Saturday bike ride and my first bonk

I was a busy bee last night scrubbing the bathroom floor and doing some weeding and driveway cleanup.  My back actually was hurting, so I took a Tylenol PM in the hopes that I would sleep later (plus help my back).  We woke up about 8:30 –  which is really, really late for me!  Cooler weather for sleeping, too – we were in the upper 40s (Last I checked it was still August, right?)  John wanted to bike to breakfast before he went out of town, so I snarfed 2 dates with cashew butter before we left.  I should have had more, as it was a very long time in between those dates and the last thing I ate the night before (by about 15 hours).  The bike ride was 8 miles each way.  Felt fine for the first 7 miles and then  zoomed really fast up a hill.  Smarty me thought it would be a challenge to not change gears and just power up the hill.  Came down on the other side and I felt pretty sweaty, so I unzipped my jacket, but realized that I wasn’t really hot, but starting to feel hypoglycemic.  I thought “Uh, oh, my first bonk.”  Good thing we were pretty much at Panera Bread.  Unfortunately – they didn’t have any samples out like they usually do, and I was starting to get the shakes.  I grabbed my coffee cup and went over to the coffee area to get a bit of milk and coffee in me ASAP.  I started to feel a bit better.  Decided on a white, sweet bagel for the carbs:


Looks like raisins, but it’s not!  Chocolate chips 😀  After about 1/2 the bagel I felt sooooo much better.  Lesson learned.

For whatever reason, I am super productive when John goes out of town.  I managed to mow the lawn, do laundry, roast coffee, vacuum, sweep and mop, play a computer game 😀

I made lunch and was quite hungry.  This wrap has my favorite curry chicken salad in it.   And yes, that is a liter bottle of seltzer.  It was half empty, and being the bachelorette today, I drank right out of the bottle!  Bwhaaa!


It was stuffed full, and I tried to close it with toothpicks.  Didn’t work, so I ended up wrapping it in a paper towel after I dropped some on my lap.  Note to self: remove toothpicks before wrapping.

Plus a raspberry pluot.  Juiciest thing ever!  I actually had to stand over the sink to eat it.  It was very good, the skin was very tart and the inside was very sweet – amazing combo.


Proceeded to get through the above list and walked to the feed store to pick up food for some lazy cat:


Then put my feet up with a latte!


And some of these:


I have a confession to make.  As much as I love to tell everyone to eat real food, I have some secret love for instant potatoes.  I don’t know why, but I like the taste of them for whatever reason.  At the store the other day, these were on clearance, so I got a couple:


Made for an interesting dinner.


I probably wouldn’t buy them again (unless there is a sale 🙂  ), but it was fast, easy and pretty tasty.

Because it’s is so gorgeous out, I went out for an easy 2 mile jog post dinner.  Tonight is Netflix movie night and some more relaxing!

Have a great one!

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12 thoughts on “Saturday bike ride and my first bonk

  1. Susan

    I have yet to bonk, but I assume it’s easy to tell when you do? I can excercise on a full stomach though, and usually do! So that probably helps. Chocolate chip bagels are amaaaazing, and that plum shot is a thing of beauty!!

    You know what I was eating while you were having instant potatoes? Cool whip!! We all have our “secret loves” I guess 😉

    1. Lori Post author

      Haha – the secret lives of healthy eaters 😀

      I felt pretty icky when my blood sugar got low. It was a cold sweat and the shakes. Definitely a different feeling than just being tired.

  2. Carla

    Well I have to say, the title of your post totally caught my eye… 😉 LOL!! Glad you found something to eat, the bagel looks scrumptious, as do the rest of your eats today! Your cat is beautiful!!! 🙂 I’ve never heard of Raspberry Pluot’s, but does it ever look delicious!! yum!

  3. Shelley B

    I’ve never heard of the “bonk” – glad you got through it w/o falling off your bike, or worse!

    Two things: that is the BEST picture of a cat, ever! You should enter it in a photography contest!!! Also, regarding your dinner – we all have our secret loves when it comes to food, and that’s ok, but where’s your protein, young lady?!?

    1. Lori Post author

      My protein was missing (sheepish grin here). I did have a bunch of chicken for lunch, and then I had a protein bar in the evening after my run.
      And yes, Pixie is pretty cute, it’s easy to take pictures of her.

  4. Karyn

    Ha, ha, when you said your first ‘bonk’, I assumed that you had your first biking wipeout! Good thing I clicked on the link to read up on it. I actually had that happened yesterday while doing NROLW. Don’t like it much and will be sure to have something to eat closer to working out.

    Love your cat. Mine has those beautiful green eyes too. I will see if I have a pic of her and post it on my blog.

  5. Fat[free]Me

    I got the shakes a couple of times at the gym after some particularly gruelling workouts and now carry emergency rations, lol!

    Love the look of that plum (er, not the instant mash though!).

  6. debby

    Hate the bonks (never knew they were called that. When I say I hate being hungry, that is what I really mean. I’ve been having some great pluots the last few weeks too. Sounds like a fun day–lots accomplished followed by great relaxation.

  7. lee (journey to fitville)

    Bonking while biking is not fun. I had it happen the first time we did a 20 mile ride. Ran out of gas at mile 18. Now I always carry an emergency energy bar with me. Also drink a little orange juice or a bite or two of banana before I ride in addition to a balanced meal of protein & carbs (like oatmeal w/protein powder). Raspberry pluot – holy cow!

  8. Anne K.

    Ooh, sorry about the bonk. Glad you were able to get some food relatively soon. The chocolate chip bagel looks delicious! Ahahaha, I’ll sometimes finish those seltzer water bottles by just chugging from the bottle, too 😉

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