Feeling like fall and goal thoughts.

The temperature dropped into the 40s last night – holy crow!  Fabulous sleeping weather.  It feels kind of fall-like, which is my very favorite time of year!  Woke up and laid there for a few minutes trying to decide what to do this morning.  I decided on a run.  It had just cracked 50 degrees, which is optimum running weather (for me anyway).  Here is me dressed for success – I can’t remember the last time my forearms were covered for exercise!


Oops, no shoes!

I decided to do 6 miles in 2 stages.  One was the Dunkin Donuts loop, which is actually 5K (no, I didn’t stop LOL).  Did that in 33:46.  Not sure why so slow – I had pace music on.  Then I stopped by the house to get my water bottle and a few dates that I put on the porch.  I do that so I won’t be tempted to stop altogether if I actually go into the house to get this stuff.  Walked down to the track and then did 3 more miles.  I felt like I was pushing those, and got the time down to 31:52.  I don’t know if the dates did it.  It’s weird how I can be under 30 minutes on race day, but at home is much slower and I feel like I am running the same speed.  Sometimes I wonder if strength training might be slowing me down some.  But, it’s not speed, it’s distance for me. 😀

I still got fairly sweaty, even though it was cool – but a nice warm bowl of oatbran was made when I got home.


  • 40 grams oat bran
  • dash of cinnamon
  • 1 small mashed banana
  • topped with Chocolate PB2 made with a little extra water to make it runny
  • toasted unsweetened coconut
  • not pictured – I sprinkled a few dark chocolate chips on there.

I just love breakfast.  Yum, yum.

It’s colder today (high of 69), so I got out my pants after they have been put away for several months.  I was a little concerned because I put on about 6 pounds from springtime with all my triathlon training (and eating) and I thought the size 8s would be a little uncomfortable, but they slid right on.  Scales can be frustrating things, can’t they?  I don’t know why I want the number to be a certain one.   I don’t know if I need to readjust what I think goal is for me or to keep chugging away.  I have been a bit complacent since I do feel pretty good, although I see that I could continue on losing in a healthy way and not be too thin.  I’m just not sure if the desire to lose more outweighs the contentment I feel right now.  Does that make sense? Some days it does, some days it doesn’t.  And I think that desire must be there to make the changes necessary to lose.  Is that a happy place?  I’m not sure yet.

Dinner was a yummy chicken burrito made with some laughing cow cheese and hot sauce!  Plus a different fruit – kiwi!  John said my plate was too green LOL


I am excited tomorrow for a long bike ride.  I am foregoing the weights in exchange for a bike ride to Lake George (30 miles round trip).  Normally this would be a Saturday trip, but it is supposed to rain on Saturday and I want to go, even though John is working.  High of 69, too!  Cool weather, great for outdoor activity.  I can always lift weights when it rains 😛

Question:  Which is your favorite season?

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16 thoughts on “Feeling like fall and goal thoughts.

  1. MB

    I think you shouldn’t worry about what the scale says. If you are eating healthy and staying active, who cares what the number is? You look amazing and get or stay at the weight you feel good at not some number you have to struggle to maintain.

    My favorite season is definitely winter. I love the crisp fall air and amazing foliage ’cause it means it won’t be long ’til the snow flies.

    Enjoy your bike ride tomorrow.

  2. Susan

    Temperature has been the same here, I love it! My favourite season is probably spring though. I love those first few warm days right after the long, cold winter. Fall is great too, but I don’t like how it just continues to get colder with each day 😛

    I totally get what you’re feeling in terms of weight loss. Peronally, I feel like if I worked harder at eating perfectly, then I could finally get down to that dream body size. But at the same time, I don’t want to limit myself to the point of unhappiness! In my opinion (although, I don’t think you asked for it 😛 ) I think you should start going by other numbers than what’s on the scale. The scale is great for that initial weight loss period, but once you get closer to your goal, it becomes a less reliable method of measuring your success. Body measurements, body fat %, how your pants fit, are probably better indicators for you right now 🙂 (oh yes, and how you feel in your own skin!!)

    Have fun in Lake George!

  3. Shelley B

    I love Spring in Texas – everything is greening up and blooming, and the temps are perfect w/very little humidity. It’s a nice break before the onslaught of summer.

    I’d tell you not to worry about a number on the scale, but lately I’ve been doing just that myself…I think the closer I get to “goal” the more I focus on what the scale says rather than how I feel. Congrats on your size 8s still fitting comfortably – that’s a great indication that you are doing it right!

  4. PTG1002

    It’s been pretty cool here as well, which is a little nice when you have to run and exercise.

    Great job on the running and eating. :o)

  5. Barb

    I love fall! I had my 2yo with me tonight while my hubby took the 4yo to a football game. We had a picnic dinner outside and played in the yard. It was so much fun.

    Your dinner looked good…but I have to agree that it was a great plate. 😉

    You are cute as can be going out for your run! Great job!

  6. runnin4fun

    I do the same thing. If the weather is nice,I take advantage of it and run. Weights can wait for a bad weather day. Nothing like running(or biking!) on a beautiful,sunny,moderate temp day! Have fun on your bike ride!

  7. Diane, Fit to the Finish

    I love the actual fall, but I really don’t like the winter. So, spring is my favorite season, except for the tornado possibility. Looking at what I wrote I think I actually like summer the best!

    You have built up such muscle that that scale probably isn’t a good indicator of anything for you right now – proven by your small pants!

    Congratulations on the runs. I always go faster when I do a race than at home. I think for me the excitement of the 5K makes me go faster?

  8. Miz.


    love when we get blogger pics.

    the scale thing? YOU KNOW MY THOUGHTS but Ill sprinkle in a few anyway.
    we want muscle.
    muscle makes our bods burn fat so much more rapidly.
    muscle weighs more than fat.
    we dont need no stinkin numbers—-we need to check in with ourselves and see if we are growing more COMPACT.
    see how our clothes fit.

    your small pants fit.
    we dont need no stinkin scale 🙂



  9. Kristin

    I love APPLE season! So, I guess that means I like fall best. 🙂 I’m really jealous of your weather, it’s still hot as hades here.

    Ditto everyone’s comments on not worry about the number on the scale so much. I’ve been struggling a bit with that lately too, because “x” number of pounds on the scale looks so much nicer than “y”. I just think that we’re constantly bombarded by people touting weight loss when really it should be fitness gaining. If you need a number check, maybe you could find out if your new gym can check your body fat %.

  10. Carla

    First, you look awesome!! 🙂 And your running inspires me to no end!! Sooo awesome!!

    It’s been cool here too, definitely jeans weather, but we didn’t get much of a “summer” here this year anyways. I love the fall though, definitely easier to exercise when you can breathe! lol!!

  11. Dawn

    I agree with Mizfit, it’s about how we feel. I know too more muscle means I can eat more because my body burns more *smile*. Way to go on the running, 6 miles is terrific.

    You know I’ve come by your blog often but don’t comment enough so I’m going to try to change that. You really are an inspiration to me.

    Feeling comfortable with ourselves and being healthy is the goal I think so sounds like you’re there.

  12. Jinx

    Any season but summer! And summer is almost over. Even though it last longer here than most anywhere i still think the worst of the heat is over.

    I know exactly what you mean about your happy place. I feel good where i’m at. Its not where i wanted to be. Would love to lose about another 20-30 pounds but i’m in a good place. Content with my eating and exercise.

    Do you ever think that living ‘the’ lifestyle but shed off those last pounds without actively trying just living the life???Might take longer but whos in a hurry?? JIxn!

  13. Fran

    Hi Lori,

    Found your blog through Moralia’s.

    You’ve really come a long way and you don’t look like a 41-year old. Hope you’re going to say the same about me since we’ve got the same age.

    I like your blog and submitted it to my google reader.

    My favourite seasons are Spring en Fall, I don’t like the summer very much.
    I’m glad that fall is coming, makes running less difficult for me than when its hot.


    1. Lori Post author

      Thank you so much! Who doesn’t love being told they don’t look their age?? (Maybe because I don’t act it either LOL)

  14. South Beach Steve

    Fall is my favorite season too – I love the cooler, dry weather, the smell of burning leaves, the colors, the list goes on and on.

    I think it is so hard for us to get past scale mentality. We are fed the story that there is a number on the scale that is right all of our lives, but in reality, realizing what that number is, is a much harder task that many realize. There are so many factors, not the least of which is lean body mass. The key is that the 8’s still fit. That says it all.

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