New heights for temptations.

On to the eats today!  You saw where I had my coffee and bagel, so here is the bagel!  Multigrain with maple walnut.  I almost always get this combo on Wednesdays.  They make their own cream cheese here and it is good and fresh!


For lunch I had one of my favorites in the summer.  Yogurt, cereal, and strawberries!  This mix used Chobani FF greek yogurt with honey.  I was a little leery about the yogurt because the Fage and the Oikos honey yogurts had way too much honey for my tastes.  This one was subtley sweet and was premixed.  I had the Total Blueberry Pomegranate cereal on it.  Yum!


I have not snacked on cereal since Sunday – and this is how I do it:


John just puts tempting foods out of my reach, so I have to get a chair and pull it over to reach this stuff, which is usually enough to deter me from eating it (I asked him to get the cereal down for me at lunch time).  Up there also are SunChips and dark chocolate chips.  This is surprisingly helpful!  Out of sight, out of mind.

Latte snack, which I didn’t snap a picture of because I snarfed down half before I remembered LOL.  Plus a couple of crackers with nut butter.  Need to make some hazelnut butter tomorrow.  Num….

Dinner I felt like eggs again.  This time I scrambled with reduced fat swiss cheese and tucked into a mini wheat pita.  These are Josephs brand and only 80 calories and packed with fiber – yay!  Plus brussel sprouts sauted in coconut oil.

dinner9I forewent the fruit tonight as I was going to have it later as a snack, but we went out for coffee and I had a decaf skim latte (no sleep problems, please!).

What tricks do you use to help you stay on track?

Thinking about another longer run tomorrow……

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8 thoughts on “New heights for temptations.

  1. Utica Herbalife

    Wow great food, very healthy and it looks tasty as well. It gave a lot of ideas. How do you sautee brussel sprouts in Coconut Oil, looks good, I have to try that.
    I like the idea of putting the snack food out of reach, out of mind. I tend to put it it cabins and the healthy food in easy reach.

  2. Jen, a priorfatgirl

    LOL, I totally have to put food out of my reach to keep me under control! I love cereal and don’t think it could ever fill me up…so I try to limit the number of boxes I buy 🙂

  3. Roxie

    I do the same thing – out of sight, out of mind. I am fortunate that Bick is very supportive and if I ask him to keep his special treats out of my sight, he’s good to do it. At other times, if I’m really struggling, he’s good enough not to even bring stuff in the house.

    I don’t think I could leave the cereal alone, however. One serving = one box for me.

  4. Lori

    I have raisins and almonds or a couple dark chocolate Hershey Kisses. I’ll chew Dentyne cinnamon gum (the only gum I could find that does not have any aspartame in it!) or just try not to think about food!

  5. debby

    There’s some stuff I just don’t bring in the house. Then there’s a ton of stuff I cut into the right portion size and freeze–like chicken breasts, 3-4 oz. If it wasn’t pre-portioned I might want more. And of course, all my healthy ‘baked goods’–also pre-portioned and put in freezer.

    For whatever reason, writing it down really works for me. I don’t always stick to the original plan, but it gives me a guideline to work within, and I can make substitutions if my taste or mood changes.

  6. Ron

    Glad that out of sight and out of reach works for you…. I would be constantly getting that chair and dragging it over to get what I wanted LOL

  7. Susan

    I need to do that with my cereal, but I think I’m subconsciously not doing it because I want to munch! 😛

    My biggest trick is just not buying things. It’s easy to do living alone. No chips or cookies allowed in the house, or I’ll polish them off in just a few days 😛 (and even worse, feel guilty about it)

  8. Karen

    I love the photo of you reaching for the cereal.
    I live alone so all this is easy for me … it doesn’t come in the house.
    Also, I find that keeping on track is easier when I keep my menus simple.
    I eat a lot of the same things day to day but make sure everything I eat is something I enjoy.
    My protein shakes are better than the shakes I used to buy at fastfood places.
    My meals are colourful.
    I only eat the healthy foods I love. Luckily, I love a lot of healthy foods! lol
    I love the skinny lattes too!
    It’s nice that John helps to keep you successful and on track.

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