A few of my favorite things

Happy Labor Day!  I didn’t realize it was celebrated in Canada as well.  Silly me!  I decided on a nice long run today.  Fueled up with an Arnold sandwich thin, pb and jam.  2 tsp of pb actually goes pretty far, but I would love to slather it on!


I did 6 miles today.  The track was really quiet since it is the holiday.  No traffic, either.  Felt like an early Sunday morning.  I ran 4 miles listening to Sweeney Todd, then took a break and ate 3 dates and did 2 more miles to the Batman soundtrack.  It was movie music day!

Came home to my layered blueberries and oat bran.  This is so good.  It is almost like cobbler.


It is really slow with work today, so we are actually getting things done around the house.

Lunch was tuna and lemon hummus, carrots, a plum and 2 strawberries.  John had the strawberries out and asked me if I wanted some.  I already had the plum on my plate, so I just said I wanted a couple.  His response “I don’t think you have ever had just a couple strawberries.”  So I proved him wrong 😉


I got the idea for this from Susan the other day about noting what things in your home bring you joy just in their existence.

Here are few of mine (other than the living things that reside here):

I love this lamp.  John and I both love stained glass and tiffany-style lamps, and my parents bought us this as a housewarming gift when we bought our first house back in Illinois about 7 years ago.  It was the first thing we brought to the house after closing.


Handpainted plates done by my great grandmother.  I love the detail on these plates.


My plumerias.  John bought these for me as dormant sticks on a trip to Disneyworld years ago, and they have survived all these years!  They are awful big, though.  They lose all their leaves in winter and grow them again come spring.  It is a nice signal change. Some years they bloom, some they don’t, but they smell divine when they do.


My triathlon bib.  It is still on the fridge!  I still can’t believe I did a triathlon!  This thing makes me so happy.


And of course, my garden.  I just love it and how different it always looks and the wildlife that enjoys it as well.  Taken this morning is another large pumpkin blossom.  And yes, that is a bowling ball in the garden.



Homemade pizza for dinner on a Flatout wrap.  Canadian bacon and pineapple.  This was delicious!  I had to break out a big plate to eat it 😀


Question:  What little things bring you joy?

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10 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things

  1. Susan

    I love that lamp!!! Funny, some days it occurs to me that I did a triathlon, and I hardly believe it!

    Right now my new waffle maker is bringing me joy. I can’t wait to use it in the morning! 😛

  2. Annabel @ www.FeedMeImCranky.com

    Ooh what a lovely question and one that really aims to make us appreciative and grateful, eh?! There are pictures in my room which really bring me happiness every time i look at them. seeing all the books on my book shelf really makes me feel strong and accomplished knowing all i did with them. seeing my guitar, though i haven’t touched it in a while, fills my heart with music and reminds me not to let go of my passions!

  3. Shelley B

    My dog brings me joy on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. I know there’s other things as well, but I’m a bit distracted thinking about making a Hawaiian pizza for dinner tomorrow now that I’ve seen yours!

  4. PTG1002

    Great question – I’ll have to go into it on the blog as well. ;o)

    But, to give you the short answer – looking at my framed wedding photo makes me happy, because it reminds me of all the excitement of our day. My running shoes. Climbing into bed with cool sheets. My dining table centerpiece with wine corks and candles. And my daughter (of course!).

  5. Fitcetera

    layered blueberries and oatbran … my goodness that looks and sounds good.

    the things that bring me joy are my bookcases full of books, my garden, the birds that visit, looking at the moon and stars, my cat Molly, all your pics!

  6. debby

    The blueberries and oat bran are VERY distracting! And the flat out pizza–I haven’t had one of those in ages!

    As far as material possessions that bring me joy? Too many to mention. But you bringing the question up makes me appreciate them more!

    Of course, my doggies bring me a lot of joy!

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