No caffeine woes

Got up this morning and decided on a jog/walk combo.  No weight lifting this week as it is my rest period.  I’ll be biking tomorrow, so a wog seemed like a nice change.  Did 3 miles this way.

Came back to banana chocolate oats!  These were good.  I haven’t had the banana oat bran in a while.


I have my mammogram Friday, and since it is my first and they want a baseline, I was told no caffeine for 72 hours prior.  Waaaahhhhh!!!   I usually drink decaf at night, but never in the morning.  So, made some decaf that we got at the store.  It just isn’t really good decaf.  I should have gotten decaf green beans and roasted them myself.

I cannot stay awake to save my life today.  No headache, though, thank goodness.

Lunch was a yummy combo of 1/2 cup pumpkin, vanilla chobani greek yogurt and Kashi Heart to Heart cereal.  Great combo!


I have been having a hard time even keeping my eyes open this afternoon.  Do you ever get like that where you physically can’t keep your eyelids open?  I need a couple toothpicks or something.

Afternoon latte was decaf 🙁


John drizzled a little chocolate syrup on it – yay!

But the side snack was good:


Pumpkin bread that I made the other day!  With 1/2 whole wheat flour.

I had someone email me asking about how I stay in control with food.  Well, the truth is – I don’t always.  I struggle sometimes (sometimes a lot).  I quite often have to ask John to put things out of reach for me if I find myself continually snacking on something.  I’m still not sure why that is, and I don’t really know if there is an answer to it.  I kind of have a feeling that my body genetically wants to be heavy (obesity gene) and it tells me to eat more than I need to be eating in order to gain weight back.  That’s the reason I don’t trust intuitive eating for me, at least at this point.

Dinner was a quick egg sandwich on an arnold thin with a laughing cow wedge.  My meals have been so easy lately – they are probably boring you LOL!


Snack tonight is more decaf tea and a clementine.  My tag was a little easier to understand today and seems appropriate 🙂


Thanks Mr. Lincoln!

And on one last note, Pixie is doing better.  She is still tender on her feet, and I feel bad watching her try to knead, because she keeps starting and stopping because it hurts.  She is a happy convalescent, though – check out this face:


Dont’ forget to check in for the challenge if you haven’t done so!

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9 thoughts on “No caffeine woes

  1. Susan

    Ugh, when I don’t drink coffee in the morning, I feel like I’m in a fog for the rest of the day. I often do it if I have to be in bed really early, without it I fall asleep immediately! 😛

    Roasting beans should be my next homemade experiment in my new place. Or rather, my new deck 🙂

  2. Karyn

    Your dinners look amazing to me. LOVE broccoli. I wish I could eat oats. Oats make me gain weight like crazy. But, your banana, chocolate oats look SO delicious.

    Glad your kitty is doing better. She is so gorgeous!

  3. Shelley B

    I was never told to restrict caffeine with my mammos – even the first one. Just lay off the perfume and deodorant (poor tech!). Good luck with the squishing!

  4. Fran

    I think I would have a hard time when I couldn’t drink my morning coffee, even though it’s for a good cause.

    Food looks great as always!

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