September challenge check in!

Can you believe a week of September is gone already?  I do not know how time can be so fleeting.

How are you doing with your personal challenge for the month?   I’ve decided to give a little motivation for the challenge.  As most of you know, I roast coffee beans.  I will draw a random challenger at the end of the month and send them a bag of fresh roasted coffee!  If you are chosen and don’t like coffee (  :O  )  we’ll figure something else out (tea?).

The only catch is that you need to check in for the challenge during the month.  It doesn’t matter how you are doing so much as being accountable for checking in. We are all going to have ups and downs, and sometimes when you are in a down – that is when you need to check in most!

I have had a pretty good start to the month.  My personal challenge is to lose 4 pounds by Oct 1.  I have lost 0.8 so far.

I’m pretty happy with that.  I certainly can use a little more restraint on weekends.  That’s always a toughie for me.

How are you all doing?

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13 thoughts on “September challenge check in!

  1. Shelley B

    Checking in…my eating has been great except that I could stand to add in more vegetables. My husband was gone all last week – we had dinner together last night – and he’s gone again until Sunday (combination of trips and a boy scout campout) – and then he will be on travel AGAIN the following week! So obviously I’m going to have to supplement my standard “eat alone” meals with some salad or broccoli. Other than that, exercise is good. I probably won’t weigh myself until this weekend – try to limit it to a couple times a month, for my own sanity.

    Good job being down nearly a pound – you are right on track!

  2. debby

    Dang, Lori! You had that great frozen yogurt, AND you lost .8 pounds! Maybe if I have some frozen yogurt today, I’ll lose more next week LOL! Anyways, today is my regular weigh in day, and I am happy enough with my .4 weight loss. Gotta keep at it though!

    And hand-roasted coffee??? Could you dangle a bigger carrot in front of us?!

  3. Susan

    Congrats on the loss! 😀 This is a perfect time for a check-in for me, because I’m doing really well! My goal for the challenge was to stop doing “food preparation” and start cooking more real meals. Except now I’m just living off leftovers 😛 I think going to the market this week helped a lot, it gave me wonderful and inspiring ingredients to work with. Definitely going to keep that up!

  4. Dawn

    I missed where you talked about a September challenge but I could definitely use one to keep me moving forward. I’m with Shelley on needing more veggies so I’ll make some stir-fry tonight for my lunches the rest of the week. Way to go on the 0.8 lbs!

  5. Karyn

    I am glad you started this challenge. It has definately helped to get my back into my workouts and I feel great. I have also been on track with my eating for the week. If I go by my wii fit weigh-in, I have lost 1.2 lbs since the start. Official weigh-in will be Monday at work.

  6. Pubsgal

    Tomorrow is the week 2 weigh-in for me, so we’ll see. So far, I’m off track a bit…hopefully, it’s just a sodium glitch. The weekend was challenging, but I’m back on track today.

  7. Barb

    So far so good here! The scale is bouncing around a little right now with the monthly hormones and food cravings. Seriously…I felt like I could not get enough food in my body this weekend. It was tough, but I managed. I’ll be traveling much of the next two weeks so food and exercise will present a bit of a challenge, but I am determined not to let myself go backwards. I will have a good time, enjoy myself and make good choices!

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