6-miler and Crispy Fruit

Decided today would be the 6-mile run, as there is a 5K race Saturday morning so I wanted to space it far out from that.  John went with me, although just to do 3 miles around the track.  Fueled up with the english muffin/nut butter combo.  I wish I had let this digest a wee bit longer before heading out the door.


I was going somewhat fast, my goal today was to finish in 1:10 or less for the 6 miles.  I did it in 1:07.  I finished 3 miles in 32 minutes, so I got slower in the last half (but some of that was for liquid breaks).  Overall pretty consistent, though. I brought along a coconut water to have after the first 3 miles.  Drank some at 3.5 miles, then 4.5 miles and 5.5 miles.  I was starting to feel a bit fatigued then, but a little voice actually told me to keep going after 6 miles – which I promptly kicked to the curb 😀

I wore my trisuit for this run.  I so love this outfit!  Yay!  I will wear it this weekend for the race.

I think I will make a decision on the 1/2 marathon once I get up to around 8  or 9 miles and see how that feels.

I won a drawing over at Annabel’s blog Feed Me I’m Cranky of some Crispy Greens dried fruit which arrived today (thanks Annabel!).


She also generously put in some Amazing Grass samples, so I will get to trying those soon as well.  I had to try the dehydrated pear:

pearIt looks like cubes of crusted white bread, doesn’t it?  Tasty though.  Not really crunchy like a dehydrated fruit that has oil on it.  40 calories for the whole bag.  Fun!

Another new  food item I tried today is this strawberry pluot I got at the store the other day:

plum1It is supposed to have a taste of strawberries, and it kind of does!  It is more tart than a plum, with a berry background.  Really yummy and super juicy.  Grocery stores are really stocking some of the most interesting things now!

I can’t even begin to say how much easier it has been to get my eating back on track after stopping the intense triathlon training.  The scale is starting to drift back down again, which makes me happy.  I think you really can hinder weight loss with a lot of exercise, which is why I really did not focus on weight loss while training (although I could have been more careful LOL).

Question:  Have you tried any new produce this year?

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9 thoughts on “6-miler and Crispy Fruit

  1. Shelley B

    That’s so interesting that you are now losing again – although I don’t think I’ll ever be in your awesome athletic shoes, it’s good to know that a lot of exercise can hurt weight loss.

  2. Jen, a priorfatgirl

    strawberry plout? Sounds really good! I tried a “plout” last week but I don’t think it was a “strawberry” plout. It was way more intensely red on the inside and tasted nothing like strawberry’s. I’m totally jealous!

    1. Lori Post author

      I assume you can get different butters at Wal-Mart. I don’t shop there, so not sure. I actually made this hazelnut butter. If you have a food processor – you can just grind up your own. Very tasty!

  3. debby

    I love regular pluots. Haven’t found too many good ones this year. Lori, my frig is so full of all my regular produce that it is ridiculous! I just can’t resist good fruits and veggies! One thing that is different for me–because I buy too much fruit–is that I will ‘process’ it–cut it up and freeze it nicely before it goes bad. Then it is ready for my smoothies, which I am enjoying way more than I have in the past.

  4. Susan

    Ha, it’s funny what you mention about weight loss and training for an event. When my roommate decided she was going to run the New York marathon (which she actually got into, yay!) she was excited about losing weight while training. Then she read a whole bunch of books and discovered that it’s actually pretty common to GAIN weight while training! 😛 She’s still lost 20 lbs so far though and looks pretty fab 🙂

    Awesome run Lori!! You are totally inpiring me to get my mileage up 🙂 Cross-bred fruit scares me. My mom used to by it all the time and I would never know what I was biting into! 😛

  5. South Beach Steve

    I have tried some new produce, in fact, I love to try new produce. My favorite new thing has been Pink Lady Apples and Jazz Apples. I have also grown white cucumbers in my garden this year, which have been great. The strawberry pluot looks interesting – I will have to keep my eye out for it.

  6. Kristin

    Nice run! I really need to get my mileage up too.

    New produce is fun. Believe it or not, I just tried dates for the first time ever this past week and I love them! I also tried the white flesh peaches recently, but think I’ll stick with the normal ones.

  7. Ali

    I am such a lurker- I have been reading but not commenting on your blog for a long time Lori! I love it and you are so inspiring!
    I have to tell you that I am currently training for a marathon and my weightloss has majorly stalled. Rather frustrating but something I am learning to deal with.

    Love the blog!

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