What’s blooming and challenge to myself.

Gorgeous Sunday here, absolutely gorgeous!  And I have to work LOL!  Although it has been really slow, so I am getting stuff done around the house.  Went to Panera Bread for our ritual bagel:  Asiago cheese here:


Then grocery shopping.  Lots and lots of good stuff, including some new Chobani  greek yogurt flavors:  Pomegranate and Pineapple.  You’ll see those this week.  I was so excited to find them.  I think I embarassed John about how excited I was to find them.  Or maybe it was my dancing to the store music 😀

And these were in and on sale!


So, I after some thinking and pondering, I decided that part of me is just being a baby about getting off the last bit of weight.  It’s because I love food ( ya think??), and tend to not want to limit myself.  I think the possibility of going to Cancun in January also makes me want to work a bit harder. I won’t have to do much, just trim back some of the extras for a bit (like those little cinnamon rolls!).  In general, just tighten up the food.  The exercise portion is totally fine.  So, I decided I am going to give myself a challenge to lose 4 pounds during September.  Those long-time followers know this is going to be hard, I am the turtle queen even when things are going well LOL!

Anyone want to join me in a personal challenge for September?  It doesn’t have to be weight loss; it could be exercise, or eating more whole grains, keeping your desk free of clutter, or saying something positive to yourself each day.  We can just check in once or twice a week here to be accountable.

Lunch was a deliciously sweet/tart kiwi with a grilled wrap stuffed with chicken and cheese spread and broccoli (yep, broccoli at lunch today, not dinner!).


John made up some homemade chocolate sauce, so I had to have some on my latte today.  We have a squeeze bottle for it so I can make pretty patterns. For those curious, we drink 1% milk at home.


Met with one of my tenants today (the good one) and he gave his 30-day notice to leave as he is buying a house.  I am a little bummed since he was such a great tenant.  Always on time with the rent, very polite, etc.   Will be speaking with the other tenant in a few days to see what he wants to do.  If he wants to move, I will probably try putting it on the market, but I imagine he will get a room mate and stay.  Anyone want to buy a house? LOL.

It was so nice out that I took a run before dinner.  I just wanted to do 2 miles and hopefully get under 10 minutes for each mile.

Total time:  19:20  (9:40 per mile).  I was pretty happy with that (and sweaty).

sweatyWe were going to make a vegetarian chili for dinner, but I was hot and sweaty, and I wanted something lighter and cool for dinner.  So yogurt, cereal, and berries it is!


Starting to get some fall blooms in the garden!








Mums will be blooming soon.

Question:  Anyone up for a personal September challenge?

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22 thoughts on “What’s blooming and challenge to myself.

  1. Shelley B

    I’m in for the September challenge! Two reasons: Hawaii in October(!!!) and I’m getting so close to THE magical weight-loss number (shhh, it’s like Voldemort, who can’t be named). I’ll go for four pounds as well – sounds doable!

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  3. MB

    I’m up for a challenge. I need to exercise, eat more whole grains, keep my desk free of clutter, and say something positive to myself each day. It all sounds good.

  4. Miz.

    Im in in in for a challenge.

    we need to share?


    I mightcould be running a race.
    if I can ever get my daughter to SLEEP so I have enough energy to run PERIOD 🙂

  5. Susan

    That’s a lovely picture of you! Looking good while sweating is a pretty good talent to have 😉 And yay for getting your goal time!! Funny, I find trying to go fast on my short runs SO much harder than shooting for distance on my long ones…

    My mother may kill me if I lose any more weight 😛 BUT I do need a challenge. This month, I really want to start making more things from scratch at home. Like bars, big meals, condiments, etc. I find I’m starting to slip into relying on convenience foods too often and being in a new kitchen will hopefully be some good motivation!

  6. Carla

    I’m definitely up for a challenge! Just gotta figure out what! LOL!!!

    Your Latte looks soooo good! I’m a coffee freak, so everytime you post one of your fabulous coffee pics, it makes me salivate! lol!

    I’ll post my challenge goal tomorrow!

  7. Fran

    I’m in for the challenge: lose 7 lbs in September and work out 5 times a week.

    Your flowers are beautiful. Summer is over here and so are the flowers 🙂 Have to wait till Spring before they bloom again.

  8. Pubsgal

    I’m definitely up for a challenge. I’m doing the weight loss challenge over on “Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans”; in their challenge, one donates the weight-one-loses-in-food during a 7 week period to one’s local food bank. This “one’s” goal is to break through to the 170s. I’ve been working the 180s like a teeter-totter since February.

  9. debby

    Lori, I have been thinking about this since last night! I didn’t want to put a goal that is unrealistic, and fail. And I didn’t want to put something that I am doing already! But I think I have come up with a good goal–to get back to 155.5–back to the original 100 pounds that I had lost originally. That will be about 4 pounds I think. I’ll know when I weigh in tomorrow!

    Your 4 pounds will be a lot harder than mine. But at the rate I have (not) been losing weight, this will be hard enough! I am excited about this!

  10. Barb

    Four pounds in Sept sounds like a good number to me as well. Well, technially 4.2 from this morning’s weigh-in. That will put me at a 120 pound loss. I will be on vacation in Williamsburg, VA for one week of the month so that in itself will be a major challenge…especially with a hubby that chooses not to eat healthy and not to exercise.

    I think Sept is going to be a great month for all of us! 🙂

    1. Lori Post author

      120 pounds – wow!
      Vacations can be challenging, especially when your partner isn’t watching what they eat!

  11. Kristin

    Count me in for the challenge! I’m going to stray from the weight loss goals and focus on being consistent with training for my tri in two weeks, a 5K the following week and increasing my mileage in running after the tri.

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