National Weight Control Registry Maintenance Secrets

Well, I was going to post about my day, what I ate, exercise, the usual, but I got a packet in the mail today and thought I would talk about that.

I joined the National Weight Control Registry a year ago, as I had maintained at least a 30# weight loss for a year and decided to join, even though I was not at goal.  Today was the 1-year update packet that was sent out with a survey for me to fill out on the last year as it relates to my weight.  Interesting that I am pretty much the same weight as I was a year ago, even though I was a bit lower at one point.  Anyway, they included a little sheet on Secrets of Successful Losers.   The database has over 6000 people in it. The successful maintainers tend to do the following:

1.  They eat a low-calorie diet.  Most are low-fat and they eat 4-5 times a day.

2.  They eat a consistent diet from day to day.  These maintainers also tend to eat the same during the holidays and special occasions.

3.  They eat breakfast every day.

4.  They are very physically active.  Averaging about 60 minutes per day.  Walking is the #1 exercise.

5.  They weigh themselves frequently.

6.  They watch limited amounts of television.  About 10 hours a week.

7.  They don’t let a small weight gain become bigger.

How many of these things do you do right now?  I pretty much do all 7, although I don’t know if what I eat constitutes a real low calorie diet, and I eat moderate fat.

Interesting to note that the above 7 things are pretty much what you do to lose weight as well.

The other interesting tidbit is that once you have maintained your weightloss for at least 2 years, the risk of regaining the weight is cut by more than half.   So it seems as though time is on your side the longer you keep the weight off.

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9 thoughts on “National Weight Control Registry Maintenance Secrets

  1. Jo

    This was a great post. I had heard of this registry but forgotten about it.

    Most hopeful is the 2-year maintenance. Wow.

  2. Fat[free]Me

    Interesting – yes I am doing all 7 right now and intend to keep it up, even when at goal. I thought No.2 was the most interesting one, that is where many of us go wrong and then lose the plot entirely.

    Great to know that if one can maintain for 2 years, then the long-term outlook is good!

  3. Susan

    I’d say I do all but 5, 6 and maybe 1. I don’t own a scale, and I watch a lot of TV while on the computer. I’m not sure if I would call my diet “low-calorie” or “low-fat.” I definitely eat more than a lot of people I know, but I also eat less of the high-calorie meals and drinks.

    Interesting about the 2-year thing too. And I like the idea of not letting a small weight gain get bigger. One of my biggest maintenance lessons has been learning that my weight will always go up and down by around 5 lbs depending on what’s been happening in my life. So I know not to use those extra 5 lbs as an excuse to “fall off the wagon.”

  4. Diane, Fit to the Finish

    I think this is very interesting. Of course I do these things as I’ve maintained my 150 lb. loss a long time. I did find the longer I maintained, the easier it was. Except for the fact I had 4 pregnancies in the last 12 years. Then I had to lose baby weight again, and again, and again!!

    Thanks for the information!

  5. Sandrelle

    Just started following your blog. I joined the NWCR last year as well–I’m in my second year of maintenance (lost 100 lbs) I think the biggest misconception about maintenance is that it’s different from a (realistic) weight loss strategy. In reality, maintenance means you do the same things you did to lose the weight plus you get to eat a *little* more. Conisistency with eating behaviors and exercise are key for lasting weight loss and maintenance. Thanks for the reminder!

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