Well, I did my longest run to date!  7 miles!  Here is me early this morning with a protein drink prior to hitting the pavement. Cheers!


I am smiling way too cheerfully for so early in the morning, don’t you think??  I did cover up the hair with a hat, though.

I did a 3 mile loop which brought me back by the house where I grabbed the water bottle and snack I set on the porch and continued down to the high school track for the last 3.5 miles (counting the distance from home to track here).  I had dates with nut butter in a container.

datesI had one after mile 4.5, then I snarfed the rest right when I finished.   It took me 1:24 to do the 7 miles, with a couple water stops.  S…l…o…w…  I actually think I did a smidge more than 7, but who is counting, right?  I have found that jogging at 5 mph is the most comfortable pace for the distance runs.  Who cares if that is a slow pace?  I don’t get tired, I am not panting for breath and I have a good rhythm.  Yay me!

Took the best shower in the world when I got back home.  Usually I eat right when I get back in, but since I munched on some dates, I decided to desweat first 😀

Breakfast was oat bran with some of my yummy banana maple topping with coffee.  Sooooo good.


We went grocery shopping last night and I got some more blueberries finally!  Tired of waiting for the weather and time to pick again (although I am going this Friday, darn it!).   Decided to make my yogurt and cereal with the blueberries.  It’s hot today!


Today is John’s birthday.  He is now 41 – just like me!   Happy Birthday to my bestest bud!  Took him out this afternoon for a yogurt treat (although he got the real deal ice cream).  We rode the scooter there instead of biking.


Birthday boy

I had frozen yogurt vanilla/chocolate twist and had some peanut butter sauce on it since I ran 7 miles LOL!  (Gotta justify, right?)


And yes, it was every bit as delicious as it looks!

I am taking J out for dinner tonight and we are just about ready to leave the house.  We are going to the Irish Times in Saratoga.  I’ll post pics tomorrow.  Hope it is good!

Catch you all later!

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14 thoughts on “7-miler!

  1. Jaimie

    Congrats on the 7 miles! Who cares at what speed you did it? They actually say long slow runs are more useful to your overall speed. Doesn’t make sense, but that’s what “they” say (I’m not sure who they is, I just know I’ve read that several times).

    Also, that yogurt looks amazing. I love peanut butter and frozen treats.

  2. Susan

    Eee! 7 miles!? That’s awesome Lori!! I agree, who cares how fast or slow you were. That’s a serious accomplishment at any pace.

    Ha, I’m not a huge fan of ice cream, I usually only eat it if it’s covered in PB sauce 😛 Hope you and John have fun celebrating! 🙂

  3. Fitcetera

    That is a perfect morning smile … 😀
    Wow, what a great day you had.
    Snarfing snacks, best shower, 7 miles (!!!) yummy breakfast, blueberries!!!
    A birthday … Happy Birthday to a fellow Leo!
    and Lori …
    my god that yogurt snack looks like it could get in your mouth …
    Hope dinner was perfect too.

  4. PTG1002

    Mmmmm….the yogurt looks totally yummy!!!

    Congrast on the 7 miles!I need to hop back on the running bandwagon. Been sick the past few days so I’m getting back on it tomorrow.

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