Bagel day and the kitty

Well – I had success last night with the cupcakes.  I planned on having 1 and a cup of coffee, and that is what I stuck to!  I really wanted a second one, but it was the start of my September challenge and needed to be on the correct foot. It was a small cupcake, too 😀


No weights this morning as I had to drop off Pixie at the vets at 8 a.m., which is smack in the middle of normal Wednesday weight lifting.  So, we  decided just to bike to bagels this morning.  I’ll do some weights tomorrow instead.

On the way there, we saw some turkeys!  I think it was a mom and a few little ones.


Got to our usual place where I had my usual multigrain with maple cream cheese!  Yay!  It was tasty.  I was really hungry.


Lots of work to do today.  All the doctors are back from summer vacations, so the work is piling up.  Guess that is a good thing 😀

I was excited to try the Chobani pineapple yogurt for lunch.


I opened it up and found that it was fruit on the bottom, which I don’t care for too much (it’s way too sweet for me).


This yogurt really had a tasty pineapple flavor, but it’s too sweet.  I mixed in some Kashi Heart to Heart (love).

So, it was a little depressing at the vets office today.  I have shown you pictures of Pixie’s giant feet before.

pixShe has 7 toes on the front, but she also has extra toes on the back feet, which is pretty unusual.  The problem is that some of them are deformed and the claws grow really funny.  The vet recommended I get her declawed to prevent ingrown claws and infection.  She also has this problem on the back feet with one toe (yes, she is just weird!).  I have been putting it off because I really didn’t want to have her declawed, but I have to put her best future interests ahead of my own feelings.  So she was taken in today to have that done.  She will be gone for 2 days!  Although we will go visit her tomorrow.  As if I didn’t feel bad enough, the receptionist handed me a card that Chloe was due for her rabies shot this month.  For those of you who don’t know, Chloe was my 18-year-old cat who passed away at the end of March.  I realize that I had forgotten to tell them that she had passed away, as I took her to the cremation place which is at a different vet.  Of course, they wanted to talk about what happened, as they liked Chloe a lot (she had spent a chunk of time at the office in the last year and a half).  I kept my composure there, but started crying as I walked home.  That kind of put me in a funk today.  Now the house is all empty.  I really miss both of the kitties.  At least Pixie will be back on Friday.  It’s amazing what pets can bring into your life and the hole they leave when they aren’t there.  I am not going to fill that with food, however.

Snack with afternoon latte:


Not Raisinettes, but Craisinettes!  They are covered in milk chocolate, but I had a coupon and really wanted to try them.  Very good.  Too good.

Dinner was another grilled wrap.  Don’t you love getting into food ruts? LOL.


This one was the usual broccoli, laughing cow, and chicken, but I added a little A1 sauce to it.  Yum, but a bit messy.

Did some shopping at Dick’s tonight where I got some new lifting gloves!  I’ll take a pic tomorrow of those.  I think I might get some running shoes with more of the gift certificate money, but I can’t decide.  So, we went out for coffee 😀  Decaf Americano:


I was going to talk about coconut water today, but I will save that for tomorrow since many of you probably didn’t even make it down this far LOL!

Hope all you September challengers are getting off to a great start!

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13 thoughts on “Bagel day and the kitty

  1. Jinx!

    Aaaaww…..kitty will be home soon. What a unique kitty with all those toes! And i’m so sorry about your other kitty. Wow though 18 years! You must have taken very good care of Chloe.

    I have my Jinxy boy and he may very well be our last cat as hubby has become allergic to most everything. Right now i can’t imagine us catless. He brings us so much joy. Have a better day tomorrow sweety! Jinx!

  2. Shelley B

    Poor little Pixie and her toes! My cats have both been declawed and they are perfectly fine, so try not to worry too much about your baby. Sad to be reminded about Chloe, but it’s nice that they wanted to remember her with you. A compassionate vet is not always easy to find, so it’s nice that you have such a good one!

    I’ve been wanting to try the Chobani yogurt – one store in town sells it and I just haven’t made it over there yet.

    Please post pics of your new gloves! I need a better pair and have tried on several pairs, but haven’t been able to commit to any of them yet.

  3. 266

    I made it to the end! Sorry your house is kitty-less for a day or two; I love my cat and totally understand (she’s getting old too… grr). I love my food ruts too, by the way, so you’re definitely not alone on that front.

  4. Susan

    I just had a homemade breakfast, so that’s on par with my challenge 😉

    Poor kitty 🙁 I didn’t know the vet had to keep them for declawing. And 18 years is a long time to have a pet. Geez, that’s like a child! No wonder you were so upset yesterday. Hope today is better! A sweaty weight lifting sesh with new gloves should help 🙂

  5. Diane, Fit to the Finish

    Poor kitty. Our other cat was declawed, and she recovered well. Our current cat is indoor/outdoor so he has big claws. They are good for keeping the mice and moles under control and out of the attic!!

    The food looked great!

    1. Lori Post author

      I have heard of those cats! Other than being pretty far from Florida and knowing she came from a feral colony – I doubt she is famous (she is cuter, though 😀 )

  6. Michelle @ A Shade of Gray

    Poor Pixie. Glad to hear she will be home tomorrow 🙂 We are pet people too and completely know what you mean by missing their presence.

    We have wild turkeys in our neighborhood. I have been seeing them a lot lately. A little terrier was chasing them in a meadow last week and I saw a huge flock of them fly away. I had never seen that. It looked like it took A LOT of effort for them to get airborne LOL

  7. Pubsgal

    I hope Pixie is doing well. I can understand not wanting to declaw her, but it sounds like it will be better for her in the long run.

    And I’m not sure if I’d commented before, but I’m sorry about Chloe. That must have been awful to get the reminder card from the vet. Our cat is 17 this year, and it makes me sad every now and then to know that there are fewer years ahead than behind her. So she’s being a little extra cherished, although she’s been pretty pampered all along.

    1. Lori Post author

      Thanks, it was hard just because it wasn’t expected. Chloe had a great life, and we loved having her in our life. We certainly spoiled her more and more as she got older. 🙂

  8. SeaShore

    Well done with the one cupcake. It looks yummy.

    I hope Pixie is doing well at the vet’s and home & happy soon. I have a kitty with double paws on the front, but not the back. We have to be careful to keep the inner toe claws trimmed, but fortunately his are pretty easy to get to. I understand your feelings about declawing, but it sounds like the right choice for Pixie’s health.

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