NROLW and Blueberry picking at Winney Farm

First day of my weekend.  Started off with a good strength workout.  This doesn’t look like much on paper, but it takes a while to get through at the gym.

  • Dumbbell cuban snatch: 2 x 6 15 pounds, 1 x 6  20 pounds
  • Dumbbell single-leg deadlift: 3 x 6 at 25 #
  • Barbell bent-over row: 1 x 6 at 45, 1 x 6 at 55, 1 x 6 at 65
  • Dumbbell single-arm overhead squat 3 x 6 (using 10# and 20#)
  • Dumbbell incline bench press: 3 x 6 at 25#
  • Planks: 90 second holds 3 times
  • Reverse woodchop: 3 x 6 at 50 pounds
  • Bodyweight matrix:   3 times  – I actually graduated up to 14 jump squats on each set from 12.

Awesome thing today – there were 4, count ’em, 4 ladies working with free weights today while I was there.  And only 1 man.  The ladies weren’t messing around either – I think one of them could kick my ass big time, she looked great and lifted really heavy (more proof that you don’t get bulky lifting).

I have been totally obsessed with blueberries as of late (you think??) – so I decided to go pick my own today on my day off.  Drove to Winney’s Farm in Schuylerville.  This is a blueberry only farm on 20 acres with 14 different varieties of blueberries and something like 14,000 plants.  Let me start by saying that I did not even notice which type of blueberry I picked today, wish I had made note, though.

The blueberry bushes were in long rows, and you just park in a grassy area by the place you want to start picking and go in with your bucket.


The bushes were anywhere from 3 feet to 6 feet tall.  What I found interesting was that each bush had everything from tiny white berries all the way to ripe ones, all in the same cluster.


I don’t know how a machine could ever pick blueberries.  Here is a bush that just formed its berries and is all white:


My bucket of berries (I actually filled it to the brim):


I had to taste test them from each bush, though.  Had to make sure they passed the taste test!

Berries go in here....

Berries go in here....

You would think it would have been very tranquil there, but to protect the crops, a  constant recording of hawk screeching is played, which is a little weird.   I honestly don’t know how they keep the deer out of this either as there are no closed fences.   This was fun, though and I would do it again in a heartbeat.   $2.25 per pound (which is a lot more berries than a pint).

Of course, as if eating a pint of blueberries wasn’t enough – I had to have more with lunch when I got home!  This was an awesome bowl:

  • Oikos FF vanilla greek yogurt
  • Total Blueberry Pomegranate cereal
  • Fresh blueberries


Have a fabulous day!

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10 thoughts on “NROLW and Blueberry picking at Winney Farm

  1. Pam

    I am obsessed with blueberries, too! I was going to go picking, but they are 3.00 a pound here, and I got them at the Farmer’s Market for 1.00 a pound. I um…got 39 pounds over three weekends LOL I have jelly, a shoe-box sized tub dried and a freezer full of em, not to mention we ate pint after pint of them! Enjoy them!

  2. katschi

    Yes! I love blueberries! We have a place close by called Klassens & also one further away in Thamesville called Parks Blueberries that’s totally worth the trip as there’s a store/restaurant with all things blueberry.
    Second thought: re: first exercise … it sounds kind of porn-y.

    1. Lori Post author

      I know – I keep thinking what kind of search people are doing that end up on this post from google :O

  3. Ron

    I too have been eating blueberries, and more blueberries, but I didn’t have to go pick them. A freind of mine was going with her friend and asked me if I wanted her to pick some for me…..She came in with 4 pounds!!!

  4. Karyn

    Blueberries are my absolute favorite!! My sons too. I always need to buy enough to not have to fight with my son. LOL.

  5. Susan

    Looks like so much fun!! I love that you just went by yourself too, I’m starting to get sick of asking people to go berry picking with me, I should just go do the same 🙂 Enjoy your “weekend!”

  6. debby

    Boy, to get blueberries at that price–and the first commenter that got them already picked for $1/lb??? I am jealous! I just finished my last blueberry scone while I was reading this.

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