GT Express and strawberry jam

So slow for work today.  On the bright side, I am getting a lot of projects done today!  With all my blueberries, I knew I wouldn’t get through the rest of the strawberries (we got 3 pounds), especially with John gone.  So I made jam with about a pound of strawberries.  It was so easy!


  • 1 pound of cut up strawberries
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 2 tablespoons frozen apple juice concentrate
  • couple tablespoons of pectin.

Bring to a boil and cook for 5 minutes.  Then mash with a potato masher until the desired consitency.  It made about an 8 ounce jar.

Had to sample – yum!


My folks picked me up and we went out for yogurt!  Mine was flavored with rum and cheesecake.  Yum.


So, a few years ago I fell prey to an infomercial – the GTexpress 101.  We call it the Xbox though – not really sure why, but the name stuck.  I was wanting a grilled type of wrap for dinner, so pulled out the machine from the cabinets!  I kind of forgot about it.  Anyway, I pan fried some broccoli, then added it to the wrap with some cooked chicken breast and some smoked gouda.  Then 5 minutes later – dinner!  It was really good.  Dinner by candlelight.


Stuffed full of goodness!


So,  might get back to weights tomorrow, but not sure.  My Y membership ends on Friday, and not sure if I will have the $$ to start the new membership just yet.

Question:  Have you bought from an infomercial?

And are you ready for some football?????  I am!

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12 thoughts on “GT Express and strawberry jam

  1. Anne K.

    Your jam looks so pretty! Love the yogurt–the flavors sound amazing. I haven’t ever called the infomercial number before, but I bought the proactiv skin care stuff online after seeing it on tv.

  2. Vee

    I actually have the GT Express 101, and love it so much that I got another when I wore it out. Yes, the bad part is they have a short life. We use it almost every weekend to make “pancakes” – gluten-free first for Kids and regular for Hubby and me. Add chocolate chips and banana, and yummers! Hm… I think I know what breakfast is next weekend!

    It was a good thing to buy. But I hate the strings attached (join our recipe club, etc.). I don’t usually buy via infomercial – Hubby bought a nu wave oven that works pretty well, but doesn’t do everything advertised.

    Vee at

  3. Miz.


    and loved it 🙂

    which was bad because it reinforced my “some stuff from the TV works!!” yen for more…

  4. Susan

    Oooh, smoked gouda sounds divine!! So does that jam, maybe that’s what I can do with my gooseberries!

    I’ve never bought anything from TV, although I’ve been tempted!

    My gym membership is up soon too. Ugh! Time to get creative with weights maybe? 😛

  5. Usha

    Loved this strawberry jam, one of the first recipes that I have seen that does not use additional sugar, looking forward to trying this !

  6. debby

    That jam looks great, and sugar free–yay! I think I’ll make some for my dad, who is diabetic. And just so you know, you’re killing me with the frozen yogurt!–just kidding, but all the flavors just sound divine!

  7. Shelley B

    Your jam looks so pretty and EASY to make – I never knew! I’ll have to try some!

    I bought Shamwow for my husband last year (his request) – of course by then you could get them in the stores. He didn’t think they were all that great.

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