NROLW and losapalooza.

Hello everyone!  Back to lifting!


Started with a preworkout snack:

kbarNo more of these for preworkout fuel.  They are just too weeny.

Today started stage 5 of New Rules of Lifting:

  • 1-arm dumbbell snatch:  4 x 4 at 25 pounds
  • Single leg dumbbell dead lift:  4 x 4 at 30 pounds
  • Bent over barbell row:  4 x 4 at 75 pounds!
  • Incline dumbbell bench press:  4 x 4 at 25 pounds
  • Overhead dumbbell squat:  4 x 4  with 15/30 dumbbells
  • Plank:  3 times with 2 minute holds
  • Reverse woodchop:  4 x 4  at 50 pounds
  • Body weight matrix (it’s back!!) 3 sets

Holy crow.  I went ahead and did 4 sets on most everything, as the  recommendation was 3-4 sets.  Less reps, more weight.  I tried to use 30# dumbbells for the incline press, but I couldn’t quite push them up, so I had to back down. I can’t seem to get past 25# dumbbells on these.  I think I need the barbell for stability and will try that.  The body weight matrix – I forgot how freaking hard that is!  My legs were shaking so much after I got done that I nixed any treadmill walking, since I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to bike home!  Phew.  I am thinking my legs may dictate tomorrow’s workout 😀

I was ravenous when I got home and had  a genius idea!  Chocolate protein pancakes with banana/PB2 topping:


Pancakes were 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup cottage cheese, 1 egg, 1/4 tsp baking powder, 1 teaspoon cocoa powder.  Blended in the Magic Bullet.

Topping:  1 serving of PB2 mixed with an extra teaspoon of water and then I mashed a small banana into it.  Tres delicious!  Really ripe bananas are best for this.

On a side note: Here is a link to the Apple Crisp recipe from the other night:  I had left out the nuts and the lemon juice.  I also used a couple teaspoons of tapioca with the apples just to make sure it wasn’t watery.  Not sure if you really need that or not.

I am very pleased with how I ate yesterday.  Pretty much on plan, plus I got in some exercise.  Normally Sundays are my rest days, but I rested Saturday instead.  Maybe that was the difference?  I don’t know.  Should have a good report for the challenge tomorrow!

Kind of a leftover day eating wise.  Dinner was some of the clam chowder from the other day.  Just as good ‘aged!’  With some delicious strawberries.  Isn’t it funny how some boxes of strawberries are divine and others are blah?


Went for a walk after dinner to hopefully keep my legs from being too sore tomorrow, but I think that might have been an exercise in futility.  My hope was to do a run/bike brick, but not sure if my legs will be able to make it!

Came back to dessert:


1/4 cup of plain lowfat yogurt and 1/4 cup of apple crisp.  Yum!

Check out this site for September 15th, everyone!

For every accepted mention or acknowledgment of “Lose For Good” made on September 15 via blogs, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, Weight Watchers will make an additional donation to feed children and families who need it for just one day of social media activity.  So do it and tell your friends!!

Challengers, we will be checking in tomorrow!

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8 thoughts on “NROLW and losapalooza.

  1. Susan

    Okay, that lifting emoticon is too cute 😛 Ah! The 4 rep stage! I loved it because I went up in all my weights and felt SO strong. Harder to get the heart rate up at such low reps though. Just thinking of the bodyweight matrix now makes me cringe in fear 😛

    I haven’t even thought of doing a brick since my triathlon. That sounds like a fun challenge!

  2. South Beach Steve

    I always think things like homemade soups, stews, chillies, and chowders taste better a day or two later. I don’t know what it is, perhaps the flavors all soaking in.

    I agree with you on the strawberries too. Even freshly picked, some are great, and others are just so-so. I think it has a lot to do with the water content, but that could just be me.

  3. Lara (Thinspired)

    Hi Lori! Thanks for sharing your pork crockpot recipe. I really need a slow cooker!
    Cottage cheese to make protein pancakes is a great idea! I will definitely have to try that next weekend.

  4. Dawn

    Way to go on all the weight training. I always have a protein powder with 1% milk shake before I go to the gym and it usually tides me over till I can eat later.

    Those pancakes look yummy, if I had a banana I’d make myself some right now *smile*.

  5. Michelle @ A Shade of Gray

    Your weight training is so inspiring! I put in a hold request @ the library for NROLFW the other day. I read it last year but feel I will benefit from it a lot more now. I am just about to re-enter the world of weight-training after a 3 month hiatus and excited!

    Great pancake recipe. Will definitely give it a try. Never thought of cocoa powder. My girls will go nuts! 🙂

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