Bagel day and brussel sprouts

You know what Wednesdays are!  No lifting today, so John and I just headed out on the trail to downtown.  It was much earlier than normal since we just got up an went.

The decaf here is so much better!


Plus my nummy bagel.  I know food shouldn’t make you happy, but it does for me sometimes 😀


Day 2 of decaf is going well.  I am not nearly as tired today, and still no headache, which is shocking.

Singularly frustrating day with work today.  The AS team was messing around with the software, which causes glitches that end up interfering with productivity.  Lower productivity = lower pay.  Argh!  One of the large downsides to working on production.  I can earn varying amounts in an 8-hour day depending on the quality of the dictator or software glitches.

Tried a different thing with my wrap today.  I made my usual tuna and hummus wrap, but added cucumber to it.


It definitely was different.  I really noticed how sweet the cucumber was, which I had never really thought about before.  Still working on this box of clementines, too!

For dinner I made another egg sandwich, but no broccoli tonight! LOL!  I did a variation on Alton Brown’s brussel sprouts recipe.


I shredded it and pan sauteed it with some coconut oil, salt and pepper, and topped with dried cranberries.  Really good!  Even John liked it.  I think the texture of this is the most appealing, as well as the sweet/salty with the dried cranberries.  I actually think I must enjoy the cabbage family most, as broccoli, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts are some of my favorite veggies.  How weird.  You would think that someone who didn’t like vegetables much would like a different family of them!  Brussel sprouts were a food I never in a million years thought I would eat, let alone really like 😀  Thanks to my commitment to the Great Veggie Experiment, I have added some things to my repetoire.

Another good reason to eat from the cabbage family?   Studies have shown that the phytochemicals in them can possibly help prevent some forms of cancer!

Question:  Have you ever tried brussel sprouts?

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18 thoughts on “Bagel day and brussel sprouts

  1. Ishmael

    Wow — all that food looks great and super healthy, but I would be *starving* all day long! How do you work out so much and eat so lightly? It doesn’t even look like 1200 calories to me — but maybe I’m wrong. I’m crap at calculating these things.

    1. Lori Post author

      That isn’t all I ate – don’t worry. I just didn’t photograph my snacks today. Not included was a slice of pumpkin bread, a latte, a kashi bar and some dates.

      1. Ishmael

        Hey Lori,

        Am so glad you told me that! I was looking at your very lovely, beautiful meals and thinking that I must be really really voracious in comparison to you b/c I would be so hungry eating those amounts. I’m glad to know that I’m not abnormal, thanks!

  2. Barb

    I think brussel sprouts scarred so many of us as kids that we are scared to try them out as adults. I have become much more adventurous with veggies lately. I roasted sprouts last week with some balsamic and garlic. They were ok. Didn’t love them, but will continue to test them out now and again. I like the sounds of Alton’s recipe. Will have to test that out.

    You got me to try out dates. They are a yummy little snack. Never ever would have thought to put some PB on them. Yummo. You are helping to expand my horizons. Thanks!

  3. MB

    I never really liked brussel sprouts but you make me want to try them again to be sure. I like almost every other vegetable except squash.

  4. JInx!

    Absolutely LOVE brussel sprouts! Any way you cook them. Can eat a whole package bymyself! Little salt..nummy! There are very few veggies i don’t like, like lima beans..i can choke them down if they are in a soup or something but definaely not alone. Don’t like swiss chard, or alot of the greens in southern cooking. Don’t remember trying turnips. And sweet potatoes love them out but have yet to make them at home and like them. JInx!

  5. debby

    You know I loves my brussel sprouts! That looks like a great new way to cook them, too! I love the combo of sweet-salty. I used to crumble a little bit of bacon into them, and add a bit of brown sugar–YUMM! Have you tried jicama, Lori! It might be a good alternative to the cucumber in the sandwich. Seems like it is crisper, might not make the sandwich soggy. I’m not a cucumber fan…

  6. Shelley B

    I love brussel sprouts – they do take a long time to prepare compared to other veggies, but yum, they are so worth it!

    I finally bought some Flatout wraps the other day and have a wrap made for lunch today – now I’m wishing I’d thought to put some cucumber in it…looks good!

  7. Karyn

    Do you make your own hummus? Recipe? Or is it store bought? Your tuna and hummus sounds delish!

    I should try that brussel sprouts recipe. It looks and sounds good. Both hubby and I love brussel sprouts!

    1. Lori Post author

      Store bought hummus. This one is Cedar’s lemon hummus and it is one of my favorites! I should make my own, but I am lazy. 😀

  8. Michelle @ A Shade of Gray

    We love brussel sprouts. My fave way to eat them is lightly steamed and then halved and sauteed in EVOO, garlic, salt and pepper.

    My British hubby always has them on the menu on holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

    I have been eating those Orowheat Thins lately too although I think I prefer my Thomas’ 100 cal English Muffins … 😉

  9. Susan

    I love brussel sprouts!!! I’m a fan of the cabbage family too, but I think I like root veggies the best. Except for turnip. Turnip is the one vegetable I refuse to ever eat!

  10. insideiamdancing

    I used to think I hated brussel sprouts until I tried them roasted- now they are one of my favourite vegetables! Just cut in half, spray with oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake for 30 mins or so 🙂

    (bagels make me happy too!)

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