Breakfast – it’s what’s for lunch!

Rainy and humid last night, but the morning showed some promise so we decided to go for a light run.  I was not hungry when I woke up (shocking) so decided just to head out the door.   It was so humid, which would have been okay, but then the sun came out and it felt so ucky while jogging!  I told myself I needed to do 2 miles, then I could stop or keep going if I wanted.  John had already pulled way ahead right from the start.  I wanted to be slow because of my hamstring and just resting up for race day on Sat.  After 2 miles, I was sweating so bad my forearms were dripping sweat (eeeewwwwww!!).  Now that is sweaty.  I decided on 1 more lap and then walked one.  Turns out I lost count and actually ran 2.5 miles LOL!  John was counting for me.

Had a lighter breakfast today of waffles and blueberries.


Got right to work and was hungry not long after.  I did not have enough fat or protein with brekkie and wanted something nice and solid in my tummy for lunch.  So my go-to when I want to be full?  Oat bran!  I was feeling nice and cool after my shower and the house was shady in the morning with a nice breeze, so I didn’t mind a hot lunch.


  • 1/3 cup (40 grams)  oat bran
  • 1 small mashed banana
  • 2 tbsp PB2
  • dash of cinnamon
  • topped with a few dark chocolate chips.

Look how melty they get on top.  Sooo good.


Had a fairly craptacular day with work.  I am learning a new account which is really frustrating, plus they upgraded their software which created real problems on our end.   On top of that –  a visit to the dentist today and they have to redo a filling because I may have a possible abscess forming, although we are hoping doing the new filling will take care of that and I won’t need a root canal.   Then I find out that there is some damage to my rental property which needs to be taken care of.  One of those days where you just want to cry, you know?

So – I told John I wanted to go out for dinner.  We dropped off a couple library books that were due today and decided on Rock Hill Bakehouse. Very nice place with a politically outspoken owner.  It’s casual there and very airy feeling:


Flowers at the table:


They serve local everything here and small company stuff (no Coke or Pepsi products!), so meat is okay here.  I ordered the Grandpa Smith sandwich, which is ham, cheddar cheese, granny smith apple, honey mustard served on grilled cinnamon raisin bread.  Yum!


My choice of side was a lemon pistachio biscotti, which I shared with John.


With all the problems earlier and the dental appointment, I am going to be working late tonight, so I had better get back at it.  Sometimes I wish I led this life:


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11 thoughts on “Breakfast – it’s what’s for lunch!

  1. Susan

    Love all your eats today Lori!! I need to try out apple on sandwiches sometime, I’ve been seeing a lot of it lately and it looks so good! Breakfast and dessert are the two things that are great any time of the day 😉 Hopefully you don’t end up working too late!

  2. Shelley B

    Sorry work and such was so not fun today. I’m amazed that in spite of everything, you still got your exercise in and ate right – you go, healthy girl!

  3. karyn

    I am having one of those want to cry days. Took my sons bike in to get the chain replaced and found out he needs a new de-railer (we didn’t notice it had also snapped)and his shocks need to be rebuilt. This is all after just getting it back from a tune-up. Plus, we had to hang around the city all day for the chain replacement just to finally get back there to find out these other probs. By this time I was exhausted and frustrated.

  4. Anne K.

    Sorry about the bad day at work. I hope everything goes better tomorrow! Your oatbran looks fabulous– love the melty choc. chips. Yum!

  5. Miz.

    I laugh that breakfast is FREQUENTLY whats for dinner here.
    My parents are coming to visit.
    staying for 7 nights (!) and Im a little stressed about “do I need to make dinner for dinner??”

    and then I saw this post.

    I shall take it as a sign.

  6. debby

    Wow! Between you and Miz, I feel like I am in good company! I really like breakfast for dinner or lunch!

    And that sandwich looks and sounds FANTASTIC! Rignt this minute I can’t think of a food combination I would like more than that! I think I shall try it for a Sunday treat.

    Can you tell me the difference in taste/texture between oatmeal and oat bran? Does oat bran have more protein?

    I hope you have a nice quiet day today. And a nice race tomorrow!

  7. jinx!

    Great job on the run! Sorry work is being frustrating! Although i must say i have this little envy thing going on where i would LOVE to work from home! LOL!

    You did a great job handling all the stress and still keep the food under control and getting the exercise in.

    Hubby brought home Subway last nite and they were giving out free cookies…..Ugh …….he brought one home!! How could he do that?! At first i told him nnnnnnoooo i don’t dont want it then we ended up splitting it. sigh…JInx!

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