Bagel Day and back to lifting!

Excited to be back to working out again!  I decided to bike to the Y, which is around 7-8 miles or so from home.   Since I didn’t have to swim, I just biked for the cardio as I was only going to use the weights at the Y.

Fueled up with a wheat english muffin with a bit of almond butter;


The workout:

New Rules of Lifting for Women (NROLW) Stage 3:

  • 1-arm dumbbell snatch 1 x 6 at 10, 1 x 6 at 12, 1 x 6 at 15#
  • Dumbbell single-leg deadlift:  1 x 6 at 15, 2 x 6 at 20# (or is that 40?)
  • Barbell bent-over row:  1 x 6 at 45, 1 x 6 at 50, 1 x 6 at 55
  • Dumbbell single-arm overhead squat  3 x 6
  • Dumbbell incline bench press:  1 x 6 at 20, 2 x 6 at 25#
  • Planks:  90 second holds 3 times (dying on these!)
  • Reverse woodchop:  3 x 6 at 50 pounds
  • Bodyweight matrix (kicked my ass!!)

This was a really hard workout.  The bodyweight matrix included 24 squats, 12 lunges on each side, 12 jumping lunges on each side, and 24 jump squats.  Do 3 times.   HARD!!! OMG.  I actually am going to modify this, because I do not think plyometrics (jumping lunges, jump squats) are all that great to do, and I am very sensitive about what I do to my knees.  I actually did the matrix later in the day because of the biking to and from the Y – cheater, but I wanted to make sure I got home!

Met John for bagels, which was on the way home.  Multigrain with maple.  It was soooo good after the workout.


Lunch today was something new.  I have been in a very pumpkiny mood this week, so I mixed some pumpkin with vanilla oikos and stirred in Post Cranberry Almond cereal.  Yum!


Worked hard today as I got a late start due to a lazy breakfast 😀

John made lattes (which he liquored up with a shot of creme de menthe!)


He even dusted it with cocoa powder, what a gourmet!

Plus a bar – I couldn’t help myself, I was hungry!


I won’t bore you with the dinner picture, as you have seen chicken,broccoli,and strawberries so many times already!  Tasty, though.

Might do some running tomorrow, first time since Sunday.

Question:  Do you often modify exercises to fit you?

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5 thoughts on “Bagel Day and back to lifting!

  1. debby

    Good question. Sometimes I do, especially when it affects my back. But I was just thinking about this, because I want to do more of the tabata intervals, but so far most of the variations involve bending my knees, and I think that is why I just can’t force myself to do them. And I had in mind to talk to Vicky about this tomorrow.

  2. Susan

    omg, the bodyweight matrix is so hard. It took me a while to be able to do all four exercises for all the reps in a row, let alone try to beat my time for it! Apparently, it’s known as “the finisher” in other Alwyn Cosgrove workouts 😛

    I mostly just modify exercises to deal with my horrible balance (ie no jumping with dumbbells in hands!)

  3. Karyn

    I regularly modified my weight workouts that involved my knees as I had injured one when I was a teen and some things bother it to the point that I wouldn’t even be able to run. Can’t have that!! LOL.

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