Morning eats

Not much to do today, so I am doing an early post!

Slept in again until after 8am!  Of course, I didn’t go to bed until well after midnight 😀

Lazed around a bit and had breakfast at home.  I know Sunday is usually bagel day, but J is out of town and we did go yesterday.  I was debating on running again today, but thought I would just walk after breakfast:


Oat bran cooked with half a banana and topped with cashew butter.  Yum!

Took a walk for 2 or 2.5 miles, not really sure.  I just shot this picture for the heck of it and realized that I kind of like my thighs now!  Yes, they are bigger, but they are very strong and do so much for me – so I wanted to give them some bloggy love for all they do!  (Not to mention I think this picture makes my legs seem long – which at 5’2″ isn’t really true!)


Lunch today was wonderful blueberries, yogurt and Optimum Blueberry cereal from Nature’s Path.  Yum!  Ate on the porch today, which was nice.


Work is very slow today, lots of doctors on vacation!  So,  just puttering around the house.  Will be going out for some frozen yogurt later with my folks.

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2 thoughts on “Morning eats

  1. Susan

    Yum, I love Optimum cereal! Speaking from the perspective of someone with long legs – they aren’t always that grand either! Sitting on a bus or airplane is torture, and I usually end up with bruises on my knees because they don’t fit 🙁

    Have fun getting fro yo with the folks! 🙂

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