Dog show and chowda

Saturday was busy, busy!  My sister had invited me to see a dog shows where she was showing one of her Clumber Spaniels.  I had a nice PB&J oatbran breakfast using PB2 (with extra water).  Banana cooked in.


And John had his first bowl of souped up oats ever!


He said it gave him lots of energy.  He went out and ran 5K in a little over 27 minutes, so I guess so!  He is going to rock the race next weekend 😀

Then I left for the dog show.  This was an obedience rally and Colleen’s dog was going for the 3rd and final leg of novice rally obedience (hope I got that right!).

Meet Storm:


He is a big goofball and was very good today.  They had to go along this course and do various sit, stay, turn, down, etc.


He did very well on the course (except for some face licking) and qualified, which meant he completed his novice rally title!


Congratulations Storm and Colleen!

Storm loves his aunt Lori, too:


That was fun.  I have never been to a dog show before.  We went out for coffee to celebrate at MochaBlend Espresso Cafe in Troy.


Fantastic latte!  Wish this place were closer to us.  It blows Starbucks out of the water.

I think I might have eaten this, too.



On the way home, I took a wrong turn and had to backtrack some. Gotta love that.  Once I got home at about 4pm, we turned right around and headed out grocery shopping, as my folks were coming over for dinner!

We decided to cook a clam chowder and used Alton Brown’s recipe

This is a pretty healthy recipe, as the only fat is the bacon and whatever milk % you use.  We used a good pepper bacon instead of salt pork (as that is what we had), and didn’t use fresh clams.  We used 1% milk.  The chowder wasn’t super thick, but it was very, very good:


You puree some with a stick blender to thicken the soup with potato rather than a roux.  This one is a keeper!  Served with a crusty artisan multigrain bread (which I forgot to photo) and salad.

Dessert was an apple crisp:


I had 2 of these 😀  Crisps can actually be a healthier dessert because the topping uses oats and you can control how much goes on.  Plus there is no bottom crust, as it is all fruit.  There are a lot of variations on the recipe out there.  For me, granny smith apples are the key because their tartness balances out the sugar.

After dinner we played a little playstation and then looked through photo albums.  That was fun!  It’s hard to believe how people change so much.  We were looking at pictures of my niece Logan when she was only a year or 2, and now she is 10!  Time sure flies.  I also hardly recognize myself.  I need to transfer some of those to digital.

Not the best of eating days today and not a whole lot of exercise.  Hope you September challengers are doing better with your respective goals this weekend than me!  It was a very busy weekend and back to work on Sunday – plus watching some football 😀

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17 thoughts on “Dog show and chowda

  1. roxie

    Good dog, Storm! What a cutie! I’ve attended sheep dog trials, but never this type of event. It looks like fun. And the rest of your day sounds just great, too. I never think of fixing “chowda” and I love it. That just might be dinner tonight.

  2. Alissa

    The chowder looks delicious. I love this time of year when the weather is perfect for soup eating- well it’s ALMOST that time of year, as it’s still 80* here. 🙂

  3. Susan

    Aww, that is such a sweet dog!! I had to cover a cat show a few months ago. They’re not nearly as obliging as dogs! 😛

    That chowder recipe does look pretty healthy! I love Alton Brown, but he’s a little stubborn about “healthifying” things sometimes 😛

  4. debby

    Hi Lori–I got all excited when I saw you were going to a dog show! Dog shows used to be my life! But it has been a long time, and they were not even doing ‘rally’ when I was in it.

    As for the September challenge, have had some extreme stress around here the last 2 days, but I have not stress eaten at all! Surprised myself. However not a spec of exercise for 2 days, except some hefty yard work. But I plan to go to the gym today after church. Do you watch Alton Brown to get recipes, or have a book, or use the internet?

    Love apple crisp. Its getting to be pumpkin custard and apple crisp season–yay!

    1. Lori Post author

      Debby – great job on not stress eating!

      I watch Alton Brown a lot, have been watching Good Eats for years on FN. I look up his recipes on

  5. Diane Fit to the Finish

    Oh, I just love dogs. I’ve only been to one dog show, and it was absolutely fascinating to watch the well behaved dogs. Especially when I thought of my own dog back at home!

    I’ve never had chowder. Are you noticing a trend in my eating? Not very adventurous am I?

  6. Lori's Mom

    Hi Lori,

    Dad and I really enjoyed having dinner with you and John. The chowder was very good, and we are looking forward to having some for lunch today. The apple crisp was great, too! Thanks for having us over!

  7. Fran

    What a cute dog! I love dogs, have one myself but she should be in a show for dogs who are the oldest 🙂 She’s 16 years old my sweety.

  8. Karyn

    I stress ate on Sat.. Alot! We got a call my son was in a quading accident and I shoveled in the food while waiting for my hubby to go get him and take him to the hospital. I knew I was doing it but couldn’t stop. Too stressful of a time. Now I must work extra hard this week to make up for it. Lucky my son is okay. Broken nose and torn up leg but okay!

  9. Elaine

    Your crisp looks much prettier than the one I made yesterday (it was tasty though!) A lot less work than actual pie as well, and only 5 T butter in the recipe.

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