Humidity gone!

Finally, the humidity and heat is gone.  It was in the upper 50s when I got up and I was actually looking forward to going out for a run!  Snacked on a couple dates with PB.


Trundled on outside and started jogging.  The plan was to go 4 miles, but that didn’t happen.  My thighs were so tired that I had to keep taking walk breaks!  I was not out of breath or anything, but the legs just didn’t want to go.  Ever have days like that?  It tends to happen to me when I do squats the day before (like I did yesterday).  I ended up doing 3.25 miles and called it a day.  It was so nice out, too!

Breakfast was banana oat bran topped with some PB2 that I did with a little extra water to make it more of a sauce (with cafe au lait!).


Got an early start to work, which means finishing early – yay!  Lunch break was another X-box omelet.


1 egg plus 2 egg whites and some feta cheese.  It comes out so fluffy and perfectly cooked.  Guess I do like this machine LOL!  I really should use it more.

Pixie usually sleeps at my feet, but today she sacked out on the couch.  It almost looks like she is on a cloud and she looks so comfy!


John made me a latte this afternoon plus one of my whole wheat biscotti.latte3

Ended the work day on a bummer note.  I try not to let my work affect me, but sometimes the stories are very sad.  My very last file I did was about a man who was just diagnosed with late stage lung cancer.  He had no idea he was sick, but had an upper respiratory infection with some shortness of breath, so they did a chest x-ray and found out he had lung cancer.  No symptoms.  And he had just gotten married in February this year.  The doctor spoke about how she counseled the patient that curing his disease was unrealistic, but they could try to delay the progression.  Ugh.  I just felt so bad.  You just never know.

I almost wish I could work a little more to not have that be my last file, but can’t do overtime.

Dinner was kind of lunch-like.  Chicken wrap with some laughing cow cheese and spring mix.  I really love spring mix in wraps – it is so much better than iceberg or romaine.  Lovely strawberries!


I have my post weeding snack all ready to eat.  Just wanted to take a picture and upload, so it is unwrapped.  This is a Special K chocolatey pretzel bar.  Pretty good.   90 calories.  It is a little dinky, though 😀


Hmmm….. most of my pictures are blurry today.  What is up with that?

I am going to go out and enjoy this gorgeous evening in the garden!

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9 thoughts on “Humidity gone!

  1. Susan

    Ugh, my job affects me sometimes too. I see a lot of emotional things unfold in the courtroom sometimes. It’s hard not to get wrapped up in it!

    3.25 miles still sounds fab to me 🙂 Weight lifting isn’t so bad on my running, but it screws me for biking. Maybe because I haven’t worked up strong cycling muscles yet. But squats can make even coasting on flat ground the next day gruelling!

    I love the colouring of your cat, she’s gorgeous!

  2. Kristin

    Sorry about leaving work on a bad note today. I used to deal with that a lot at my old job, when I worked at a veterinary clinic. Not quite the same, but I know how sometimes it sticks with you. Tough!

    Usually weight lifting only gets to me if I try and run immediately afterward. Waiting even a half hour usually helps though. Your run sounded great anyways! 3.25 miles is still awesome!

  3. Shelley B

    What better words can you hear in August than “humidity gone”?!? How nice for you…think of us sweltering Texans as you enjoy your normal weather!

  4. Miz.

    for some reason the mere layout of your posts relax me (I know this reads weird :))
    the size of the pics.
    the terseness of your words.

    all relaxing to me.
    (because this is all about me, yes?)

    1. Lori Post author

      Well – that’s a good thing LOL! I am trying to decide if I like the bigger pictures, or the smaller ones.

  5. Janet

    That happens to me sometimes too with the running (I’m currently training for a half-marathon in September). With me it’s not muscles, I think it’s no fuel in the tank. It often happens to me when I try to go running after work (before dinner). I just run out of gas. When I run in the morning, or within an hour or so of eating, I’m fine…

    I eat a Special K bar every day after my lunch. They are good, but I agree I wish they were bigger (for the same calories, of course!! LOL)…

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