Getting restless.

I wanted to give myself time to get rested up, but maybe my body is telling me that it is okay to get back into the exercise!   I slept for almost 8 hours again last night, felt great!

We decided to go out for a bike ride tonight.  Probably around 10 miles and it felt pretty good!  I love my bike (I know you are tired of hearing that!!).

I am working on getting used to being back into calorie reduction mode now.  It is easier without all the heavy duty workouts, as I am not totally ravenous now.   This is a more comfortable ‘zone’ for me than the training, since I have spent so long in this place 😀

So, breakfast included my yummy protein pancakes with cafe au lait.


Got to work early, since I didn’t do a workout.  Amazing how that adds a couple hours of productivity to my morning.  Or other productivity, I should say (exercise is being productive after all).

I wanted a good Super Foods hit for lunch, so I made a pumpkin protein smoothie:


  • 1/3 cup canned pumpkin
  • 6 oz 1 % milk
  • 1 scoop (26 g) Natural vanilla protein powder
  • dash of cinnamon
  • 2 tsp almond butter

Plus a side of these babies:


I just love to pop blueberries.

I am really trying to kick the bar habit, but it’s hard when they are so easy! John really likes having them around, so the temptation is always there.  I could ask for these to be moved as well, but you should see the top of the cupboards where I have him put tempting foods.  It’s getting full LOL!  Right now the top of the cupboard is holding coconut M&Ms (evil), dark chocolate chips, and SunChips.

So my snack was the beloved latte and a Special K protein bar.

kbarI haven’t really decided if I like these so much or not.  They are sugary sweet, so part of that is not as appealing.  I want more flavor instead of just sweetness.  And the feel fuller longer?  Not!

Dinner was a hot mess.  I had plans to have a korma stirfry.  I was sauteing some broccoli in coconut oil, had precooked chicken breast cut up and some whole wheat couscous all ready to be thrown in for a stirfry.  Got the jar of korma sauce out of the fridge and it had mold in it!  Ewwww!  So, plan B – I grabbed the bottle of Country Bob‘s sauce and used that instead.  Everyone into the pan!


Messy looking, but quite good.  I was hankering for the Indian flavor, but enjoyed this.  Dinner disaster averted!

After the bike ride, I had 1/2 of a lowfat chocolate chip bar that John made.  Not sure if he is going to part with the recipe or not.  They aren’t quite what we were looking for.  Not bad, though:


Tomorrow I am going to start lifting again – Stage 3 of NROLW!  Yay!!  I can’t believe how I am looking forward to hitting the weights tomorrow (I am a nerd!)

Question:  What do you do if troublesome food is in the house, even if it is healthy food?

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13 thoughts on “Getting restless.

  1. Shelley B

    I remember reading here, a while back, that you had something healthy that you were having trouble not overeating, and banned it from the house. I took that to heart, so sometimes even if I have something that is good for me, if I can’t control my eating with it, I get rid of it. Wish I could remember what it was that became like kryptonite to you – oh well, the lesson is what was important, and it stuck!

    1. Lori Post author

      There have been a few things! I had to lay off the granola for awhile, but I can have that in the house now. I also had to ban cashews for awhile, and those are still out of the house 😀

  2. Jen, a prioraftgirl

    glad to hear you got some well needed sleep last night and didn’t sell yourself short!

    Troublesome food…well, sometimes if I catch myself eating it I throw it really high in the air on top of the cupboards so I can’t reach it. I wish I was kidding. Othertimes, if I am really serious and need to get rid of it quick, I poor water on it. Is that sad? 🙂

  3. jinx

    Its allowed to spend one day in my house. Then i send it to work with my hubby. My will power last exactly one day! LOL! And while my hubby is not weight conscious ( he weighs 270ish at 6ft) he had been wonderful about not keeping tempting food in the house. He’s an angel. I would not have made it with out his undying support. Oddly , he has not lost ANY weight while i’ve been on this journey. Ofcourse he does not work out. He orders the complete opposite of what i order when we eat out. So i can see why he might not lose but really there is NO junk food in the house. Maybe some lofat popcorn and baked cheetos but really thats it. Strange. I would think he would have lost a little even if just thru osmosis! LOL! Jinx!

  4. Susan

    Ohmy, I guess I should consider myself lucky that I’ve never heard or tried coconut M&Ms! 😛 Cereal and raisins are two foods I just cannot stop snacking on. I also threw out a half bag of leftover tortilla chips a few days ago because I knew I wasn’t going to eat them, but I was constantly grabbing a couple chips here and there.

    Have fun hitting the weights tomorrow!!! I’m kinda jealous…I’m actually thinking of doing NROL4W again!

  5. debby

    Well, being single, if troublesome food is in the house, guess who put it there. That said, I seem to do pretty well by putting it in the freezer. But if it is really troublesome, I feed it to the chickens, or take it to work. And I don’t buy it anymore.

    I have the same trouble as you do with the bars. But I have convinced myself that they lead to craving ‘more’ so for now, I am not eating them. I eat the ‘lo-bars’ that Vicky makes. I wish you could taste these, Lori. COMPLETELY natural and delicious. I just know you would love them. Only 130 calories for 2. Of course, I almost always eat two…

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  7. Miz.

    hmmmm for me Id say troublesome is processsssed cereal (hello husbands food!)

    mainly in that I eat some, the processed makes me want more and then I feel crappylethargicbloatedtired.

    it is 100% the last thing and knowing I have to chase my daughter all day NO MATTER HOW I FEEL which makes me easily say no.

    ask me when she’s in school all day if that NO’age is still forthcoming 🙂

  8. jodi

    thanks for the comment, i’ll have to check out the GoWearFit… and congrats on the triathlon – that’s truly an amazing accomplishment! 🙂

    question for you: what is NROLW?


  9. Katschi

    I love your bike, too!

    Like Debby above, I’m single as well so any troublesome food is also there because of me.
    These include:
    cheese, peanut butter, chocolate, salted nuts (i can keep almonds & walnuts no prob) bread, pasta.

    I went cold turkey on crackfood in the middle of June ~ after many tries at bat ~ and I believe I’m “cured”. This leaves out a whole lotta crap I had trouble with so now it’s no longer an issue. The above foods I mentioned will have to stay out of the house and my mouth til further notice. I’m eating a whole foods diet which (for me) eliminates all the cravings I had for processed foods.

    I love your blog Lori and am inspired by how far you’ve come with all your hard work and determination.

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