NROLW and beverages

Happy Monday!  Nice to see all the personal challengers for this month.  Let’s do this and reach our goals!  I might see if I can scrounge up something and pick a random participant at the end of the month 😀  I’ll do a check-in post once or twice a week so we can root each other on.

Chilly morning today as I biked to the gym.  It’s still August, and it was in the 40s last night!  I finished up stage 4 of NROLW today.  I will do 2 more days of random lifting though, as I want to have an even round out to the week (I am dorky that way).

  • Dead lifts:  1  x 8 55 pounds, 1 x 8  65 pounds, 1 x 8  75 pounds
  • Split squats 3 x 8  35 pounds
  • Underhand lat pull down  1 x 8  60 pounds, 2 x 8  70 pounds
  • Reverse lunge with forward reach  3 x 8  10 pounds
  • Prone cuban snatch 3 x 8  10 pounds
  • Crunches, reverse crunches, lateral flexion  3 x 8
  • Prone cobra  3 x 2 minute hold

I am very pleased to be able to do the cuban snatch with 10 pound dumbbells.  It took some time to work up to that!  After this week, 1 week off from weights and then stage 5!

I was thinking about PB2 this morning since I am going to order during their sale.  (I’m almost out!).  I decided to incorporate it into pancakes this morning.   I made my usual protein pancakes and made the following topping:  1 serving of PB2 made with an extra tsp of water, 1 well mashed banana.  Mix and microwave for about 20 seconds:


I was going to put some cocoa powder into the pancake batter, but forgot – so I sprinkled on some dark chocolate chips.  This was quite good.  I think it would be awesome with real nut butter and not the PB2!

Work was a little slow before lunch, so I helped John with the business.  It’s amazing how much more activity I get doing that than sitting on my butt doing transcription.

Lunch was something different.  I decided on a tuna melt.  Topped with smoked cheddar cheese and put under the broiler.  Smoked cheese doesn’t melt really well, I think it is a bit dry for that.  Tasty, though!


I love cheese!

Work got very busy after lunch, and I should get an early start tomorrow since there is so much extra!  Good thing as it is my niece’s birthday tomorrow and we are going down for cake tomorrow evening.

Quick turkey chili for dinner.  Put some coconut oil in a pan and sauteed some cumin seed with onions and green peppers, added 1 can of chopped tomatoes and 5 ounces of chicken breast, chili powder and a 1/2 cup of cooked mung beans.  Simmered for about 15 minutes:


Very good.  Speaking of good – these chips are Food Should Taste Good Lime chips.  Perfect with the chili. I was happy to find those at the store!  So tasty!  Also there is a bowl of strawberries peeking out there. 😀

Went to K-mart tonight to get something for my niece.  It is really hard shopping for a 10 year old!  We feel totally inept since we don’t have kids.

It’s football night tonight.  Last night my sad Broncos struggled against the Bears.  Why they ever let Cutler go, I just don’t get it!

So it’s snack time:


Measured out into 1 serving:


These are very good!  Yum, yum!

Regarding our trip, I think we might be leaning towards Cancun.  Ireland would be great, but probably not in January!

I had someone ask me what I drink other than coffee 😀

I do not like artificial sweeteners, so that  cuts down on the possibilities for me.  I drink a lot of water, and a lot of seltzer water.  I also drink hot tea in cooler weather. Plus ice tea if I am out at a restaurant.  I rarely drink juice.  I have found most restaurants that serve soda can give me a glass of soda water with lemon in it.  I really don’t think I could have sweetened drinks with meals ever again, I have really grown so accustomed to unsweetened beverages that it tastes weird when I try one.

Overall a good eating day.

Question:  Do you drink diet sodas?

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12 thoughts on “NROLW and beverages

  1. Barb

    Yum! More pancake topping ideas for me. 🙂 Yours always look much prettier (and bigger) than mine…but I love them just the same. I just got my best friend hooked on these too!

    I rarely ever drink diet soda. I’m a hot tea, iced tea, green tea, Crystal Light, and Water drinker. I do use Splenda as a sweetener.

    Gotta think about my Sept goals!

  2. Shelley B

    I don’t do diet sodas anymore – haven’t had a diet Coke in probably close to a year now. I drink tons of water, some unsweetened iced tea, club soda now and then, and coffee.

  3. Kristin

    I can’t wait to get to the later stages of NROL4W, they look so interesting. I’m getting impatient with Stage 1.

    I do drink diet soda, but usually only when I’m traveling and need caffeine. I don’t drink coffee anymore (sacrilegious, I know), so diet Coke is the next best thing.

  4. Jinx!

    You guys make me feel so unhealthy! But yes i drink alot of diet cherry pepsi, at least 2 20oz bottles of plain water a day, two cups of coffee in the morning with equal and i split one creamer between them. Usually equal sweetened iced tea at restaurants. I’ve started drinking some flavored no calorie waters and fuze low calorie juice. I think i have a nice variety. I don’t mind the artificial sweetners. Gives me more options. 🙂

    Thanks for your comments Lori on my blog. They really mean alot to me. Jinx!

  5. debby

    Yes, darn it! I still drink diet sodas. In fact I’m drinking a diet rootbeer right now. Still not doing caffeine, so no diet coke this week. I really try to keep it to one a day, and I don’t drink soda on the days I work, so not that much. Otherwise, just good ol’ water, and of course, coffee, when I get back to it.

  6. MB

    I used to have a daily Diet Coke habit. I got off the Diet Coke drip last summer and have to say I haven’t really missed it. Unfortunately, it hasn’t had any positive effect on my weight loss but I’m sure my body is happy not getting that daily dose of chemicals.

  7. Susan

    Smoked cheese is sooo good!! That’s one thing I’ll never turn down if offered!

    I’ve never been a pop (or soda, as you yanks call it 😛 ) drinker. I’m a wuss, and always found the carbonation hurt my tongue. As for sweet drinks, I found they always left a gross aftertaste in my mouth because of the sugar. So I’ve always been a water drinker. Except for beer and lattes, which is where I used to get all my liquid calories from!

  8. Carla

    Your pancakes look sooo good!! YUM!!

    I don’t eat/drink anything with artificial sweetners in them.. sooooo gross! lol! I’ve never liked “fake” food, so just steer clear. I’d much rather have a glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice.. YUM!

    I posted my self challenge for your 30 day challenge on my blog today! Hope you’ll come & take a peek!

  9. Pubsgal

    I “never say never,” but it’s been a long time since I’ve drank soda. I used to have a fierce Diet Coke habit. I usually drink tea (hot or iced), coffee, Crystal Light (or sometimes homemade Splenda lemonade), or water. Sadly, I discovered how tasty some of the little drink mix powder sticks are, and they have them next to the tea at my work, so I probably drink more of those than I should. (Although, when I drink the fruit punch ones, I find myself wishing for some rum to put in them! 😉 )

  10. Karyn

    I have maybe one a day. I go through spurts where there is no soda in the house at all for a few weeks and then hubby will buy some and that’s when I will have one a day.

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