorite brand is Wymans wild blueberries).

1 tsp cornstarch

1 tablespoon cold water

In a small saucepan or microwave, heat the berries to a simmer.  Mix the water and cornstarch and stir into the blueberries.  Heat gently until thickened.  Super easy!  The Wyman’s blueberries do not need any sweetener added, these wild ones are naturally sweeter and have more blueberry flavor.


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8 thoughts on “Tour de France and blueberries

  1. PTG1002

    God that looks good! I might have to try these this weekend!!!

    Two questions: what rolled oats do you use (Quaker, or something else)?
    And is the magic bullet really good?

    1. Lori Post author

      I usually use rolled oats – store brand or Quaker (whatever is on sale). However, the oats I have now are bulk from the local health food store.

      And yes, the Magic Bullet is worth it. I use it quite a bit!

  2. jinx

    Girl my gym has been playing the humvee tri and now the tour de france on their tv’s scattered through out the place. LOVING IT! My hubby thought it was funny when i told him that when they video the runners it feels like your moving down the road with them as you run on the treadmill. Then i got to thinking they should make a program like that to watch on a Tv while you run on a treadmill. It really does feel like your there and makes the time go faster. Hubby thinks they probably already make something like this but i’ve never seen it. You could have different video like in a city and one on a wooded path, or by the ocean! That would be cool!

    Anyway i got sidetracked. I really just wanted to wish you good luck on your tri as i will be out of town the weekend but home sometime Sunday. I’ll be thinking about you! Jinx!

  3. Susan

    Ha, that’s funny about the average age at the Tour. When I was going over my triathlon results, I noticed almost all of the top finishers were in the 40-49 or 30-39 range. Even though I was at the bottom, I still had a decent placing in my 20-29 age group! Gotta love sports where you don’t peak until you’re past 40 😉

    This post is making me want blueberries!!!

  4. Ed @ Wyman's

    President of Wyman’s here. Thanks for the mention. The recipe sounds great. Will try. Can’t beat wild blueberries and oats any way they come together. Let’s go Lance!

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  6. Karyn

    I make the same pancakes. I love them! I usually only spread almond butter on them though as I have no ideas other than syrup, which I don’t use because of the sugar. No point in buying sugar free syrup as I would be the only one to use it and I don’t have pancakes that often. I will have to try the blueberry topping as I always have frozen blueberries. Yum!

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