Le ride!

It’s my weekend.  Yay!  Another chilly night in the 40s.  It’s crazy!  No gym this morning, but could I sleep in?  No!  I woke up at 6am…. sigh.  Then I just laid there for an hour trying to make myself get back to sleep LOL!

Fueled up for my ride with protein pancakes and blueberry sauce!


Extra good on a cold morning.

This is the shirt that I got the other day for $10 at TJMaxx!  It’s a New Balance.  I loves me a bargain.  John proclaimed this his favorite outfit!


Side note: Did anyone watch Project Runway last night?  Doesn’t this shirt look like the bowling ball dress? LOL!

I new that I wanted a sweet treat at the lake, so that meant packing a lunch and not buying something there (even though I love the little Indian place there).    It was a nice ride, maybe a little breezy, but nice and cool so I didn’t get really sweaty.

Arrived at the lake and ate on the dock.  I had a tuna/hummus wrap, Food Should Taste Good Chips and applesauce.  Except I forgot a spoon!  Good thing it was kind of drinkable 😀lunch16

View from my wrap:


Since I was by myself, I could dawdle around the stores and did a lot of window shopping.  Riding a bike is good shopping control, as I couldn’t carry much home in my bag!

Lots of flowers blooming today, including a bit of globe thistle.


And this little bumblebee hard at work.  Look at all that pollen on his legs!



Was hungry for a snack at this point!  I wanted a latte, but knew there was another stop on my agenda first:


I decided on an almond danish.  I was like a cinnamon roll, only with almond filling.  Yum.  Then I picked up a skim latte (hey, gotta save somewhere, right?) and sat at the beach and enjoyed:


There was latte art on this, but it disappeared as I walked to the beach!

I then biked home, the harder of the 2 ways because you start with a 2 mile climb uphill!  John actually met me at the frozen yogurt place on the bike path, although I didn’t get anything there.  It was nice to have him accompany me the rest of the way.

30 miles done!  I remember last year how I was so scared to bike to the lake and how tiring it was.  Now it’s no problem.  The hills are still tough, but it is a fun ride!

We decided to try a new place for dinner.  Kind of like a local Denny’s.  They serve breakfast all day, so you know I wanted to go there!  I decided on an omelet made with eggbeaters.  It was so tasty!

dinner19 The home fries were very good and not too greasy.  The wheat toast was buttered, though.  Didn’t stop me from eating it!  We so bad wanted a piece of pie, but I had already eaten a danish, so had to say no.

This is what my day looked like activity-wise:

gwfNow it’s relaxing time with Futurama and probably some football!  Hope your day was as great as mine was! 😀

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10 thoughts on “Le ride!

  1. Shelley B

    How amazing, to do a 30 mile bike ride and have such a wonderful time! You live in a lovely area, Lori – it looks like it’s filled with charming shops and cafes…I’d love to live somewhere like that.

  2. Susan

    Sounds like a wonderful bike ride!! I think you did a perfect job of treating yourself, but knowing when to pass on other treats. Plus, I bet that danish was great fuel for the ride back 😉

    LOVE the new workout outfit!! I’ve become a total sucker for technical gear. Once you give up cotton, you can’t go back! 😛

  3. Fran

    Wauw you’re day sounds great, great pictures and beautiful environment.

    May I ask how you got that summary of your calories burned over the day?

  4. Michelle @ A Shade of Gray

    What a great day!

    Love the pic of the bee with the pollen on his legs – I have never seen that before.

    I used a Bodybugg last year when I lost the bulk of my weight. I saw your activity graph and thought, hmmm, that looks familiar! 🙂

    And finally congrats on the such a great bike ride – 30 miles is amazing!!!

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