5 miler and football!

I am surprised at how many of you actually eat (and like) brussel sprouts!  Yay!  Makes me wish I had bought more.

Run day today and since school has started, I don’t run on the track in the mornings.  I don’t think they would appreciate a sweaty woman skulking around the school yard.  I thought about waiting until evening, but then I remember tonight is opening night for FOOTBALL!!!!  Yes!!!

Anyway…..  preworkout munch:


Pumpkin bread.  Delicious.

I decided to do a hill route, as I have not done that in months.  Whew!  2 miles of flat, then a 5K hill run.  There are a couple levels of hills, one tiny one to get started, then down a big hill, which is really hard on the legs to not go bum over teakettle.  Then back up a hill, smooth for a tiny bit, then a long gradual hill.  My legs were a little rubbery by the time I finished the 3rd one.  Finished in 57:00, which is slower than I would have liked – but I ran up all the hills, so that was good!  Listened to the entire soundtrack to Planet of the Apes (Elfman).  Fun to run to.

Came back and bumbled around the kitchen making breakfast.  Do you have those days?  It seemed to take me forever, but part of that was J and I both making breakfast at the same time.

In celebration of kickoff tonight, we had cafe au lait in these cups!


Plus protein pancakes.


My precious blueberry stash is getting lower.  Just a couple pounds left.  Did I seriously think these would last into the winter? Duh….

Had a craving for something salty for lunch – think it was the run and sweating, so I made another flatout pizza.


I’ll be working late tonight.  With the holiday week, it’s slow so files haven’t come in until later.

So, it was time for a snack!


And some freeze dried apples.  Crunchy yum!


It’s feeling like fall out!  More truffula trees.  This clematis just won’t quit  – it has overgrown onto the porch.  I’ll have to take a picture of that.


Grilled up a bunch of chicken for easy  meal prep.  I made another stirfry, but this time with carrots and broccoli to bulk up the meal.  That’s 3 veggies on the day (cucumbers at lunch)!


Now it’s fasting time as I have blood work to do tomorrow.  Doesn’t that make me want to eat LOL!  I decided to make a morning of it – early for blood work, then John is meeting me for breakfast, then library and a little consignment shopping, then the mammo (the draw and the mammo are both at the same place).  Probably I will sprint to the nearest coffee shop for a caffeine hit once that’s over, too!

Have a great night!

Question:  Football?? Which team?

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11 thoughts on “5 miler and football!

  1. Barb

    Great run! That pumpkin bread looks absolutely delish! Have you shared your recipe somewhere?

    I will be cheering for my EAGLES and BUCKEYES this year!

  2. Shelley B

    Sounds like tomorrow will be fun, even with the squishing! Glad you are making it memorable, and I hope you find some great things at the thrift shop!

    As for football, I root for the Tigers…our local high school team, lol! I don’t really have any preference for pro teams. Sacrilege, I know!

  3. Diane, Fit to the Finish

    I love pumpkin anything!

    I hope your blood work goes well – I hate the fasting part a lot. It seems as soon as they say, “You can’t have anything to eat, then that’s all I want to do!”

    Football? We like college the best, and the FSU Seminoles are our team!

  4. Janet

    Brussel Sprouts are actually my favorite vegetable. I usually eat them roasted with a bit of olive oil, or steamed. I only discovered them a few years back and was mad at myself for not trying them sooner. All of your food just looks so yummy.

  5. MB

    I’m going to have to make those protein pancakes one of these days. They look yummy!

    I grew up and live in New England so I have to root for the Patriots.

  6. Susan

    Ugh, I suck at fasting before tests. I need to eat the second I open my eyes in the morning. Waiting over an hour for bloodwork is pure torture!! Hope it went well and that you are now appropriately caffeineted 🙂

    Awesome work on the hill run!! Speed doesn’t count on hills. Or at least, it shouldn’t!

    What’s this football thing you speak of? I’m just waiting for hockey season to start! 😛

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