Da weekend and what’s blooming!

Yay!  It’s the weekend for me!  Still got up way too early.  I just cannot sleep in, no matter what time I go to bed.  Decided against the Y, since it was really nice out this morning.  Upper 50s, a little breezy and dry.  Perfect running weather.  I decided to go on a jog this morning and do 4 miles.  Finished in 42:35  – not too bad.  I must have been going a lot faster after the first mile.  First mile clocked in at 11:15, so somewhere in there I really picked up the pace.

Came home to some oat bran with the maple banana sauce and walnuts.  So good. We got a bunch of overripe nanners at the store earlier in the week, so we have been eating them up like crazy.


Finally got to pick blueberries with my mom!  It was such a gorgeous day.  We kept commenting on how nice it was today.  Big bucket of blueberries:


About 3 pounds worth.  Yummy.  Plus the pint I probably ate while picking 😀

Then we hit the smokehouse to stock up on meat.  We were hungry by this time, so we visited the MilkHouse Cafe in Argyle.  Tiny little place, very dinerish:


Typical greasy spoon menu, although breakfast looked pretty good (too bad they weren’t serving it at that time.

cafeI decided on a grilled cheese sandwich and some clam chowder.  The chowder was excellent!


More garden blooms.


This is really funny  – we carve pumpkins and then sort of compost them over the side of the porch into the garden bed.  Well – lo and behold, we now have some pumpkin vines coming up on the side of the house!  Not sure if the squirrels will eat these or if we will have pumpkins in a month or so.




This is what happens after the clematis blooms die.  Don’t these remind you of truffula trees (Lorax anyone?)


Walkway – all of those black-eye Susans are self-sown. I didn’t plant a single one of them near the path!  I just left them because they looked pretty.  That is the great thing about gardening, there is always a surprise every year.


John is going away tomorrow morning (after we bike to breakfast!), so I might actually get some stuff done tomorrow around the house that really needs it.

Hope you all have a great weekend planned!

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13 thoughts on “Da weekend and what’s blooming!

  1. Pubsgal

    Just had to say that I *love* your garden! And yes, now that you mention it, the dead clematis blooms do look like truffula trees! Cool!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Susan

    Haha, love the Dr. Seuss reference. That would be so neat if you got pumpkins!

    Your oats look wonderful with that banana sauce, mmmm… Enjoy your day off tomorrow! 🙂

  3. Anne K.

    Great job on the run! I love running when the weather is perfect like that–why be stuck in the gym when you can enjoy the outdoors? 🙂

    Ooh that’d be so awesome if you grew pumpkins! Your garden is so pretty.

  4. Jinx!

    Weekend plans?? Work , work, work…..bah humbug! But i’m off next weekend …..aaannndd… there is a two mile run called the Southland Shuffle. 7:30 in the morning so still should be in the 70’s , maybe hitting 80degrees still not too , too bad. May be a good opportunity to stretch these legs off the treadmill. Will be very interesting to see how the legs handle road after a summer of treadmill but it is only two miles so hopefully not too bad. Plus i’m used to running in a 68 degree gym.
    As always love pics of your garden. I have some salvia that resows itself every year. I always keep my eye out for them so if i catch them small enough i can transplant them where i want them. Free plants! I have a variety of sunflower that does that too. They get huge! But we must not have gotten the rain at the right times this year because no sunflowers showed up.

  5. Shelley B

    I love your garden pictures!

    I like it when my husband travels – I seem to get more done around the house without the “deadline” of him coming home in the evening – don’t know why, but I do. Good luck with your day!

    P.S. Love those blueberries!!!

  6. Charyl

    Hi Lori, I have commented on a previouse post before but this is a question completely off topic. I have heard you reference your job as a transcriptionist. Is this correct? Would you mind talking about how one would go about doing this and your experiences (the pros and cons). I am searching for a part time job I can hopefully do at home. If you are comfortable talking about this I would be very grateful for the info. Feel free to use my email if thats more agreeable. Either way, thanks for the fantastic blog. Im always inspired!

  7. Karyn

    If you wouldn’t mind Lori, I would love it if you e-mailed me also with the info I am also looking for a job that I can do at home. I would greatly appreciate it.:)

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