NROWL and pizza!

It sure feels like summer around here now!  Hot and humid.  Didn’t sleep well because of that (even with AC).  Dragged my butt out of bed and grabbed a snack before hitting the Y.  Had a piece of Ezekiel bread with hazelnut butter.  I kind of forgot this was in the freezer!  Ooops.


NROLW Stage 3:

  • Romanian deadlift with row: 1 x 6 at 45#, 1 x 6 at 60#, 1 x 6 at 65 #, 1 x6 at 75 #
  • Single leg partial squats: 3 x 6
  • Widegrip lat pulldown: 1 x 6 at 50#, 2 x 6 at 60 pounds
  • Back extension: 2 x 6 at 85, 1 x 6 at 90 pounds
  • YTWL: 3  x 6 with 8 pound DBs (really hard)
  • Stability ball crunch: 3 x 6
  • Reverse crunch: 3 x 6
  • Lateral flexion: 3 x 6
  • Prone cobra: 3 holds x 90 seconds

I have to say that I don’t really get the prone cobra.  It doesn’t feel like it does anything except make my arms tired.  Otherwise it is just laying on the floor LOL!

Came back to oat bran today!  Wanted to mix it up a little bit.  This bowl was made with a mashed banana, cinnamon, and chocolate PB2 cooked in.  Num.


It’s hot, so I wanted a cool lunch:


Cantaloupe smoothie!

  • 1/2 cup cantaloupe
  • 1 scoop vanilla pp
  • 4 ounces 1% milk
  • 3 ounces POM wonderful juice
  • ice cubes

Tasty!  Served with a bowl of baby carrots.


The  ecchinacea  is a plant I got from Wayside Gardens, and it is called Razzmatazz.  I don’t know why I started calling it doppelganger, but I still do that.  I think they developed this plant sterile, as none of the seeds sprout, which is really unusal for coneflowers.   They are expensive and one of the reasons I took the plant with me from IL.  It doesn’t seem to get big enough to divide, but I am hoping for that soon.

It was pretty cool to see the Adirondacks and Lake George featured on TV at the Y today.  Lots of us just watched the tube during those segments – lazy butts!  Video intro

John must have read my mind or something, because he didn’t read my earlier post about the pizza, but he started making the wheat crust and used the pasta sauce on it!  I ran out and grabbed some basil from the porch before he put it in the oven.  So delicious.  John is awesome!  200 calorie slice.  I was working while it cooked, so I didn’t do any broccoli to go with it.  Just being lazy here.


Regarding my goals from last week, here is how I did:

  1. Stay within calories.  Did really well here.  Just on Friday with some extra.
  2. No cereal snacking!!!  I mean it!!  Success!  Keeping the cereal out of reach did the trick!
  3. 3 weight workouts.  Done.
  4. 2 running days.  Did 3.
  5. 3 biking days.  Did 2 outside and 1 on the recumbent.
  6. Take time to congratulate myself at the end of each day for the positive things I accomplish.  Yes!

Goals this week:

  1. Stay protein bar free, which I did last week.  Must break addiction.
  2. Do a 6-mile run.
  3. Control myself with cashews – they are back in the house.  I released them from banishment 😀
  4. Possible 5K race this weekend.
  5. No cereal snacking again.  Let’s see if I can make it 2 weeks!
  6. Take time to congratulate myself at the end of each day for the positive things I accomplish.
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10 thoughts on “NROWL and pizza!

  1. Miz.

    I need to get to the grocery today (ZERO TODDLER FOOD IN THE HIZZLE) so my thought is send all your number three and five my way.

    youll save me a trip! 🙂

  2. Susan

    Yeah, the prone cobra feels pretty easy compared to the torture of a plank. From everything I’ve read though, it’s really great for your back, which sounds good to me! Better for cycling 😛

    That is too funny that John used the sauce to make pizza. Does he read your blog? Chris reads mine because he’s away for most of the the week. I often put secret messages in there for him 😉

    CONGRATS on meeting all your goals last week!!! I’m going to put the cereal on top of the cupboards now!

    1. Lori Post author

      Susan, John reads my blog, but I don’t know how often, though. I had mentioned last week about the pizza with the tomato sauce, and he just got in the mood for pizza yesterday. Guess after 13 years of marriage there is some telepathy!

  3. Kristin

    I’m starting the NROLW program next week with my mom. I’ve been lifting for a while now (but always with a trainer) so it’s going to be interesting picking my own weights and such.

    I’m really glad you posted about oat bran, because I have an entire bag of it sitting in my pantry and I’ve only used it once to bake those vegan brownies you posted a while back (delicious btw). I’m embarrassed to ask, but how do you cook them for breakfast? Same way as rolled oats?

    Nice job with your goals!

    1. Lori Post author

      Oat bran is cooked just like oatmeal. Boil a cup of water, add 1/3 cup of the oat bran. You only need to cook it for a couple minutes, though. It cooks quick!

  4. debby

    Thanks for the info on the coneflowers. I think I”ll get some–too bad they don’t sprout new ones, though! Your food always influences me in a positive way. I was trying to decide what to have for breakfast, and decided to make pumplin oats again after I saw the picture (I know it wasn’t pumpkin oats this time, but you still reminded me!)

    Good for you on breaking the cereal and protein bar habit.

    1. Lori Post author

      Me, organized?? My husband will laugh when he reads this LOL! I am not really organized. I do have goals that change each week, or rather that I might concentrate on each week to keep things stimulated. Goals for me are usually something that I happen to be currently struggling with or want to concentrate on to get it back into a habit.

      And the pizza was delicious! We have lots of leftovers, so stop on by! 😀

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