Hot and humid and pineapple!

Boy howdy it is hot and humid!  I was feeling fatigued, so I took yesterday off from doing anything.  This morning I decided to go out for a run since it was early and hopefully not too hot.  Just 3 miles (haha – I can’t believe I wrote that! I still can’t believe I’m a runner).  It felt pretty icky for the first mile, I really do not like running in humidity.  Doesn’t matter if the temp is in the mid 60s – humidity sucks!  And then my battery died on my MP3 player after that first mile, too.  Oh dear!  It was on my pace running from (episode 23, my favorite!), which I was looking forward to doing.  So, I just plodded along and finished.  I’m glad I did it early, though, because it started getting really steamy when the sun broke through!

Came back and made what looks like a boring bowl, but was really quite delicious:


  • 40 grams oat bran
  • 12 grams chocolate PB2
  • 1 small banana
  • 4 grams dark cocoa powder

Delicious!  I let it cool down to mostly room temperature, which seemed to make it tastier.

Pixie said “Don’t bother me, it’s too hot!”


She is so durn cute when she sleeps like this! (Yes, that is my foot – don’t you love my work attire?)

Lunch was something different.  I got some Laughing Cow wedges at the store the other day.  I forgot how much I love these (well, it is cheese, after all!).  I had a hardboiled egg in the fridge and decided to make a mini bagel toasted with the cheese and the egg sliced on it.  Really good!


Okay, I am now in love with a new bar – the TLC pumpkin spice bar!


It’s not a protein bar, so at least it isn’t packed with soy.  The topping is made from dates, I can tell the flavor, plus pumpkin and spices on a softish granola bar.  Yum.  Paired with my latte.

John grilled up some chicken for dinner, and I was cutting up the pineapple while sauteing my broccoli.  I had a great idea to add the pineapple to the broccoli, then chopped up the chicken and added some Country Bob’s sauce.


Can I tell you how amazing this was??  I swear that fresh pineapple and canned pineapple are almost 2 different fruits.  They taste so different.

Pretty flowers I got from the garden.  I am trying to clear a path so people can actually walk through the path LOL!


I liked the pineapple so much that I am having a snack with it while I write this post 😀


Tomorrow I start my first day at my new gym.  Went today and got signed up.  It was a little testosterone heavy while I was there in the late afternoon – so I for sure know to avoid it at that time!  I asked when the least crowded times are, and  I should be safe around 7am.  This gym has a definitely different feel than the Y.  Guess they need a lady around there to show them how it’s donelifter

Storms are rolling in, so better sign off!

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Question:  What do you do different for exercise when it is really hot out?

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13 thoughts on “Hot and humid and pineapple!

  1. Susan

    Ha, sounds like we’ve got the same weather again! Jeez louise, I am not built to deal with this heat! (or the cold really, I’m a bit of a temperature Goldilocks) Love the looks of that bagel sandwich! And no bowl of oats is ever boring 😉 Have fun at your new gym tomorrow! I’m a total geek and think playing around at new gyms is really exciting 😛

  2. Shelley B

    Ooh, the pineapple added to your chicken and broccoli sounds wonderful! And thanks for showing the picture of the TLC pumpkin bar…it looks really good.

    I am so used to exercising in the heat now, I wonder how much more effective I will be once it finally cools down – like in November. I just drink a ton of water. A ton.

    Good luck with your new gym – I am toying with the idea of joining one so I can run on a treadmill for longer than I can do with my trainers. Still kinda intimidated by the whole “manly” aspect of it, though.

  3. debby

    Ha! Well, you know what I do when its hot, Lori–I swim! Plus the gym is either air-conditioned or they have enough fans blowing to make it very comfortable. I have to admit the walking has fallen way off this summer-its too hot and dusty. Poor doggies. They aren’t complaining too much, though.

    Yeah! Guess what I am having for dinner tomorrow night? Already got the chicken pre-grilled in the freezer, and already got a fresh pineapple that I was planning to cut up tomorrow! Brocolli, here I come. BTW, I have had a strange hankering for brocolli lately. Could it be someone’s persistant brocolli photos??? Yeah, and THANKS for the photo of the TLC bar (that was a sarcastic tone) Now I want one of those, and I am staying away from those types of bars for now.

    Is that cottage cheese with the pineapple? I don’t think I”ve seen you eating cottage cheese. Plus, doesn’t the pineapple make the dairy sour or something? I am always worried about that.

    1. Lori Post author

      That is cottage cheese with pineapple. And you are correct – you don’t see me eat cottage cheese plain hardly ever. I am not a fan of it’s texture, but it sounded good with pineapple. I normally only eat cottage cheese in my protein pancakes, so it’s always in the fridge at any rate. I didn’t seem to curdle it or anything. I know that there are store brands of pineapple cottage cheese out there, so maybe it isn’t even an issue at all.

  4. Anne K.

    Love the oatbran! I need to buy some again. And that pumpkin spice bar looks amazing! I gotta try those. Glad to hear a good review 🙂

    When it’s really hot out, I go to the gym or workout in my house. I also used to figure skate a lot. Swimming is another good workout, if you’re a good swimmer (I’m not!)

  5. JInx!

    Oh i do envy you your work attire! LOL!I’ve wracked my brain for years for a stay at home job that would allow me to leave my current one. Ah well…not meant to be i don’t think.

    And storms…Yes! I do love some thunder and lightning. Many times hubby and i will turn everything off, open all the blinds in the living room and cuddle on the couch just listening, anticipating the first rain drops.

    Hope your new gym works out. I’m sure it will. I haven’t tried that Body Weight Matrix yet. Am i suppose to run through it more than once?Jinx!

    1. Lori Post author

      Jinx – the body weight matrix, if you can, do it 3 times. Time how long it takes to go through once, then rest for twice as long as that in between sets.

  6. Miz.

    and glad yer that lady to show em how to do it!

    when it’s hothot I just stay inside.


    stationary bike.


  7. Kristin

    You show those men how it’s done! It’s been disgustingly hot and humid here too. I’m still working out outside though, usually in the evenings. Although, during the weekend I try and get up early to go before the sun is too high.

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