Soft serve treat.

Das eats!

Had some yum pancakes after my run and I was so hungry!  Something about eating after a good workout is so satisfying.  John had toasted up some unsweetened coconut, which was just begging to be put on the blueberry sauce!


I love how filling of a breakfast this is.  That’s why you see it so often!

I did another tasting plate for lunch.  I have been having some fun with food this week 😀

Tuna with the last of the Tribe 40 spice hummus 🙁 , the last of the FSTG sweet potato chips 🙁  , carrots and applesauce – you don’t see that very often on the blog, not sure why.  Guess I am too enamored of the fresh fruit in summer.


We were going to go out for pizza tonight, but decided that ice cream was more appealing.  Of course, that means that I had no idea of what to make for dinner.   That can be a scary point because it could really lead to overeating or premeal snacking.  I like to have a meal at least semi thought out in my mind (or know that John has something planned).   Quick decided on the same thing I had the other night, which was a feta cheese/egg scramble,broccoli, and strawberries (sorry, no picture!).

We were going to bike to yogurt, but the weather was really threatening rain.  We biked to a closer ice cream shop (probably just as well after a 5 mile run).  I got a kiddie cone of soft serve with chocolate and peanut butter twist.  Perfect start to my weekend!


Netflix time!

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2 thoughts on “Soft serve treat.

  1. Shelley B

    YUM to that ice cream cone! When we do go out for a treat, I learned from the skinny college girls and order a child’s size – like your cone in the picture, it’s perfect!

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