Owies and Yoga download coupon!

You know how I said yesterday’s body weight matrix kicked my a**?  Well it feels like it today!  Holy crow – I didn’t even feel this way the day after my triathlon!  I’m still debating how much jogging I am going to do today.

For those of you that like the Yoga Downloads, here is a coupon good until Monday July 20th.  At checkout – use the code MidSummerSale
to get 40% off your order!  That is a generous discount!  I like yoga, although I prefer pilates for flexibility.  I do like the audio of yogadownload because you don’t have to keep looking up at poses on a tv.

I was going to run this morning, but it was raining when I got up, so I had breakfast instead and got right to work.


Pumpkin oats topped with Fig Almond spread (sadly, the last of the jar).

Wanted something different for lunch and got a hankering for eggs, so I made a wheat pita stuffed with a scrambled egg and feta cheese (I love eggs and feta together).  With a perfect anjou pear.  I usually only eat a half of a pear at a time, but I was really hungry by the time lunch rolled around (not mentioning the spoon of almond butter I ate while making lunch!)


Pixie stared at me for most of the morning from the foot rest.  Don’t know what was up with that.  Doesn’t she look like she is plotting my demise or something?

Where's my food?

Where's my food?

I am obsessed with chicken lately.  I love that we can buy local meats here at a good price.  It’s hot today, so I decided on a big salad with grilled chicken, strawberries and pomegranate vinaigrette.



Plus a side of pan sauteed shredded brussel sprouts.  Could I get more veggies for dinner?  Needed to use those up, though. It was so delicious.  I am loving the fruit/chicken combo on salads.

I am done with work for the week.  Yay!!!  So what do I do?  I am going down to my sister’s YMCA and showing her NROLW!  She has the book and is going to get started and wants me to give her the run down.  She is also going to reserve a couple dread treadmills for us to jog on.  And then we might go out for coffee…. maybe…. cause I kind of like the stuff a little….

Question for you:  Okay,  your turn. Do you have any questions for me?  I have a couple that I was going to answer in a blog post, but thought there might be some others out there and I can stick them into an FAQ-type post.  You can either comment or email me:  javaqueen01  at yahoo.com.

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10 thoughts on “Owies and Yoga download coupon!

  1. Roxie

    I’m always interested in the “turning points”. What caused you to decide to do this? What’s your best piece of advice? Are you returning to youthful athleticism or is this an entirely new turn for you?

    Turns out, I had a couple of questions 🙂 Give Pixie a love for me.

  2. Susan

    Ha! I wasn’t that sore after my tri either, I remember thinking I’d had lifting workouts that left me in rougher shape! That’s so exciting you’ll have your sister to do some of the workouts with!! I actually prefer doing my cardio stuff alone, but it’s sooo fun to have a lifting buddy in the otherwise boring gym.

    You know, I don’t really care for fruit in salads, but yours looks particularly delish. I may try that exact combo!!

    Oh yes, and question: do you ever suffer from body perception issues? I mean, do you ever still think of yourself as a heavier person? I ask because even though I only lost 30 lbs, I often still think of myself as “chubby Susan,” I wonder if it’s the same thing when losing larger amounts of weight…

  3. Karyn

    I finally found a copy of NROLW today. I am anxious to get started with it this weekend. I will definately have to modify lunges and squats to save my knee. And ideas as to how I can do the twisting exercises and the seated row at home with only barbells and a weight bench? I rarely make it to the gym anymore.

  4. Shelley B

    Do you have the dreaded “belly flap” – and if so, how bad is the loose skin issue? I’m wondering because when all is said and done, I should have lost somewhere around 120 pounds (down about 88 now), and I can’t tell what is still fat/flab and what is loose skin.

  5. PTG1002

    Your salad looks totally yummy! I just ate dinner and looking at it sparked a little “mmmmmm…” in me. ;o)

    As for questions – where do you find your recipes? And what kind of oats do you use for your morning breakfast? And can you post your recipes again?? ;o)

  6. debby

    That salad looks delish! I haven’t tried that combo, but just so happens I have all the makings for it! Lunch tomorrow!!

  7. Karen (Fitcetera)

    LOL @ Pixie plotting your demise. One never can tell with these creatures. Mine’s ignoring me lately. hmmph.
    I like your chicken/fruit combo salad … looks really refreshing and tasty.
    well I kind of love all your food actually 😀
    I made a pumpkin protein smoothie after seeing yours but made it with crumbled walnuts (I can’t keep PB in the house … a jar can easily disappear too quickly)
    You were right … it was very good. I had one again this morning.
    I haven’t read enough of your story to know but I’m assuming this wasn’t your first weight loss attempt. How did you KNOW that this time was THE time you would succeed? What was different from all the other attempts?

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