Blood donation Day and 4-miler

It was pretty hot and humid this morning, so I decided just to do 4 miles instead of 8 (later this week).  Fueled up with that yummy toast and jam like yesterday.  I could eat 6 pieces of this!  Last of the hazelnut butter.


I was going to shoot for 10:30 miles and I did that for the first mile.  After that, I was sweating copiously.  The sweat was literally flying off of me (gross!).  I noticed my time slowed considerably to an 11 minute mile for 2 and 3, then I picked up the pace for the last mile and finished in 43:45.  I was totally soaked when I finished.  I definitely do not like running in humidity. Lots of water drinking commenced.

Decided to continue the jam and nut butter combo with some oat bran topped with both of those!  Like a PBJ in a bowl.


Today was blood donation day!  PSA – they are really short on A+ right now.  You can visit the Red Cross site to find a donation happening in your area.


They had an interesting snack available at the snack table:


Raisins!  They had the usual cookies and cheez-its, but I decided on the raisins.  Normally I get Lorna Doones, but the pack size is now up to 6 cookies, which is more than I want.  So, decided on raisins.

Did you know that raisins are high in iron?  1 ounce gives you 8% of your RDA.  Broccoli is also high in iron, and you all know how I eat it pretty much every day.  My hemoglobin test  was 13.9  – how about that?  Yay me!  Higher than John’s.  I need to get him to eat  broccoli  (good luck with that….)

Note the Friendly’s coupon for donating this month.  A free 1/2 gallon of ice cream – d’oh!!

We went out to dinner afterwards to  Panera Bread.  I got the Fuji Apple salad, which has chicken, dried apples, gorgonzola cheese, and pecans.  It is quite good!


The laziest cat in the world trying to stay cool in the window:


She’s too big to fit in the sill, but she tries!  I am going to imitate her tonight,  as I get to be lazy for donating blood.  Need to catch up my google reader!

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9 thoughts on “Blood donation Day and 4-miler

  1. Hopefool

    Now I feel bad about avoiding the calls from The Blood Center over the last couple of weeks. I’m A+ too.

    I’m glad you donated.

    That sounds like quite a run!

  2. Susan

    I wish I could see my splits for each mile. I’m a total nerd for workout numbers. I can’t believe you’re doing 8 miles later this week, that’s so exciting!! Sending good running vibes your way (as if you’ll need it)

    Yay for donating blood!! I’m not allowed to, I’m a fainter. But the free raisins sound pretty stellar 😉

  3. Kristin

    Yay for donating blood! I haven’t gone in awhile, but I should do it soon! Looks like they’re short on everything in my area. 🙁

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