From 250 to Triathlon!


Grab a cup of coffee, this is a long recap!  It’s done!  And my sister and I had a fabulous time (nerves and all).  Went to bed last night somewhere around 10:30 with a 4:15 am wake up call (ugh??).  At around 1 am – big thunderstorms rolled in, which woke me up and kept me awake for a while, so I was not the most chipper of people at 4:15.

Had my standby breakfast of oatbran + banana+ protein powder, which I cooked last night.  I also ‘borrowed’ some nutty PB and Nutella for the top.  This is an amazing fuel to eat a couple hours prior to an event.


We got there plenty early, it was chilly and windy!  We checked in and got marked with numbers (#8 here!) and found out that we were both in the first heat.  Good thing there is that I knew I wouldn’t finish last LOL!  Not with 8 heats or so to go.  There were somewhere around 450 people?

Picture of the reservoir we swam in:

p1010036This is from the bike transition area.  I couldn’t take my camera to the swim area!  Not waterproof.  That hole in the fence is the chute we came out to.

Here we are all racked up:

p1010034 My sister and fellow triathlete!


Wearing my jacket, did I mention it was chilly?  We were there early, so the racks weren’t crowded – but then it looked like this:


Then it was swim time!  First heat was women age 40-45 and there were 23 of us.  I was so nervous at first, but I looked at the distance and thought “This isn’t so far”.  Haha.   The water was surprisingly warm, I was pleased because once I got in, I didn’t think of the temperature again. We did an “L” shape in the water and I was okay until I got around the first turn and realized it was farther than it seemed.  Not to mention that 3 minutes into the swim, the siren sounded for the next heat.  I knew I was slow and would be overtaken by a good chunk of the heat behind me, and sure enough I was.  Someone actually swam over me!  They were on their back and didn’t see me, and of course I didn’t see them coming.  The worst part of the swim was about 3/4 of the way through.  There was all this seaweed and when I would bring my arm around I pulled all this seaweed with it and had to yank my arm out.  I fought a little bit of panic there, because that was never in my mind’s scenario.  And the bottom was nowhere to be found, so I don’t know how long that stuff grew (ewwww).  Finally made it to the end and got out of the water feeling very off-balance.  That was weird, so I stayed in the transition spot for  a bit to get my bearings and adjust.

Then hopped on the bike.  This is where I was in my element.  I chugged along, although a lot of people were passing me.  That’s what happens when you are in the first heat and all the pros start after you – they pass you!  But that’s okay.  There were some hills and I am so glad I do a lot of hill riding.  I really enjoyed the ride, pushed it pretty well, while conscious that I had a 3.25 mile run after it. John caught me on video early on! Shiny gold helmet!

There was a stiff headwind for most of the ride, which made it really tough. I love my thighs, they had to work hard today! I had coconut water in my water bottle, and let me tell you – this stuff is awesome!  It’s not sweet like Gatorade, so I could drink it easily and I swear I felt the hit from it right away (more potassium than a banana!).  Hit the bike transition chute, and decided to snap a picture as I was running my bike to the rack (we had to dismount):


Slugged a Stonyfield yogurt smoothie at the bike, then made the mistake of grabbing some water – which put too much liquid in my tummy. Run time! John got me as I just started the run.  I actually look like I am going fast until someone blew right by me LOL!

There was a down hill run at first, which was really hard and jostled my stomach way more than I was comfortable with. I had some concerns about the yogurt staying down, but once I got down the hill it was fine. It was probably 1/4 mile hill, which I realized that I would have to run *up* right at the end of the race. I did not have a watch on, so I had no idea of where I was at all, but I knew that the run would have a turn around half way out and we would come back the same route. I settled into a comfortable pace, which I knew was slower, but decided to take the pace my body told me to. My legs felt fine for the transition, which shocked me. Guess rest days work after all!

I ran the whole thing. I tried to go faster once I hit the turn around, but just couldn’t get a whole lot faster. Then I hit the hill and managed to run the whole way up. The crowd was getting loud there and people were cheering us on, some kids came out and slapped my hand as I ran by. Top of the hill into the finish!

I cried when I got to the end! I finished in 1:46:01, and my goal was to be under 2 hours. I am so thrilled and exhausted, but not as tired as I thought. All that training did me well and I never felt at any point that I would not make it or have trouble, even though it was really hard.

Flexing our triathlete muscles!

I’ll have more thoughts tomorrow. Thanks so much for all your support!

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33 thoughts on “From 250 to Triathlon!

  1. Roxie

    I’m thrilled for you. Awesome race – all your hard work paid off! And thanks to John for taking videos so we can share in a bit of the excitement. I hope you are enjoying this sweet victory!

  2. Sarah

    I just cried for you watching as you approached the finish! I also clapped and cheered during the other videos! How nifty that your man was able to capture that for you.

    Awesome job, I’m so proud of you. Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment!

  3. Shelley B

    Aw Lori, I have tears in my eyes watching the video of you at the finish! What an amazing transformation, from the big woman in the Disney t-shirt to athlete. I am so proud to *know* you – you are truly an inspiration!!!

  4. PTG1002

    I am so incredibly excited and thrilled and super pumped for you!!! Hubs and I went to watch a tri today in town and all I could think of was that “Lori is doing one of these today!!!!” I am joyous at your experience and again, super pumped for you. :o)

    Thank you so much for posting this….you are such an amazing inspiration!!!

  5. runnin4fun

    You did an amazing job,I’ve followed all your careful training for this race on your blog. It must feel so good to have accomplished this!!Again,Congatulations!

  6. Jen, a prioraftgirl

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG You did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lori, I’m so excited for you! You have come so far and are so inspiring! I hope you had time to reflect and just bask in the the glory of all you have accomplished!

  7. debby

    Wow, Lori! Just borrowing my friend’s laptop to check in, and i got to read all about your tri! You look so terrific. Just imagine where you have come from. What a miracle! Can hardly wait to get home to watch the videos.

  8. jinx

    WoooHooo!!! You go girl! You make it look so easy! But i know it wasn’t ! I know how hard you’ve trained for it. I’m so happy for you. Whats next? Jinx!

  9. Susan

    Ahhh!!! I LOVE IT!! I’m so proud of you Lori, you did great!!! I have very similar thoughts as you – gross seaweed, coconut water is awesome, legs weren’t as bad as I thought, we even had the same goal!! Congrats to your sister too. I hope you two celebrated your stellar finish!!

    Soo…next year? 😛

  10. Biz

    You should be so proud of yourself!!

    My worst favorite event was the water too – I got swam over because I was slow – my husband was so happy to see my face come out of the water – then he could relax!

  11. Colleen

    Yo Javaqueen- You have lots of support:) Thanks for the great time yesterday! Same time next year?

  12. Fat[free]Me

    You did so well! I am in total awe – well done you (and your sister!).

    Loved the clips (and I teared up at the end too – ole mush that I am).

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  14. Marta


    I am so impressed. Congratulations. You are my inspiration. One day I will do it too!


  15. christieo

    YAY! YAY FOR YOU!!! Congratulations, love that you got on video! I had a lot of the same experiences with my first tri on sunday (i read over at pubsgal’s place that you did one too!) congrats a million!!!! woot!
    ps. was that the danskin tri suit you were wearing???? i was thinking about getting it for the next one but was afraid because i can’t try it on! how was it????

  16. MB

    WOW! Congratulations on your first tri! You are an inspiration. I hope you get lots of rest and enjoy the glow of a huge accomplishment. I am a big fan. You are a rock star!

  17. Soma

    I know oatbran, banana, peanut butter and nutella, hides away the icky protein powder taste, but the picture sure didn’t look like something I’d eat. Hahaha. And congratulations on finishing your first triathlon race.

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