Lazy Sunday and too many snacks.

Well, today was one of those food days that happen from time to time.  The noshes got some control.  I woke up feeling pretty good after the long bike ride.  Legs a little tired, but not overly so.  Although, I think an early bedtime is on tap for tonight, as I am feeling more tired as the day goes on.

Our normal Sunday ritual of bagels (even though I had one last night – gotta knock that off!).  Panera Bread today.


Then it was grocery shopping for all those fresh things I so love on Sundays, like blueberries!

I got some tuna this time, I had really stopped eating it for a while.  Do you ever have a food you have in your routine and then all of a sudden just get tired of it?  That happened with me and tuna for quite a while.  But it is back and I had it on a wrap for lunch with some Tribe 40 Spice hummus –  you must try this stuff, it is wonderful!  So much better than mayo with tuna anyday.  Plus yummy blueberries (in fact, I got a 2nd bowl of them).


A couple hours after lunch the snack attack started.  Pria bar (too sweet), plus a latte.

pria Then some Total Blueberry pomegranate cereal snacking (I am kicking myself for buying cereal).

Then some dark chocolate chips and peanuts.  Hello???  Earth to Lori… snack

Work is slow right now, so while waiting for files I amble around and get snacky.

I am not exercising today as I really need a rest day.  I am learning that these are vital and actually help my workouts on those days.  Had the Tour de France on today and they were doing the mountain day.  I swear my thighs were singing along with them after yesterday’s ride – I know how I felt, I can only imagine how they felt!

I am going to sit down tonight and make a list of goals for the week and post it to have something concrete to look at ala Fitcetera!

Dinner tonight I got lazy and didn’t want to cook veggies.  How lame is that?  I just wanted the baked clam strips and cut up some berries.  Good though.  I think I am more tired than I thought.


Tomorrow is back to the Y on a more scheduled basis – and certainly in the early morning do avoid the meatheads from Friday.   My membership there ends on August 15th, then I will be joining the gym down the street.

Good news is that we finally got health insurance in place (after 2.5 years without), so this week I am getting all those appointments set up.  First one is the dentist – although I do normally go every 6 months, but this time it’s covered.  Yay!  Then get set up for a complete physical and blood work.  Fun, fun!

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8 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday and too many snacks.

  1. Tera

    Hi Lori!
    Thanks for the support on today’s post! I love your Blog!!! AND I LOVE Tribe 40 Spice Hummus! I smear that stuff on a Whole Food’s Organic pita when I need to snack and run. So tasty! Have a great week!!! Congrats on the insurance!

  2. Susan

    Ahhhh snacky days, I know those all too well. While they kind of feel like crap, I think you stil have the right attitude about it. Knowing that they happen once in a while, and not letting it throw you off track for the rest of the week/month/year. A new gym will be exciting! So will a free dentist visit!! 😛

  3. PTG1002

    Definitely know about snacky/nosh days….it’s tough! The bagel looks totally yummy. :o)

    Oh, and to answer your question about my tri suit – I hadn’t posted a photo of it, but it’s the Ironman TYR women’s suit (floral top, black bottom). Founda 50% off online discount code, so the price was around $50 which was what I wanted to spend. :o)

  4. Fat[free]Me

    Yeah, probably the tiredness and the waiting, that makes me nibbly too.

    Love the sound of hummous with tuna – will definitely give that a try!

  5. South Beach Steve

    Yes, I have gotten tired of a food that was a regular part of my routine — TUNA! 🙂 I used to eat it about every day, now I can only handle it a few times a week.

    Glad to hear you have gotten insurance. I hope all the upcoming appointments go well.

  6. debby

    I am glad you have insurance too. I have had to cancel appointments the last few months because of ‘other duties’ and now I have to reschedule everything, and since I don’t like going in the first place, it is kind of torture to call and set up the appointments.

    Every once in a while at the end of the day I will think, what vegetables did you have today??? Its not that I don’t like them. Just sometimes they get overlooked!

  7. Sagan

    Mmm, I love wraps. And snacking. Hehe. So good that you got the health insurance… that’s really important to have.

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