8-miler, running thoughts and ice cream

Well – last night was ice cream at Friendly’s!  I got a happy endings sundae with butter crunch ice cream and peanut butter sauce.


It was very good and I enjoyed every bite!  Plus it was nice just to get out of the house for a while.

So, this morning was the 8-mile jog!  Here is me fresh as a daisy before going out.


Well, maybe not so fresh 😀

I fueled up with the other Odwalla bar that John got me before I went out.  This was tasty.  I packed along a POM juice, a bottle of water, and a few dates with cashew butter to have during my run.


Went down to the track to do 32 laps (snore!!!).  Luckily, it was cloudy for 1/2 the run.  I did 4 miles straight, then stopped and drank the POM juice.  I got an instant rush from that (it is straight juice, after all!).  Then I continued on.  The sun came out after that and it started to feel really humid.  I felt like I was running even slower, which wasn’t true, it just felt like it.  Did 2 more miles (6 at this point), then stopped for a date and some water.  I had to really charge myself up for the last 8 laps.  There were maintenance people there working on the football field inside the track and on the school roof – they probably were getting a kick out of hearing me talk to myself.  The last mile was fairly hard, more from the point that I just wanted to be done.  Finished in 1:35:15.  Just about a 12 minute mile pace (or 5 mph). I was so soaked in sweat when I was done, I literally could wring out my trisuit (yuck!!).

Check out the GoWear fit  – it gave a calorie burn of about 1000 for this run.  Even if I knock 10% off of that just for fudging sake (mmmm….. fudge…) that is still 900!  You can see where I took the 2 stops.

gwfAnd yes, I do eat more on days like this.

It got me really thinking about whether I want to do a 1/2 marathon or not.  I know I could probably finish it, but I don’t know if the desire is there to, and that is very important.  When I was training for the triathlon, I wanted to do it and I was excited for it, even though I was kind of scared.  The 1/2 doesn’t feel that way.  I need to mull it over.  I told myself I would decide when I had done an 8 mile, but maybe I need more time.

Had a fabulously refreshing shower and made a late breakfast of chocolate banana oats!


  • 40 grams of oat bran
  • 1 small banana
  • 4 grams of dark cocoa powder
  • spoonful of cashew butter.

Work is really slow today. That’s the downside of doing transcription.  No files = no work.

Lunch today is a tuna/hummus wrap (last of the hummus) and the last pear.  We really need to go grocery shopping!


Neat online giveaway!

Run to the finish -It’s Amanda’s birthday and she is giving away a ton of stuff to a lucky reader!

(Teaser, look for a giveaway on my site next week!)

Lucky me that John fired up the grill and got some chicken going.   He used some Emeril’s seasoning that I got to sample for being a Food Buzz publisher.  The afternoon got busy!


The last of the blueberries, and this was a frozen veggie mix.  Down to the dregs now of everything!

Preseason football tonight.  Are you ready??

Question:  Do you watch football, and if so, what team?  Go Broncos!

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19 thoughts on “8-miler, running thoughts and ice cream

  1. Karyn

    Good going on the laps. I could never do the laps on a track just out of shear boredom! I really need to try the tuna/hummus wrap. It looks delish! uummmm! blueberries!

    1. Lori Post author

      It is kind of boring in some respects, but I actually feel very safe on the track. No worries about traffic, I’m really close to home and I can zone out with my tunes. It definitely has both plusses and minuses.

  2. MB

    I’m a big Pats fan. I live in Boston so I have to route for the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins (3 out of 4 isn’t bad). I’m watching pretty boy Tom right now. Can’t wait for the regular season to start. Are you ready for some football?

  3. PTG1002

    Great job on the run!!!

    It’s funny – how you relate to the half-marathon is how I’m relating to the tri coming up…at this point, I would much rather do another half (or even a full!) than do this tri in 5 weeks. Sad, I know…but it’s the truth.

    Choose what you want to do – maybe go to the Olympic length tri?? (That’s a 6.2mi run!)

  4. Carla

    Wow!! Congrat’s on the 8 miles! That’s awesome!!! Your breakfast looks delicious.. going to try that out! I don’t watch football, but my dh & son are fanatics… Cowboys rule here! 😉

  5. Jinx!

    Always a cowboy fan! Congrats on the 8 miles. You could always run/walk a half like i plan on doing. It really is a wonderful experience even if you just do it once.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I’am gonna work harder to make my blog ‘work for me’ . I want it to be more than just about running and weightloss i want it to include more of ‘my life’ which running and weightloss is a part of. Thanks again as always for your insight. Jinx!

  6. Kristin

    Nice run! I can relate with your feelings on the half-marathon. I’m thinking of doing one in the spring (as a stepping stone for a 70.3 tri in the fall), but I’m just not excited about it!

  7. Susan

    CONGRATS!! You rock my socks Lori 😉 Pom juice is a great idea for a little mid-run energy. I find figuring out fuel for running a little trickier than bicycling because my insides get all jostled around 😛

    Is there a registration deadline for the half marathon? If not, you should just go with the flow. So long as you’re enjoying increasing your mileage with no end goal, then you should just keep challenging yourself that way. Sometimes I work really well with an end goal in sight, sometimes it’s just unwanted pressure!

    Peanut butter sauce is amaaaazing.

    1. Lori Post author

      No deadline on the run – I have until mid-late September to decide. I will at least be doing the 5K at that race, but they have both options available.

  8. Ali

    Great run and your dinner, although simple, looked great!
    Just wanted to ask/mention a few things:
    1) When you started lifting weights, did you notice your weight creep up at all? I have been lifting for a few weeks now and am trying to lose weight. I have noticed that I feel better, and I look smaller around my face, but my weight hasn’t gone anywhere, or if it does, it goes up- just wondering what you thought?
    2) I totally know how you feel about the 1/2. I ran a half last fall and was super excited for it. This year I was supposed to run a full with my sister, and just recently decided to drop out- my heart wasn’t in it, and i was starting to feel pressured to run the mileages. Then if I didn’t, I began to feel guilty, and I decided that wasn’t fun or healthy and stopped. Just a thought to share with you!

    1. Lori Post author

      Ali – my weight stayed the same for quite a while when I first started lifting, but I got smaller measurement wise. It’s not necessarily the pounds that matter, but your body composition. I would rather weigh more and be smaller because of muscle than be flabby thin.

  9. Shelley B

    Great job on the 8 miles! I am so relieved to hear that you were a little bored while doing it – there are times when I’ve increased certain cardio exercise times and I end up being bored out of my head…nice to know I’m not alone. As for the half-marathon, that is such a biggie, I think you really have to want to do it – and it’s ok if you don’t. Long distance running isn’t for everybody. I like how you are trying everything out!

  10. 266

    Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting; the support that I have received these first couple of days has been great! I will definitely be bookmarking you for inspiration. Good luck deciding whether to do the 1/2 marathon or not!

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