5 miler and 5 a day!

Had a goal to do a 5-mile run this morning.  Had some fuel of a toasted wheat english muffin with a couple tsp of almond butter.  Wish I could just blob the nut butter on there!


I then went to the track and hit a comfortable pace.  I lost speed when training for my triathlon because I stopped doing speed work.  I wanted to finish the 5 miles in under an hour, and I just made it!  59:01.   And I could have gone further, too. That is a shade under a 12 mile pace, which is about 2 minutes slower than my 5K pace.  I know this is horribly slow to a lot of people (not that I care LOL) But, I wasn’t pushing or anything, just going for distance.  I want to test longer runs before I commit to doing a 1/2 marathon.   At this rate, it would take me about 2.5 hours to do a 1/2.  Do I really want to run that long?? I definitely need some knee braces for the longer runs.  I do not want any injuries and I would rather be on the cautious side.

I was really hungry when I got back and made some pumpkin oats with protein powder:

oats4The oats steamed up my camera!

  • 40 grams oats
  • 1 tsp brown sugar
  • cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin
  • 1/2 scoop protein powder (stirred in at end)
  • topped with a spoon of cranberry preserves (found at the local smokehouse!)

Glad I did the run early in the morning, because  a light rain has settled in for the day and has continued.

Lunch was so good!  I was craving something salty (think it was from sweating so much during the run).  So I decided to scramble 1 egg with egg whites and topped with feta cheese.  Served with a side of those FSTG sweet potato chips (yum!!) and a wonderful nectarine.


I didn’t have any veggies for lunch and I really try to get at least the 5 a day recommended F&V per day.

For snack, I decided to have some fruit with my latte.  Going on the 2nd day without a protein bar!



Zipped through my work today!  Yay!  I was done by dinner time.  Decided to pile on the veggies – at least 2 servings of broccoli here, plus another turkey burger on a wheat pita.  Yum!


Had a bit of a sweet craving, so nabbed one of John’s butterscotch candies!


I’ll have another small snack later while watching the Tour!  It’s a hill day and should be exciting!

Fruit and veggie tally for the day:

Pumpkin, broccoli, banana, strawberries, nectarine.  A total of 6 servings.  And no cereal!!

Question: How many servings of fruits and veggies do you get in a day?

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10 thoughts on “5 miler and 5 a day!

  1. Susan

    Congrats on the 5-miler and the awesome time!! Funny how we both made comments about our “slow speeds.” Guess the only people we have to compete with is ourselves 😉

    I actually try to keep from eating fruit more than three times a day. I could easily OD on simple sugars from fruit if I didn’t hold back. For veggies, I really just try to make sure I get one serving of green veggies a day, as I consume enough carrots, squash and sweet potato to make up for the rest 😉

  2. PTG1002

    Let me tell you, Lori – you can TOTALLY do the half marathon. I finished mine in 2:28:43, which is about an 11:20ish pace, and I know you can do that! My knees didn’t hurt at all, which is great considering the amount of surgery I’ve had on them (4 total, 2 on each side). It’s all about putting the mileage in, more than anything.

    1. Lori Post author

      Yes, it is a matter of putting in the miles. Need to be sure I want to do that LOL! I am just hoping I have enough time to train by the end of Sept!

  3. She-Fit

    Those pumkin oats like great… I am going to have to try them. As for the run, I don’t think that it is slow at all, but then again I am not a runner. I try to be a runner and can never get myself to do it. My mind plays tricks on me with the time thing. Good luck with your 1/2 marathon though. I think it’s great that you have goals and are striving towards them.

  4. Jinx!

    You can so do a half marathon girl! I walked an entire one in 3 1/2 hours at 225 pounds. Dont let it intimidate you! 🙂 Looks like daughter and i may do the San Antonio Half in November! Woohoo. Just think how much better i’ll feel about 45 or so pounds lighter!! Jinx!

  5. Shelley B

    Thanks for asking that question on the fruits and veggies – it made me stop and think! Considering that I have a main meal salad for dinner just about every night with romaine, cucumbers, mushrooms and a bunch of other stuff (including either blueberries or strawberries), and 2 cups of strawberries with my breakfast, and usually a smoothie made with 2 cups of frozen fruit – I probably average 6 – 7 servings a day at least. Woohoo, I’m doing something right!

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  7. debby

    Too much fruit, and not quite enough veggies. I need to start counting.

    I don’t think that sounds slow. I can only get in 3 miles in an hour–that is walking mostly with a little running, and is on my hilly road. I’ve never timed/tried on straight road.

    Yay you for skipping the protein bar! I’m having the other half of my pumpkin oats for bfast today at work!

  8. Cei

    13 miles does seem a little daunting, I agree!! It’s taken me ages to work up to a decent speed over 10k though…so I’m sure I (and you) will get there some day!!! 🙂
    Burger in a pita….what a plan, gonna get me some of that action I think!!! 🙂

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