What’s blooming today and Sunday eats!

Had a very active Friday and Sat – so today is rest day as usual.  For some crazy reason, John and I went jogging last night after a 15-mile bike ride earlier in the day.  I only did 2 miles (20:40) and he did 3.  My legs were kind of stiff from Friday’s strength workout plus the 18 mile ride that day.  Sort of a brick, although spaced quite a bit apart.

This morning was a bagel at Cool Beans:


This was a white bagel, which is a rarity for me.  Topped with sunflower seeds and reduced fat cream cheese.  I chose this bagel because the wheat ones looked really small and I was super hungry.  John did get a wheat one and noticed the size difference LOL!

Here it is almost August and some of my flowers are just blooming.  This cool weather has got some of them all out of whack.  And my annuals are very stunted.  Salvia isn’t even close to blooming.

The doppelganger echinacea are in full swing.  I love this plant (so much so that I took it with me from IL when we moved a few years ago!). With pretty liatris in the background:


One of my other favorite plants is almost in full bloom.  Butterfly bush!  This starts out as a stub in the ground and is now over 5 feet tall.  I love it.  I used to have a yellow one at our old place, but couldn’t find one to replace it, so got the davidii one.


Closeup of one of the flowers.  They smell like honey, too.  Butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds go nuts over these.


Black-eyed susans have just opened this week.


Not too much exciting in the eats department today.  I have managed to not snack all day like I tend to do on Sundays (so far, at any rate).  Dinner was a chicken wrap with hummus and feta cheese.  Awesome combo!


And more blueberries.  I can’t believe they are almost gone.  I swear there is a blue tinge to my skin today.  Gonna have to go again, because I didn’t even make any jam like I was going to!

If you watch the Today Show – check it out on Monday.  They will be doing a vacation segment on Lake George – which is where we bike to frequently.  Featured in posts like the Elvis day and early spring.  It really is a beautiful place.  The Adirondacks are venerable old mountains with a ton of history in the area.

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6 thoughts on “What’s blooming today and Sunday eats!

  1. Susan

    Ooh! I love your garden pictures! I think this batch may be my fave (and not just cause of the black-eyed Susans 😉 )

    That bagel pic is also gorgeous. I randomly get white flour things too. I typically like the taste of whole wheat/grain better, but sometimes white bread just tastes like a treat!

  2. jinx!

    Love the flowers! And only dream of eating bagels like that. They are on my EVIL list. 🙂 I can never eat just one. Butterfly bush is on my list of plants to get. I tried the cone flower but mine did not survive the first season with me. Lets see this year i planted coreopsis which is struggling with Texas weather but will no doubt do better next year. My white and blue pumbago are doing well but they are both newly transplanted and did not get very big. Next year will probably be a better year for them too. Ummmm trailing rosemary almost died on me, got a big pot of it off the sale rack , its looking better now. Golden barberry is struggling but the red glow barberry struggled the first year too and is gorgeous now. Newly this year planted Lilac bush is doing well but struggled earlier in the year, lost all its leaves, thought it was a goner then darn if it didn’t leaf back out. Flower gardening is all about patience and trial and error. Thanks for the flower pics! Jinx!

    1. Lori Post author

      Gardening is really trial and error. I have been trying Shasta daisies and they always die on me. You would think I would learn. Coneflowers love me – I get tons of seedlings from them and never buy any new ones because of all the new plants!

  3. Diane Fit to the Finish

    You have the most amazing pictures of flowers you grown. Everytime I buy a flower it ends up dying. I should probably water them more!

    We had black eyed Susans come up on the edge of our woods though, and they are so pretty!

  4. Hopefool

    I have never seen doppelganger echinacea before – very cool. I grow the regular kind. Actually, I started with White Swan Echinacea but they’ve reverted to plain old pink…

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