Go Glamour!

Woke up to cooler weather this morning, so thought I would do a 5 mile run.  My legs are actually a bit stiff from yesterday’s strength workout, and I won’t even talk about my upper body and abs (thank you plank!).

Preworkout snacky:  Mini wheat bagel.


My goal was to finish in under 55 minutes. Did 3 miles pretty easy, then realized it wasn’t so cool after all and the sun was out.  Actually, it wasn’t all that hot, but it was still kind of humid.  I took a water stop after 3 miles then proceeded with the last 2.  My time was much faster for the last 2 miles as I pushed it to come in under 55 minutes, as I was not going to make it based on my time after 3 miles.  However, I managed to finish in 54:33!

I was soggy when I got home.  I am getting so tired of having to wash my exercise stuff every day – I need to buy some more things!  I just love jogging in my trisuit, though – best.purchase.ever.

I saw John had some coconut out for his waffles, which gave me an idea for breakfast:


  • 40 grams oat bran
  • dash of coconut extract
  • small banana
  • 20 dark chocolate chips
  • 2 tsp peanut butter
  • sprinkle of unsweetened, toasted coconut.

Tasterrific!  Those chocolate chips were 1/2 of a serving (which is 1 tablespoon), so about 35 calories.  That is almost 2 calories per chip.  Pretty scary, huh?  Love them, though!

Got right to work.  Lots of files today.  I have to say that I do not like my backup account very much.  The account rules are almost the opposite of my main account, so I have to really slow down to do those files.

Stopped for a yummy lunch:


Fried egg sandwich on a toasted Arnold sandwich thin spread with Laughing cow.  Nummy!

Props to Glamour for putting this woman inside their magazine:

Isn’t she fabulous??  This is what real people look like, and it is so refreshing to see someone ‘normal’ grace the pages of a magazine dedicated to glamour!  And how happy does she look?  This photo got such a positive response, that I can only hope that it becomes the norm and not just an attempt at creating a buzz.  I’d almost (maybe) buy the magazine if it didn’t go against my too-much-paper ideals.  Annoyance factor that she is considered plus size….. at size 12.

What we need is for teen magazines to start putting pictures of real women and girls in their issues to help stop eating disorders and body dysmorphia before it starts!

It almost gives me hope.

Back to the food now!  I made the most yummy salad for dinner:


Grilled chicken with a chopped apple and some feta cheese on a spring mix base.  Dressing was a POM wonderful vinagrette that I have made before.  This was fresh and yummy.  Sort of my home take on a fuji apple salad from Panera.

Football is on tonight!  WooHoo!  I may bake some biscotti and play with a new recipe to hopefully post tomorrow.

Question:  Would you rather see real woman in magazines and on TV, or do you like to escape reality when you read or view the tube?

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17 thoughts on “Go Glamour!

  1. Roxie

    I’d much prefer to see real women in magazines and on TV. The only women’s magazine I read anymore is More, but if Glamour is doing things like the above on a consistent basis, then I might consider them again for the now-and-again magazine. I do agree that showing more real women would help with body image problems in today’s youth (and semi-elderly). Yay for body positive messages!

  2. South Beach Steve

    I am probably not the gender your question was aimed at, but I will tell you that from my perspective I would be thrilled to see the models who define what the next generation sees as “perfect” be much more like this lady than the ones we currently see.

  3. Pubsgal

    I’m not much of a magazine reader, either, but I’d prefer to see real women. (Hate to say it, but a tiny voice in my head wondered, “Is that photo airbrushed, or does she also naturally have gorgeous skin?”) Honestly, though, how can size 12 be considered “plus size,” except in the screwy world of fashion? I never saw a size 12 label in the plus-size women’s stores I used to shop.

    I just tried oat bran after seeing you post about it so often here. (I had been using rolled oats, then tried steel-cut oats and loved them, but didn’t like the price so much…love the oat bran!) I don’t know if you like milled flax seed, but I find that it tastes good in oatmeal and adds a really good fiber+nutrition boost. I haven’t been brave enough to try it with chocolate chips, though, because I’m afraid I’d ALWAYS want it with chocolate chips!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Lori Post author

      I do like flax seed – I make the 1-minute muffin recipe that is floating around out there. Yum! I should try it in my oat bran some time instead of nut butter for the fat. And yes, chocolate chips are really good melted into oats!

  4. Shelley B

    That Glamour model is amazing…and she has my stomach! And since I’m a size 12 (which is NOT plus-size, thank you very much, Glamour), that makes me feel pretty good about myself!

    I would much rather see real-sized women on TV and in magazines – especially in magazines, so when they model clothes I can actually see how I might look in them!

  5. debby

    Wow, my friend Jill posted a blog about this topic–real women, etc. And I was just thinking about this yesterday at the pool. Even the nicest looking girls look NOTHING like the models that we have been ingrained to think have the ideal body. Man, ‘they’ have done a real number on us.

    I am skeptical of the magazine posting one picture like ‘look at us, aren’t we great for being so open’ or whatever. When that becomes the norm for the magazine, then they will be doing something. Right now, it is just an attention-getting novelty act.

    BTW, as always, your oats and your salad just look fantastic! I enjoyed my chicken, broc, and pineapple the other night! What kind of sauce is that Bob’s stuff that you use?

  6. Jinx!

    Thank you so much for your encouragement on my blog. I’m sure i will surprise them one day and hop on a tractor. Maybe by next spring i will have lost the next 20 pounds and feel the confidence to do that.

    Love me some chocolate chips. You can suck on them and savor them one at a time. Yum.But then they started to get away from me and i was eating waaay too much of them so i stopped buying them unless i’m going to bake something.Your doing so good with your runs girl. Very rarely do i bring my watch.I don’t get timed unless i’m running a race. Sometimes i’ll bring it along just for a progress report. But its too easy for me to get wrapped up in the number.

    Its like i’m determined to put myself in this little box or ‘jail’ so to speak.At first i was locked inside a 250 pound body but even now i just found a different box. Now the box consist of a certain number on the scale or number on my stopwatch.I just want to be good to myself and enjoy life. So i hop on the scale about once a month and do the same to timing my runs. As long as the clothes are fitting good and i feel like i’ve pushed myself on my run then i’m happy. I want to be able to trust myself without having all the numbers input.Jinx!

  7. Jinx!

    Sheesh! Got off on my soapbox and didn’t even answer your question…
    Yes! i would like to see ‘real ‘ women in magazines. And on Tv all i require is they can act! LOL!

    I’ll tell you what though i’m not convinced todays youth has a body image issue. Have you seen what the young girls are wearing?? whether they have the figure for it or not doesn’t seem to matter. They absolutely love to wear those lo rider jeans and tight shirts and are so out of shape its not funny its scary. Nearly every single one of them has a jelly roll. Hey i admire the self confidence or is it just blindness when they look in the mirror??? Jinx!

  8. Miz


    although I do get tripped up at the notion the Glamour model is plus sized.
    but babysteps right?

    Next stop: true plus sized women of color?

  9. MB

    Nothing better than seeing REAL women on tv and magazines. I think women with curves are much sexier than tall skinny sticks with lollypop heads.

  10. Susan

    Awesome job on the run Lori!! I hear ya on the dirty clothes! I can’t wait until I’m in my new place – I won’t have to use coin machines there 😀

    I love that picture too. However, I think it’s also really important to put REAL women in men’s magazines too. I think a lot of women hold themselves up to this unattainable standard based on what men expect them to be. Men need to understand that not all women look like Playboy bunnies.

  11. Barb

    Real Women…without a doubt. I do struggle with the concept of size 12 being plus size. I can’t yet imagine my body at a size 12! I’ll be doing some major celebrating and I won’t consider myself plus!

    Lots of yummy food going on. Ohio State Fan? Us too…hubby went there.

    1. Lori Post author

      Actually, not an Ohio fan. I almost went to college there, and bought a cup while I was visiting campus because it had my name on it 😀

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