Full Bites Giveaway!

Hi everyone!  I don’t have to serve on the jury, but it was close – only by luck of the draw (literally) did I not get picked to sit on the jury.  It took all day to seat a jury, so I was there from 8:45 to a little after 5 pm!

Anyway, on to the good stuff!

The FullBar people have added a new product that is just out on the market and sent me a couple samples:


Fullbites work with the same principles as FullBars:  Eat the snacks 30 minutes before your two largest meals with a glass of water.  The idea is that they will fill you up so that you eat less at your meals.  They come in  Savory BBQ, Bold Cheddar and Sour Cream & Onion.



Ingredients are actually pretty good – and gluten free.


I have to say that I much preferred the Fullbites over the bars.  They are crisp and crunchy.  Almost the texture of Cheetos, but lighter.  The portion size is a good snack size (bulk eaters will probably enjoy these).


Overall – I do really like these.  They were crunchy and fun.  I definitely felt full after about 15 minutes of eating with a glass of water!

The people at FullBar are generously giving a winner a week’s supply of of Fullbites to a randomly chosen winner.

Da Rules:  To enter to win, please reply to this post with how you think Fullbites could help you with your eating plan, and which of the 3 flavors interests you the most.

For a bonus entry, mention this contest on your blog and post another comment with the link to that post.

The winner will be chosen at 12pm on Thursday, Aug 20 (EST) by a random number generator.  Open to all!

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16 thoughts on “Full Bites Giveaway!

  1. Susan

    Dang, am I the first commenter? First never wins! 😛 I remember when you reviewed the fullbar and being really intrigued by it, I’m equally so now!! I think the full bites would actually make for a great, easy to pack snack I can bring to work. I’m also a fan of the protein and fibre in there 🙂

  2. suzanne

    Sometimes i just can’t seem to satisfy my hunger will be interesting to see if these can do it 🙂
    Definitely would like to try the bold cheddar and sour cream and onion!

  3. Shelli

    Just found your blog. I’m so encouraged by your success. I’m excited about your Full Bites Bold Cheddar Snacks. I think the convenience of the snack with the added benefit for when I eat my next meal is a good strategy. I’m a teacher so right after school I just need a little something to get me to dinner. This snack will do the trick.

  4. Shelley B

    Mmmm, I would like to try the Savory BBQ! These would help me curb “snacky” cravings with something that would also fill me up – win-win!

  5. Charyl

    Cool-a giveaway! Maybe this would help me through my most dreaded time of the day (food wise) 3-5 pm. My appetite always seems insatiable then. Being from the south, I must try BBQ. Thanks!

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  7. Lora

    omg these would def help me with my constant snacking and listening to my body more! i am excited to try: the bbq, cheddar 🙂

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