Rest day and bike path.

Had a great night last night with some nice street music.  I was pretty beat by the time we got home.

Met my parents at Panera Bread for breakfast and I forgot to take a picture of my blueberry bagel, but know that it was tasty!  Then did some grocery shopping.  We saved $11 in coupons today!

I thought I wouldn’t be working much today, but turns out I was quite busy!   That’s always a good thing.  Took a break for some lunch and had Chobani with cereal and strawberries.


Such a nice combo.  I also tried a new tea (bought with coupon!):


This was good.  It was less cardamom and more peppery with cinnamon.  The hang tag saying was odd, though:


What is that supposed to mean?

I am feeling quite tired today.  I do have difficulty taking a day off, but my legs especially are tired today.  It’s also hard because after a long bike ride, I have a tendency to be really snacky the next day.

We are pretty lucky to have bike paths around here.  There is about 20 miles of trail to go on.  Not all of it is paved, though.  There are chunks that are gravel or just dirt – so that is one reason why I would have trouble with just a road bike.  It’s fine for the 8 miles of paved path, but not the rest.  Some of the path is just a bike lane on the main road, which is not a place I like to ride, but you have to go on some to get to the path.  It is marked with a bike sign to let drivers know to share the road, but I had someone last week yell at me to get on the sidewalk?  What’s up with that?  It can feel very vunerable on the bike sometimes.

Anyway, there are so many beautiful things in this area to see and do.  We live in a small town, and not all is good (Fort Edward is a superfund site – thanks GE), but we enjoy it.  We do plan to move probably to Glens Falls in about 3 years or so.  I would love to live right on the bike path!

So, I am normally scheduled for work on Mondays, so I have to work.  Guess that makes it truly Labor Day!  😀 Not sure if it will be busy or not.

Question:  Plans for Labor Day (US peeps)?

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9 thoughts on “Rest day and bike path.

  1. 266

    I think it just means everything in moderation. For example, biking is a healthy activity, but can end up tiring your muscles and potentially damaging them.

  2. Anne K.

    I am stumped on that tag saying! But 266’s idea sounds like it’d fit. Definitely never heard that saying before, though.

    That’s too bad you have to work tomorrow. I hope you still have a good day!

  3. Susan

    Ha, I’m working today too and was thinking the same thing! Celebrating labour day with a little labour 😉

    Arg, don’t even get me started on drivers. I often get people honking at me to move to the gravel shoulder so they can pass me. But they don’t understand that I’m on a road bike, and going on the shoulder is more dangerous for me!! Next summer, I’m getting a commuter bike that I can do more leisurely stuff on 🙂

  4. Lara (Thinspired)

    Is that Heart 2 Heart Kashi? Love that stuff 😉
    No clue what that tea message is supposed to mean! Perhaps Miz has it right…
    I wish we had today off here in the UK, but our 3-day weekend was last weekend. Hope you enjoy yours!

  5. debby

    For nurses, a 3 day weekend has a different meaning. It usually means we get paid extra to work a ‘holiday.’ So if I am off on a holiday like today, it is usually life as usual for me. And I always wonder what the big fuss is about. But I don’t have the experience of working 5 days a week and only having 2 days off at a time. I’m just glad a few people are blogging today so I can get my fix!

    Lori, when you exercise so much one day, and are snacky the next day, do you think it is your body needing to re-fuel, and allow yourself to eat a little more that day? I’m just wondering, because my brother mentioned that to me. But it is always difficult to ‘allow’ myself to eat more. I mean I might eat more by mistake, or unplanned, but to plan and allow for it, I find difficult.

    1. Lori Post author

      Debby- I think that is it, but I have to be careful not to eat too much, as I do have extra food on the days that I do exercise more. I’m still in the learning curve on this one.

  6. Kirsten

    I’m an acupuncturist, so I can solve the mystery of the tea saying! Liver and Spleen are terms in Chinese medicine, along with the Heart, Lungs and Kidneys. They represent functions of the body, not the literal organs. It is important to keep the body in balance, and not go to far in any direction. For example, sour foods are good for the Liver (which regulates emotions, especially anger). But overdoing sour foods (like citrus, lemon juice etc.) can damage the digestive system (the Spleen). Your commentator who said ‘all things in moderation’ is right!

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